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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Apple IPhone 4 new new software by Suzannah B. Troy

Yo, went to Itunes and there is yet another new download for IPhone 4.

Yes I just got  my new, new, new IPhone 4 and after returning to my 3GS until I got my replacement IPhone 4 I can't express in words how much better the IPhone 4 is.

Much better...understatement...the camera alone but so much more....back to you later on that.

Get yourself the most protective and perhaps ugliest protective cover possible...did you notice how many times I said protective....if putting a condom over it would help I would suggest that too.....I have had every Iphone made and this one cracks in to a thousand pieces if dropped....don't drop it.  I would suggest crazy glue but there are some scary people out there that do not know I am joking...they do not have that vital very sexy part of the anatomy called a funny bone.

Do not drop IPhone 4 and buy a hideous ugly thick cover....that bumper I got for free...Apple kept it went I handed in my crack and shattered glassed IPhone 4 and they can keep the free bumper...it did nothing to help me from shattering the glass in to a nightmare you don't want to have for hard core Apple Iphone lovers like me.....

This newest awful experience including major screw ups from Apple returning my shattered phone to me when they shouldn't, me wishing they could make a shatter proof water proof phone has still left me loving Apple radically big time and they are mind blowingly good even when they screw up.  The antenna problem is minor compared to the shatter problem....

Still love Apple and to get ugly high protection go on line or go to AT&T.  Apple to stay clear of controversary is IPhone 4 free of covers of any kind for IPhone 4.

p.s.  You want your phone to run faster and better make sure to close out of all your Apps.

Hit the home key at bottom -- that round depression - bottom of the front screen twice.  You will see all the open Apps.  Hold your finger down on one until they start shaking and the minus signs appear... hit the minus sign and close out App.

I love Apple.  Thanks for radically changing my life and helping to change other peoples too. I love you Apple.


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