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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Water Main Break by Union Square by Suzannah B. Troy

Water main break right by NYU mega dorms!!!!!

I was published before the tear down of St. Ann's, 120 East 12th Street in AM NY "Destroying Old New York" warning about infrastructure concerns and city wide concern for the safety of New Yorkers.

I got great photos but I lost them -- complicated story involving getting new equipment.

I had attended the City Council Task Force meeting on DOB at the basement of  NYU Palladium which Christine Quinn was too busy to attend.  There had been many deaths but way more were to come.  I sent every city council member except one that attended and Betsy Gotbaum, Public Advocate at the time my concern's for the safety of NY re: this way too rapid development and infrastructure concerns.  Betsy Gotbaum opened up a case file re: St. Ann's and now a pipe has broken 2 blocks away.

I found a copy of the letter I sent to Betsy Gotbaum and City Council Task Force on DOB  -- dated Dec. 4, 2006 and I wrote next to a xerox of a letter of mine published in The New York Sun, "City Set To Present Plan for Lower East Side".

I will send a copy of this blog posting to Bill De Blasio, Betsy Gotbaum's replacement, Public Advocate for New  York City.

Than William Yardly came out with a piece in the National section of the NY Times on infrastructure concerns in an article pointing out that an infrastructure break could resemble terror attacks.
My letter came out a month or so before Yardley's piece and both before the steam pipe explosion that looked like a terror attack by Grand Central.

Search YouTube Suzannah Troy infrastructure...

I had predicted pipes around all these mega dorms and supersizing all by the Bloomberg-Burden reckless push of way too rapid development and I continued to be proved right.

I am interviewed by NY1 the very last person to speak in the footage and that break -- the intersection keeps opening like an infected wound and I believe Cooper Union studio construction caused the break.
It was reckless to give so many green lights to zone busters on old NY's infrastructure.

I am down in Soho waiting to see if I can get a video footage of Capt. Winski harassing Vets legally working with vendors licenses but I will get up to Union Square to take photos later today

Just emailed Public Advocate:

Way back when I contacted Betsy Gotbaum about infrastructure concerns for NYC and gave her a specific example, NYU's tear down of St. Ann's 120 East 12th St.  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2010/07/water-main-break-east-15th-st-union.htmlToday there was a water main break 2 blocks up from NYU's newest mega dorm and on going zone busting, weighing heavy on old NY's infrastructure with a record no. of zone busters approved by Amanda the people's Burden.  I have to search for Betsy Gotbaum's response -- she opened up a case file and todays' water main break needs to go in it if you can find it.
There have been a record number of infrastructure breaks since Mike Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development and you can get the figures for infrastructure related problems and expansion coming way too late in the game.   I continue to fear for the peoples' safety.

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