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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bloomberg's legal graffiti vs. Clayton Patterson's by Suzannah B. Troy

Clayton Patterson artist, activist and documentarian of the Lower East Side was sent a threatening notice and fine from the City of New YOrk  telling him  to remove the graffiti on his front door.   He is basically being instructed to paint his door a solid color by the City of New York...Mike Bloomberg, the nanny mayor who is pushing fines like hot cakes. Clayton Patterson  is refusing to do so... 

I warned Clayton that he could get fined, arrested and have a SWAT team of NYPD officers with German Shepherds, helicopters and the mayor could seize his property; seizing property is something that is emblematic of the Bloomberg administration land grabs. I suggested he get a lawyer asap.  Perhaps Ron Kuby, Norman Siegel already working on the Columbia University eminent domain abuse case part 2, David Rankin....get a lawyer Clayton!!!!! 

I called City Hall to find out how I could do an advertisement like Bloomberg on the steps at Grand Central when you exit the subways and I was interrogated by the man that answered the phone and through his lack of information and his questioning of me -- I decided to call Bloomberg News although the ad campaign I call legalize rich man's graffiti was really blurring the line "Bloomberg" was the ad Bloomberg the mayor or Bloomberg News -- the global media outlet and what was it doing exclusively on a rather large public stair way in Grand Central? I was put through to a woman that handles public relations for Bloomberg News who is out today.  I left my name and telephone number.  I told her I was contacting all the major newspapers and would cc: her a copy. I asked her to please call me back and give me the price of this ad campaign that really blurs the line between Mike Bloomberg the mayor, and Bloomberg News since it reads "Bloomberg' Symbology" and not "Bloomberg New's Symbology". I told here I would like to place a message under Bloomberg's so how much would that cost because if I use a spray paint I would assume I would get arrested and go to jail as well as be fined. The message I would want to write is "When Mike Bloomberg says "progress" he means get your moving van.
It should say News, Bloomberg News.... at the very bottom and a small font size it says Bloomberg.com and he is blurring the line between his private empire and his public empire.  Bloomberg really is taking over this city and here is just another example... Below is an interview with Clayton Patterson on the above issue, eminent domain abuse, the loss of free parking, CityTime, Mike Bloomberg's investments in the Cayman Islands, who is he giving free rides to on his private jet plane...he is not forth coming but he wants to track city workers comings and going, etc. Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbD1HWEV7g4 Part 1 link http://www.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist#p/a/u/1/Y7oQQarpO6U Part 2 link First reported on my blog here.... http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2010/05/mike-bloombergs-private-empire.html

Tipper Gore and Al Gore separate after 40 years of marriage

Al and Tipper Gore's wedding photo
Shocking news: Tipper Gore and her husband former Vice President Al Gore announced Tuesday they've separated after 40 years of marriage.

According to The Associated Press, Tipper Gore and Al Gore said it was "a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration."

Fortunately, there was no affair or sex scandal involved; the Gores said they just grew apart after 40 years of being together. They "carved out separate lives" over time.

What's interesting about those statements is that not all parts of the Gores lives have been separate. Aside from their marriage, the Al Gore website has a prominent link to Tipper Gore's photography. Will the link remain after their separation? Was it really necessary to split? And after 40 years together? A romance that goes all the way back to high school.


Blogger Rod Dreher has a take I kind of agree with. At Belief.net Rod observes that fame caused the split, saying "it seems that the failure of their marriage could be the cost of being a famous public figure. If Al is on the road here, there and everywhere, he's not at home being a husband."

But where I differ is in the observation that Tipper Gore had her own photography business. She too was busy. But where things may have really went South was the fact that Al Gore continued to be famous for being Al Gore, where Tipper may have wanted to carve a path outside of Al's considerable shadow.

It's a pattern I've seen with wives of elected officials who are themselves smart and ambitious. They seem to want a spotlight equal to that of their mates; why that leads to marital discourse is beyond me, but it's certainly a pattern.

It will be interesting to see how Tipper Gore without Al Gore evolves.

Stay tuned.

Louise Bourgeois Dies by Suzannah B. Troy

Louise Bourgeois died Monday at Beth Israel Hospital here in Manhattan at age 98.

Bourgeois  like her work has endured.   Her sculptures are deeply psychology and clearly conflicted on sexuality, male-female relations, reproduction, issues of safety and spacial relations.   I can understand why she made her "spider" sculptures so large to challenge the viewer's space.  Stieg Larrson focused in on the abuse and victimization of women his fictionalized best seller "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".  It seems perhaps somewhere in Bourgeois's psyche the theme is there but she turns it around and through her work finds feminine power using symbology and space to make art audiences think, often by challenging their space, making them move their gaze upward or by moving around her work rather than the traditional approach of gazing at a portrait at eye level.  Her work has an intense physicality about it, not dainty as she talks about powerfully charged issues but again that is for the over achieving art audience.

She had just completed her newest work and she is survived by two sons and a grandchild.

The New York Times has a well written piece on her passing by Holland Cotter that is worth reading.

I am very tired so I can't do a series of postings on other people in the news but Ted Koppel's son Andrew died  It was a very sad way to die related to going on a bender.

On a happy note, according to The New York Daily News,  Celine Dion is pregnant with twins.  I love her song, "A New Day has Come" on this very topic, about her having her first son...."I was waiting for so long, for a miracle to come.."  Well she has two more miracles on the way.

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