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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gov. David Paterson: Risk in Passing Over Kennedy for Senate Seat - NYTimes.com

More at NYTimes.com: “It has been opined on chat shows and blogs, insisted on publicly and whispered privately. It has somehow been concluded — with delight in some quarters and aggravation in others — that Gov. David A. Paterson has little choice but to appoint Caroline Kennedy, she of the royal political lineage, fund-raising prowess and pure star power, to the United States Senate.

“I’ve heard this a hundred times: ‘He has to pick her,’ ” said Erick C. Mullen, a Democratic political consultant who has worked extensively in New York. “Or what? If he doesn’t pick her, what happens?””

--- What happens is he takes it in the rear in fund-raising, assuming a viable alternative candidate comes forward for Governor.

21 Club New York - Jef Klein Interview on Discovery Channel

This is my favorite restaurant in the World. I've visited 21 Club every year of the last four years as I was in New York City to attend The NFL Draft. I love the history, the ambiance, and the celebrity, and the food. It's a classic and modern place. But what I love is that the staff is attentive and friendly and helpful.

I also love that one has to wear a jacket and tie to get it. That sets the tone for 21 Club.

PredictoTV New York City - December 17, 2008

PredictoTV on YouTube reports:

"Brandhyze Stanley Owens, aka Miss Predicto, heads to 5th Avenue in New York City to find out what people are predicting will happen next in celeb news, pop culture, politics and more. "

Not a bad job. Kind of reminds me of the work The Resident is doing in Brookyn.

Michael Bloomberg Mayor of New York City - arriving at World's Largest Hannukah Menorah

This video is by RyanReporting on YouTube.

New York Live New Years Eve at Times Square 08/09

This is a great live -- not tv -- video of the scene from Fifth Avenue and Times Square.

The crowd at Times Square - New Year's Eve in NYC #4

This video from the same person on YouTube is just view of the buildings, people, and chatter as they wait for nightfall and the New Year's Eve event.

Beach balls in Times Square - New Year's Eve in NYC

It seems when there's a crowd waiting for a party event to happen, someone has to start the fun early. This YouTuber captured New Year's Eve revelers tossing beach balls around the Times Square area during the day.

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