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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day New York by Suzannah B. Troy

From downtown NYC to Millerton NY:  I am posting a photo of the sculpture I used to sometimes include in long runs downtown  around by the WTC; this artwork above somehow survived although damaged from the WTC attacks 9-11.  The art work has been moved to Battery Park with an Eternal Flame that burns in front of it. I think of Sept. 11 on Memorial Day.

I am part of a group that feels the rescue workers that ran downtown that day and gave their all literally should be honored with their rank and department. It was the largest loss of rescue workers in our City, State and Nation’s history and many were also highly decorated serving in the military and within their dept.  Here is my letter in The Wall Street Journal "Betrayal at Ground Zero".  The betrayal has grown exponentially. I think of a fireman that wasn’t my lover but made me feel loved and  clearly admired by passion and intensity who died downtown that day and he was highly decorated by the FDNY and also a Viet Nam Vet who remembered how they were treated on their return home.

I was in Millertown, New York today and there there was an American flag every few feet, a parade and a somber speech given by a soldier who served in Iraq. He made reference to Sept. 11 and it was very serious, not a day about shopping, sales or barbecues but about serving your Country and also it is hard not to think of all those now and in the past lost. It is all heart breaking the loss of life, military, civilians and truly it is a somber day and a day of respect.

 I also think of my Dad who served in World War 2. He understands fully the seriousness of this day. If he had not survived World War 2, clearly I would not be here writing to you now and I also know how lucky I am that he is alive today. (One day I have quite a story to tell you about that in regards to my life and almost losing my Dad just before I sold my home under the most sick and disturbing of circumstances.) Today is a day to thank your blessings if you are loved ones are here and mourn the many who have died in the line of duty...mourn them and prayers for all their loved ones as well and of course those injured as well.
The above Memorial is for the Korean War and at the exact time that peace was obtained the sun shines thru the art work as a sun dial honoring Peace. I find this one of the most moving unique memorials because the missing space -- the artist term "negative space" -- the solder is missing and that empty space goes on for eternity....it is not definable. When the Parks Dept. mistakingly planted trees that would obscure the sun dial aspect of the Memorial I wrote them and I received a letter back telling me that I and a bunch of Korean War Vets had written and the trees were removed. Rest in Peace...truly courageous souls and all that loved them...

Dennis Hopper dies family battles Hollywood News -- Suzannah B. Troy

He is most famous for Easy Rider and Blue Velvet.  I happen to have a large soft covered book of his photos as well as a poster from an art show of his in Soho from a long time ago.   They had plastered the posters all over the downtown area and I was able to take one home and frame it.  I had the Dennis Hopper poster by my bed of a biker couple huddled closely together in a diner.  When I moved under the most disturbing and awful of circumstances of which I still have not recovered, I sold or gave away most of my book collection but for some reason I did keep his book.  “Dennis Hopper Fotografien von 1961 bis 1967”.   I have the poster some where along with my own art work that I have yet to unpack.  I see NYC as losing it’s soul along with it’s historic buildings, small businesses and mass displacement of people either shifted or completely moved out of NYC....so why bother unpacking.  That is life under a developer’s mayor, Mike Bloomberg.
Clearly I liked Dennis Hopper’s photographs  of the  art scene and counter culture era very much in sync with his Easy Rider fame.  Supposedly Hopper resisted Jack Nicholson and wanted Rip Torn for the film but Nicholson in true form shined and greatly contributed to the film and of course there was Peter Fonda.
What many people may not know is Jack Nicholson had done a biker film “Hell on Wheels” with the Hell’s Angels and Sonny Barger was hired as a consultant,   made 2 years before Easy Rider.  Some how I have a feeling Jack Nicholson spending some time with the Angels had a big  influence on “Easy Rider” which is  globally iconic still.
 I can’t help but think the infamous Hell’s Angels deeply influenced Hollywood and infact still do considering how many TV and films seem to “borrow heavily” and Jesse James has a YouTube stating the Hell’s Angels greatly influenced him.   Sonny Barger is reported to be in talks with Tony Scott to make a Hell’s Angel film about his life and Mickey Rourke is being considered for the role of Barger.  Even Harley Davidson acknowledges the mystique of the Hell's Angels driving their sales.  The infamous Angels were known to “acquire” motorcycles one way or another and make-them over,  which drove the creativity and beauty that is now called motorcycle art.   You can see the Hells Angels motorcycle creative influence  coming threw in Easy Rider as well in the multi-million dollar success of bike builder Jesse James and James openly admits it.  By the way, I am anti-Nazi but even in Dennis Hopper’s photos of bikers from the 1960’s you see Nazi imagery which is upsetting but it seemed that bikers and surfers of that era adopted the symbols and memorabilia perhaps as shock value.
 (Side note: I keep talking to you about my short story, “Chopping the Street, one mega-million dollars, at a time".  It is about a woman that takes over an infamous international biker club and transforms them into a financial service firm on wheels.  I wrote it in 2003 and it is about White Collar Crime above the radar costing the tax payers billions whether they are caught, successfully or not prosecuted.)
I remember finding Hopper startling in Blue Velvet.  He continued to have success and his voice will be heard as a wolf called Tony in an animated film, “Alpha and Omega”,  yet to be released.
He was clearly a troubled person and was married 5 times.  The latest marriage clearly with someone to young for him ended with him trying to divorce her on his death bed and he was unsuccessful.  It became a struggle over what she would inherit and what he felt she was actually entitled to.  They have a young daughter who must be very sad and perhaps this animated cartoon will be some small solace for her.
Hopper has three adult children from previous marriages and his oldest daughter is 5 years older then his widow he was desperately trying to divorce from his death bed.
A lot of older men want a younger trophy wife and perhaps this is a cautionary tale.
In The New York Post, a reporter asks Hopper’s son Henry how he is doing.  The son handed the reporter a white rose.  He than gave him the finger and said this is how I am doing.  No DNA testing to know Henry is truly Dennis Hopper’s son.
Note:  I am deeply focused on corruption and the economic catastrophe here in New York and have been posting blog pieces on this subject on my central blog www.suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com.  I am also horrified at the on going environmental catastrophe now washing up on New Orleans.  This oil spill is killing sea life which is a travesty that may be beyond comprehension for most people  and will have long range damage to Mother Earth beyond what is understandable right now.  The oil spill has killed untold sea life and  is devastating to all life on this planet in ways we don’t understand yet.  It is hard to write about celebrity news with these concerns.

Tila Tequila in row with Zennie62's Nikki Raney

Nikki Raney has advice for Tila
Tila Tequila is a celebrity who's very familiar to readers of this space. The combative reality TV show star, and former wife-to-be of the late Casey Johnson, loves to get in the mix with people.  First it was Perez Hilton and now its Nikki Raney.

Nikki Raney is a star blogger and journalist at Zennie62.com.    But before we look more into that and her row with Tila Tequila, some background on Tila Tequila from this space' perspective.

In the middle of accusing San Diego Chargers Linebacker Shawne Merriman of assault, when he was just trying to stop her from driving drunk, this space revealed what Tila said about herself:

"i like people who are really fucked up...I am very high strung and suffer from multiple personalities...I do a lot of things that are self destructive. I try not to...I am also bi-polar so that should explain my irratic postings."

Here's the video on the entire incident between Merriman and Tila Tequila:

Of course, the charges against Shawne Merriman were dropped and after it was revealed that Tila lied; Tila Tequila said she did not drink but in one video was seen living it up with the bubbly.

After that, Tequila tried various ways of gaining attention, which just drew more critics, who then criticized her. That led Tila Tequila to start her own blog called Miss Tila OMG, with the idea of getting gossip revenge on all who said mean things about her. In other words, a gossip blog.

But Tila Tequila doens't want to be called a gossip blogger; she says she's a journalist. That's 180 degrees opposite this blogger, who never claimed to be a journalist. Fortunately, Nikki Raney was here to provide much needed guidance to the poor celeb, but Tila wasn't having it.

Tila blocked Nikki Raney from commenting on her blogsite. Now unlike some commenters Nikki is not hateful and gives great feedback. In fact, that's how Nikki Rany came to be at Zennie62.com. She's a celeb gossip and "future of media" blogger and gaining a following. One that's sure to increase after this row with Tila Tequila's put out there. Here's Nikki's blog post comment on that:

Today, Tila Tequila called herself a journalist on her blog. That was the last straw for me...Somehow, Miss Tila finds a way to incorporate herself into every blog entry.

I really never wanted to post a rude or judgmental post about anyone, but I think that enough is enough. I already wrote how there is a difference between blogging and journalism, but this is something that needs to be addressed.

Tila Tequila has blocked me from commenting on her blog, because of how critical I have been. This is not meant to be a hateful rant, but meant to inform and educate about what blogging is.

Tequila claims to run a celebrity gossip blog which costs so much money to run, but it is filled with articles that are about things that happened a few days prior. She also has a section called "hottie of the week" which she has updated five times in the span of 3 days. She has made herself "hottie of the week" three times.

In her blog post Nikki does a great job of exposing Tila's mistruths; it's worth reading and part of a three blog series on Tila; you have to read about Tila as "an army of one" here: click.

I closing, this blogger has nothing but love for Tila Tequila. (If Tila wants to call herself "hottie of the week", cool, but include some other women!) We all know this is a game; bloggers, you can't take it too seriously or you lose grip on reality. Let's hope that hasn't happened to Tila.

Stay tuned. And hey Tila, treat Nikki well, will ya?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mike Bloomberg "Off-Shore Mayor" Brooklyn Bridge Park & Governors Island to Cayman post by Suzannah B. Troy

http://noticingnewyork.blogspot.com/2010/05/looking-gift-horse-in-mouth-examination_24.html Above link, part 1, Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? An Examination of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Terms of the Politics of Development Monday, May 24, 2010 Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? An Examination of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Terms of the Politics of Development, Part II http://noticingnewyork.blogspot.com/2010/05/looking-gift-horse-in-mouth-examination.html Monday, May 24, 2010 Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? An Examination of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Terms of the Politics of Development, Part III http://noticingnewyork.blogspot.com/2010/05/looking-gift-horse-in-mouth-examination_21.html
These links above are from Michael D. D. White's blog Noticing New York and explain why Mike Bloomberg is the "Off-shore mayor" from Governors Island to the Cayman Islands. by Michael D. D. White. His blog are extremely revealing or as much as they can be when it gets to the mayor's finances and other tidbits.

Watch my YouTube interview with Michael. Please take the time to read Michael's expose and for me the way Mike Bloomberg has handled real estate and this ruthless tsunami of community crushing development as reckless and stupid as what brought the implosion of Wall Street is about the mayor wanting to do what he wants unchecked. Steve Rattner thought he could do what he wanted to do unchecked and he has been busted.

Here is an excerpt from Noticing New York and it takes patience and time to get to the really, really juicy bits including the Cayman Islands.

"This three-part article, which is principally about the new Brooklyn Bridge Park currently under development, wends a long, more serpentine path through the politics of New York City development than perhaps any other we have written. As you would expect, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's appearance is much more than a cameo. We don’t offer him praise.

Inevitably the metaphor of looking a gift horse in the mouth comes to mind when we contemplate the spectacular change to the city’s waterfront that will one day be Brooklyn Bridge Park. Whatever our government agencies ultimately do, the park will provide desirable benefits that will be extremely hard to complain about. But not conscientiously examining “gifts” that government officials deliver just doesn’t work in the political environment of New York. Besides Brooklyn Bridge Park is not truly a gift; it is something that community activists worked for years to obtain. Our elected representatives are, after all, supposed to be working for us. It is their job to properly administer our available public resources. Whether they are doing so requires a conscientious examination. We hope you will find that conscientious examination takes us on an interesting and worthwhile trip.

Now, let our wending look at the politics of development begin.

The Shuffling of Dates for the Opening of Brooklyn Bridge Park 

On March 22, an initial part of Brooklyn Bridge Park opened, the Pier One portion in the north near Fulton Ferry. An actual opening is imbued with a faintly amazing aspect given that dates announced for opening the park have been shuffled around by innumerable postponements. The shuffling has occurred in truly big picture terms and it also occurred recently on a more micro level.

In big picture terms; the park, which involved decades of planning (funding for which was approved in 2000) was originally supposed to start construction in 2003/2004 and be fully open and complete in 2011 (an eight year construction period). By the end of 2004 the public was being told 2008 would be shovel-in-the-ground year and that the construction would take three or four years to complete (i.e. completion would be pushed out one more year to 2012). Such big picture delay is something that press coverage of the opening necessarily alluded to.

The rest of the media did not, however point out the shuffling of the opening date that has been transpiring recently on a more micro level,but we did. In late August, just around back-to-school time, the public was told that two sections of the park would open just four months later in December. (We were quite skeptical.) Then, in November, with three of those four months elapsed, the public was told that it would still be waiting another four months for an opening of just one section of park rather than the two promised in August.

Let us restate this in terms of what prompted our own skepticism: At the tail end of the two four year terms served by the Bloomberg administration, just as Bloomberg was running for an unprecedented third term by having overturned the city charter to repel term limits,it was being announced that part of a project funded and approved evenbefore Bloomberg took office, the whole of which was supposed to have been largely completed within those two terms, was finally, finally being started! Not only that; the public was being told that it was going to be opened just a mere days after the election.

What do you think happened? A scant 22 days after Bloomberg squeaked by (spending more than a hundred million dollars) to win re-election, it was revealed that the schedule of a four month countdown to completion announced before the election was, as we initially hypothesized, quite fanciful."

You will have to go to the blog links above to read all the installments and also don't forget my piece on Mike Bloomberg's techno-dream is the tax payer's Titanic as in CityTime.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Christine Quinn forgives billion? Fleet Week! post by Suzannah B. Troy

First let us get the super hotties out of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sizzling hot men have invaded NYC...it is Fleet Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to depressing news....Heard on the street.....Christine Quinn bragged she collected 15 million in uncollected ECB (Environmental Control Board) Fines but the only problem is according to what I heard on the street -- not Wall Street but the streets of New York -- the city was owed 1 Billion plus (add another 1/4 Billion) so she forgave a BILLION dollars and we are in a budgetary crisis.  Is this true?  Could this be......?

Look no one wants to stop a shady landlord, developer, contractor good friends or someone nice enough to grease palms so why collect BILLIONS owed and don't forget the mega-millions DOB is owed but if you get parking tickets and don't pay up expect your car to be seized....

It is like Mike Bloomberg wanting to have lowly city workers hands scanned to track their comings and goings but Mike has no records of when he gave Christine Quinn and others free rides on his private jet.
Speaking of which, The Financial Times writes:

"Quadrangle, the US private equity firm co-founded by former Obama administration car tsar Steven Rattner, is hiring bankers to consider options that could include a sale of the company, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. The move follows the firm’s agreement in April to pay $12m to settle investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the New York Attorney-General’s office into 'pay to play' practices in the New York state pension system."
"Quadrangle, which settled without admitting or denying the charges, was accused of funnelling fees to a political consultant to secure investments from the state’s biggest pension fund. The case involved executives who are no longer at the firm."

By the way does anyone know the name of the new firm Steve Rattner created to manage Mike's 6 Billion dollars for charity? Is it Quadrangle 2 like Oliver Stone's sweet Wall Street flick Wall Street 1 and Wall Street 2?

Oh, and is anyone surprised about Andrew Stein getting busted?  He is one of many vain men so the worst punishment for him is if he has to go to jail and they won't let him where his toupee.  He had this Jeffrey Epstein wannabe kind of thing happening.... Has anyone asked Ron Pearlman for a comment on Andrew Stein or Shirley McClaine?

Mike Bloomberg's techno-fantasy is Tax Payers Titanic -- Suzannah B. Troy

I called John Liu, New York City Comptroller and a thorn in mayor Mike Bloomberg’s side because like me and so many New Yorkers, we opposed Mike Bloomberg denying us, the people of NY a referendum. This issue divided New York and seriously alienated the people so it was no surprise Mike Bloomberg barely won.

But that is not why I called and left John Liu a voice mail at City Hall here in New York City this morning at six a.m.

I called him to refer him to y new blog piece, “Mike Bloomberg’s Techno-dreams, the Tax Payer’s Titanic” and WHY CITYTIME MUST NOT BE RENEWED THIS SEPTEMBER!

You see CityTime, an Orwellian Time Clock that was suppose to save the City of New York big bucks is in fact a sham and is on it’s way to costing tax payers a billion dollars.

Why would I be writing about this now?

The renewal date for CityTime is September 2010 and CityTime must not be renewed.

In fact CityTime must be investigated. Why?

How did a program designed to save the city money go from under a hundred million dollar budget run out of control? Well for some mysterious reason CityTime needs countless consultants averaging close to half a million dollar salaries and at least one was reported to get a million and he happens to also collect a city pension.

Read my blog postings and see also how SAIC, hired to over see CityTime has scandals on a Federal level as well. I wrote this based on Ali Winston’s piece in City Limits from two years ago and an astounding series by Juan Gonzalez from The New York Daily News.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jesse James Nightline Ratings High by Suzannah B. Troy

Nightline saw it’s best rating since it’s relaunch in 2005 with Jesse James interviewed by Vicki Mabrey and she did a great job. I didn’t tune in and just watched segments.
I don’t believe Jesse James is a racist. Here in NYC , I have seen photos posted by an elderly, grossly overweight white man of a middle aged African American woman, homeless, poverty level, drunk out of her mind in the park and with no tools or resources to climb out of her destructive cycle and worse has some white man with a camera photographing her topless out of her mind and posting on the internet -- in my opinion that is racism, misogyny and a terrible double standard because I have seen that white man drunk and he had the luxury of a home to go close a door and he doesn’t want anyone to photograph him including without his shirt. Jesse James hasn't done anything near as heinous as that.
It is easy to think James is a racist and he is flat out in denial or stupid to consider the Hitler gear as a joke. It is no joke. It is repulsive as is his treatment of his wife and everyone involved but is he the most hated person in the world? Is he a racist or plain stupid? When it comes to Hitler gear - I pick plain stupid. No he is not the most hated person in the world or the brightest. He is good at making motorcycle and lots of money. The global audience have their lives and they are way too busy to think about him for more than a moment...he is “media fast food”, consumed, not digested and done with.
I have said and continue to say he will continue to do really well with his career. After all his career is based on the bad boy brand. He comes across as sincere at moments but if he himself admits he is a liar why would he suddenly find truth and clearly he is in denial. Just his talk about the Hitler gear. I don't think he should have done this interview right now but he did and the ratings were very good so all the power to him as long as it isn't white power. America loves redemption but looking at his failed marriages before none of this is a big time shocker except that Sandra Bullock was clueless.
As I understand it, Janine was pregnant with Sunny when Sandra and Jesse started dating which was a huge red light and James was not involved in Sunny’s life until she was 3 years old when Janine was heading to Federal Prison for tax evasion. Maybe I am wrong but that was what I heard....

I feel most sorry for Sunny because she has been through too much too soon in her short little life and hopefully Sandra Bullock will stay involved in Sunny’s life.

Janine has blocked her twitter page to only her inside circle of friends. She really wants to be in Sunny’s life and she will be in court to attempt to make it a legal reality as reported by TMZ.
Janine and Jesse has two things in common. Sunny their child and the reality they both have to work on their lives, as we all do, but if not for themselves than for Sunny and their kids from other marriages as well.

Note: I think Janine is self-destructive and has to come to terms with her demons. I also think there is something compelling about her and wished she could have been cast as the stripper in The Wrestler. That way at the very end, when Randy the Ram, Mickey Rourke is talking to her before he goes in to the ring, you would have to think, wait Randy don't do it. Janine would have made that scene before he walks out just rip! If Janine could clean up her act, I could see her crossing over in to main stream film.
I keep predicting James will be married again because he is they marrying kind and the marriage I predict will be open because I don’t see him being faithful. What ever he has been doing has aged him and clearly has not been agreeing with him. He looks much older and he may go the Hollywoo-woo way of getting some surgery to make himself look younger or do a radical change in what ever he has been doing but he looks like hell for now. Not a poster boy for bad boy who makes deals with the devil as in Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray but a warning to guys the bad bot life style is not all it's cracked up to be.

James has a following that love him and his family and a successful career...I am sure more drama to come.
“Jesse James The Brand” will continue on with success despite his repulsive misdeeds and Nightline’s ratings are proof. Just most women would not want to date him not that will in anyway change the number of enthusiastic women that will continue to hit on him because in the biker bad boy world it is no big deal.
I write about this because I know people are interested but I am gearing up for a “grown-up” piece on NYC politics that I am far more excited about coming to you soon.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2014 Super Bowl to be played NJ + dish by Suzannah B. Troy

New Yorkers and New Jerseyites football fans are celebrating the breaking news which is 2014 Super Bowl will be played at the New Jersey Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey. This is good for both NY and NJ who are in dire straits with economic budget problems and that is understating the problems. Thanks to 1010 Wins for the scoop.

Mark Sanchez, the gorgeous quarterback for the NY Giants is now a regular fixture on Page 666, oops, Page 6 of The New York Post and is now rumored to be dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Sanchez looks just too wholesome and sweet to pull an "A-Rod". A-Rod famous for kissing his own reflection has made it clear he can't settle down and no woman can compete with his own love for himself. I hear there is a tattoo on his chest that says warning, date at your own risk! Just joking...

Time to rent the dark indie The Fan if you haven't seen it already.

I tend to visit TMZ to see what breaking news they have. Harvey Levin is always found surrounded with a young diverse group of people including one "beautiful" blonde boyish guy I use to think was gorgeous until I heard him speak about women.

Harvey has a law degree which is very important when attempting to understand what is going on in current events and even gossip because celebrities seem to get in trouble with the law. Harvey is one of the elite group of people in TV land that actually reads books. Most people refer to movies instead of books but today he talks about Abraham Lincoln and says he has read books on him....just so rare except on a few grown up shows and even than they have "talking heads" as opposed to well read.

On TMZ, the latest in Suge Knight and it is exactly as I wrote in my piece about him watching The Godfather way too much.
He is now accused of ordering a hit! If you haven't watch Nick Broomfield's documentary on Tupac and B.I.G.

TMZ has new news about Jesse James supposedly thinking the Nazi "wear" was funny and let us face it -- it is not. Again Jesse James is just better when he doesn't talk about anything but motorcycles. He is not the most hated men. Most people don't even think of him and have forgotten him if they even knew about him. Jesse James has a strong following of fans and they don't care about whether he is lying about being related to the historical Jesse James and if he lied, cheated, robbed Sandra Bullock of her Oscar win joy, etc. They love him because he is a bad boy. It is that simple. Speaking up is not a good idea because he doesn't say anything that will endear him. You can watch him tonight on Nightline and decide for yourself if you care at all.

Monday, May 24, 2010

TechCrunch Day 1: recap: Yahoo CEO blast, Apple iPad vs. Old Media

New York, NY - (Zennie62's trip to TechCrunch is sponsored by Christine Smith Associates, Inc., the Premier Female Contractor in NYC.) TechCrunch Day 1 is over and in the wake of Carol Bartz F-bombs and S-boms highlighted a fascinating day. Here are some highlights:

1) Charlie Rose interviewing Menlo Park Venture Capitalist John Doerr, who explained the iPad's incredible public reception and its role in technical change in this way: "When the Iphone was introduced, it took 74 days for it to reach 1 million in sales. It took the iPad just 28 days to reach that mark." Doerr thinks we haven't seen the zenith of the iPad's popularity because he contends one of its best fields of use is health care. (Part one of that video is uploading and will be available later this evening, below.)

On the matter of the growth of companies that make Facebook-based-and-distributed games, he noted that Zynga is the fastest growing company he's ever funded, and that includes Google.

2) Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz cage-fighting Michael Arrington, getting off S-bombs and F-bombs, and calling his online publishing and tech event company "tiny" and emphasizing her point by bringing her thumb and index finger close together. If you missed that video, it's here:

3. Charlie Rose leaving TechCrunch Disrupt to board a plane to Syria and to interview the President of Syria. An interesting life, Rose leads. I could not help but notice that he didn't have a wedding ring; that's telling. (Not to mention a message for this blogger.)

4. Something called "Startup Battlefield" where startup companies give pitches to a panel of judges that consist of luminaries like former-Google exec, now VC, Chris Sacca, who also sang for the TechCrunch audience in this Robert Scoble video:

5. Some really interesting startups. One called Betterment simplifies the online investment process and makes it accessible to those who may be intimidated by the complicated websites of other more traditional investment companies.

6. New York Times Writer David Carr leading a panel of what he called "ancient white men" and consisted of Angel Investor Ron Conway, Huffington Post CEO Eric Hippeau, and Bloomberg Chief Content Editor Norman Pearlstine about the iPad and asking an Asian woman who worked for the New York Times to join the panel to "balance the demographic."

The panel revealed that while traditional media's working on applications for the iPad, and New Media company Huffington Post has a new one coming out in two weeks, what they're offering is not much different from what one gets if they just visit Google News.

Day two will be equally interesting with more of a focus on media and advertisers.

Stay tuned. Off to a party!

Mayor Mike's free rides on "Air Bloomberg" post by Suzannah B. Troy

Mike Bloomberg gives free rides on "Air Bloomberg", his private jet to NYC staff including Christine Quinn and the  Conflict of Interest Board refuses to comment!

The Conflict of Interest Board -- the biggest joke in town because this board which does exist -- almost never thinks anything is a conflict of interest.

Remember "The Conflict of Interest Board" said it was not a conflict of interest for City Council to vote themselves a raise?  The Conflict of Interest Board said it is not a conflict of interest for City Council to vote themselves a raise!  Yeah, right!!!!!

The press was like one large monolith protecting Mike Bloomberg's "purchase" of a third term but now articles are beginning to appear that show king Mike in less than a shining light.

Adam Lisberg's embarrasses Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and even NYPD Police Commissioner Kelly and his wife all getting free rides on Mike Bloomberg's private jet! Yikes.

Lisberg writes, "We only know about Kelly's and Quinn's trips because they mentioned them to reporters. Who else is in the mayor's debt after taking a free ride on Air Bloomberg?"

Adam Lisberg writes he learned about this from reporters because free rides on "Air Bloomberg" left no paper trail by any city official and family members/friends being flown around the world courtesy of Mike Bloomberg.

My question is when did reporters learn about this? Did they know about this in Mike's 1st term, 2nd term or 3rd term, or all of the above and why is this coming out now...finally.

I am saddened to read this.

Foursquare-type startups? Robert Scoble at TechCrunch Disrupt

John Doerr with Charlie Rose 
New York, NY - Tunerfish.com is up as the "For Show Launch" company as this blog post is written at TechCrunch Disrupt. Zennie62's trip to TechCrunch is sponsored by Christine Smith Associates, Inc., the Premier Female Contractor in NYC.

TechCrunch Disrupt is a wonderful, dizzying array of people, companies, tech, and ideas. We're in a huge office space that was once used as a Merill Lynch Trading facility. TechCrunch Editor Michael Arrington made the point that the space and what it's now used for is an example of the kind of "third wave" of tech change that the World is facing - even if it doesn't know it.

The idea of TechCrunch Disrupt is to bring together media, tech, and advertising industry representatives. So far, the idea is working very well. It even produces controversy: Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz, let loose with an F-bomb and an S-bomb, in the former case telling Michael Arrington to F-off.

But Carol Bartz and Yahoo! aside, for a moment, the interesting aspect of TechCrunch Disrupt are the sheer number of "Geo-based" social networks along the lines of Foursquare. That's what I talked with tech blogger Robert Scoble about in the video.

If you're not familiar with Foursquare, it's a mobile based software application that allows you to essentially tell the world (that's on Foursquare) where you are, be it a restaurant, an airport, or a football game. You can also locate other users at the same location or other places.

There are some really interesting startups that are variations on that theme. One of them, DeHood is designed for you to report, say, a crime being committed in your neighborhood in real time.

So as much as the buzz here is about Facebook, and something called "Zuckerberg's law of information" (after Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg's determination that the rate of information flow between people has doubled in something like five years), the real interest is not in the next Facebook, but in the next Foursquare.

So far, Arringon's interviewed TV interview legend Charlie Rose, who in turn had a great talk with Venture Capitalist John Doerr. Doerr reported that Zynga, the startup famous for the Farmville game, is the fastest growing company his firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has ever funded, and that includes Google.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zennie62 now in New York for TechCrunch Disrupt, by Christine Smith Contractors

New York, NY - As I write this blog post it's 12:43 AM EST (OK, it's supposed to be EDT, but it's really dark outside, OK. It's not daylight. Now, it refers to Daylight Savings Time, but this blogger thinks the whole deal is stupid.)


Zennie62's trip is sponsored by Christine Smith Associates, Inc., the Premier Female Contractor in NYC. But frankly it's a miracle of God that Zennie62, uh, me, is here.

The whole deal started at 7:32 AM EST which used to be a late start, but is now an early one. Too early. After making sure the house in Georgia was secure, we headed to Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport and I ended up waiting and being bumped from flight after United Airlines flight.

Veterans to this space know this blogger flies standby and at times winds up with some cool seat assignments. Take this video on Sandra Bullock and Jesse James:

This time this blogger was at the ATL Airport from 11 to 5 PM and finally got on a plane to Chicago. I was worried that I would get into New York at something like 4 am, but no. Once at O'Hare, the departure screen reported the New York LaGuardia flight was delayed. I got in at 6:04 and it was to leave at 6:29. So hauling ass was in order; arrived at gate B5 in record time for a guy who needs to drop 12 pounds.

OK, 15 pounds.

Would you believe the agent got me on that damn flight? Can you say 'blessed?' So, after a Super Shuttle Tour of Manhattan that I have to say was really cool and with an equally cool driver named Mario, I'm blogging to you.

TechCrunch Disrupt is in the morning. I can't sleep, so I'm drinking a vodka and lemon to wipe me out; it's only half-working. Well, maybe 60 percent.

Closing thoughts.

New York City at night is beautiful. Period. Atlanta's more diverse, "modern", and fun than I'd thought, and I came to that conclusion after my Flying Biscuit Breakfast of Saturday. I now really like Atlanta, and I have to say blacks and whites mix better there than in the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area. United Airlines' merger with Continental should make for better service out of Atlanta. Those small Brazilian planes have to go!

Stay tuned.

SoHo Journal Teflon Mike DOB Violations - Suzannah B. Troy

SoHo Journal has a banner up top  for Sohopolitics.com  that states, "read what other publications and media won’t report".  Right now there are a bunch of blog postings on Goldman Sachs and also St. Vincent’s.  You may want to check the postings out.
I keep returning to Stieg Larsson’s book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but the real title is “The Men Who Hate Women” and the focus is misogyny, corruption from government to the Financial Sector.  I’ll get back  to the books and films based on Larsson’s trilogy plus one in a moment.
My YouTube on mayor Mike Bloomberg, Teflon Mike hits on corruption and a citizen that want to fight dirty landlords with  a data base.    this guy wants to make a database of landlords with DOB violations and sell them to banks to discourage the banks from giving them loans.  
Guess who has a complete data base on all violators including landlords, developers and contractors but DOB, (the dept. of building) and ECB (environmental control board)?
Answer: The City of New York!   Yes, the City has an impressive Data Base that Google might envy and for all we know Google may be “ eavesdropping” or should I say “spying”   since Google is  the “mega-Terabytes --Tree of knowledge”.  I picked “Terabytes because it sounds like “terror bites” but Google just recently apologized for peeking into people’s personal communications so what is to stop Google from helping it’s self to any information from City gov.  to  helping power brokers...like, um,  Mike Bloomberg, teflon Mike?  Mike and Google. Just a frightening thought and an aside and now back to NYC and data bases.
The City of New York has powerful data bases and an ordinary citizen came up with the idea of making his own data base of landlord violators to try and help shut them down but in theory isn’t that the job of the City of New York?
Why is it the City of New York refuses to shut down violators if they are landlords, contractors and developers?   I am told their violations combined -- DOB and ECB maybe close to a billion dollars....I was told this off the record by activists and that the city doesn’t collect the mega-millions owed and refuses to shut them down.  
Shutting down landlords, developers and contractors is bad for business... Hey, they have to earn a living but the peoples’ rights they violate and force to live in squalor or displace them through harassment and shady legal means that the law and very  deep pockets  make hiring thugs unnecessary is just fine.   In NYC, often those with the deep pockets win.
The people can expect to be ticketed up to their eyeballs for every kind of parking violation imaginable.  One friend told me her neighbor was screaming about get a parking ticket in Queens for parking in a legal spot.
The City of New York is suppose to serve the people of this great City but it seems to serve the people that violate and  exploit this great city.
I was writing about the fourth book and posted this before The New York Times Magazine came out with their article today on Stieg Larsson but reading the article it sounds like Larsson’s father, brother and a best friend are men that hate women.  They treat Larsson’s life partner, Eva Gabrielsson,  like Lisabeth Sander.  I have a question.  Why is the fourth book on her computer?
I am glad the book is on her computer.
And also it is amazing to me that Mike Bloomberg is Teflon Mike.  For me for too long it has been like watching “Being There” but is a NYC horror film and the Peter Sellars character, Chauncey Gardiner  is above average intelligence Teflon Mike...as far as I am concerned he stole a third term.  The tsunami of community crushing development on old New York’s infrastructure a Bloomberg horror show, mass displacement and making deals and promises with Unions and community groups, the pension fund scandals including his personal friend and money manager Steve Rattner and so much more that just doesn’t seem to stick to Teflon Mike, at least not yet....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yahoo!'s CEO Carol Bartz at Tech Crunch Disrupt, New York City

Yahoo!'s CEO Carol Bartz will join TechCrunch Founder and Editor Michael Arrington for what is called a "Fire Side Chat" at Tech Crunch Disrupt in New York City at 12:10 PM EDT on Monday, May 23rd. Zennie62's trip is sponsored by Christine Smith Associates, Inc., the Premier Female Contractor in NYC.

Carol Bartz took over for Yahoo Founder Jerry Yang as CEO on January 13, 2009. Bartz took on the challenge of reviving one of the Internet's pioneer brands, which had suffered from the disease of over-bureaucrasy.

Bartz' most recent and most exciting move was to acquire Associated Content, a news website of over 380,000 contributors, making it several times larger than Examiner.com.

Yahoo!'s purchase of Associated Content should cause the mainstream media to shudder, but the simple fact that's not the case shows just how little the mainstream media understands what's happening.

If Yahoo! structures its website relationship with Associated Content properly it could cause a massive cannibalization of online news traffic. If New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. had nightmares trying to deal and then partner with Google, and The Wall Street Journal's minders think The Huffington Post is annoying, they've not seen anything yet.

But that's only if Yahoo! knows exactly what it's doing with Associated Content, and that remains to be seen. Carol Bartz will pack the room for what will be an exciting chat.   Personally, I hope Michael asks if any part of the twitter account Fake Carol Bartz (@fakecarolbartz) is true - especially the F-bombs.

How's that for buildup?

New York interior designer, contractor Christine Smith Associates and Zennie62

Christine Smith Associates
This week promises to be a great one in the history of this blog space as Zennie62 travels to New York City for TechCrunch Disrupt.

The trip is sponsored by New York interior designer and contractor Christine Smith Associates, the premier female contractor and designer in New York City.

Christine Smith Associates is well known among New York's most successful movers and shakers and corporations for excellent interior work on finished spaces, kitchens, bedrooms and closets, and bathrooms.

In 2008, The New York Post Page six took note of Christine Smith Associates' work, when Cindy Adams wrote:

GUYS are around hauling demolition, filling dump trucks, wearing black T-shirts that read "Christine Smith." So who's Christine Smith? A stunning, skinny, befurred, 6-foot blonde with silver buckles on her jeans and waist-length hair. And why's anyone hauling fixtures wearing her shirts? She's this season's contractor du jour. Looking like a model, this lady is demolishing johns, pulling out sinks, building walls and redoing kitchens all over the Upper East Side.

Zennie62 is proud to be associated with and have the prestigious Christine Smith Associates firm as TechCrunch Disrupt trip sponsor, and looks forward to bringing an exciting week to the readers of this space.

Andrew Cuomo running NYC round-up post by Suzannah B. Troy

I have good and bad news.  Let us start with the good news.  In the smallest and humblest ways, sharing a impromptu birthday celebration with Giuseppi Logan in Tompkins today was wonderful.  That is NYC at it's best.  People thought this jazz great was dead but he is alive and composing and playing.  I rocked the jazz world when I posted a stirring rendition of Begin the Beguine on YouTube.
Good news, Andrew Cuomo has finally declared his candidacy for governor and I believe it is a shoe-in but the down side is he is inheriting a mega-mess and corrupted "gov" from Albany to City Hall and New York may be heading towards a depression if we aren't officially in one yet.
Good luck Andrew.
Now for the really bad news.  If you want to stab someone or a couple of people to death than NYC is the place to be and simply say it was self defense.
The reporter from The New York Times does not interview the two victims families so we never hear their side.  The people that were murdered were rude and offensive and thew a bag with bottles but I believe they were murdered and the murderer and  knew what he did and that was why he fled.

 Maybe New York needs to do better recruiting for the District Attorney's office?

 Also remember Keyanna Jones?  If you don't let me introduce her memory.  She was a stunningly beautiful teenage girl.  Please click on the link to see her beautiful smile face.  This beautiful African American girl was in the wrong place at the wrong time,  murdered by a man being teased and harassed by teenagers that exited the bus with him.  Keyanna had nothing what so ever to do with these teenagers. Maybe the news reporters got it wrong but as I understood it, she had no weapon.  Her last words were words of peace and she was murdered because this guy was being harassed by a group of teens  and she happen to walk up to the bus stop with her friend and witnessed the madness pouring out on the street and called for calm and was stabbed to death in the heart!!!! The murderer of a girl more than half of his age walked.

 The mayor talks about guns but look how people are being stabbed to death and walking free. Take a moment and look at Keyanna Jones's beautiful young sweet face...read the story and explain how her murderer walked away clear and free.

My letter in The New York Daily News
Words to the wise

Manhattan: Keyanna Jones, age 15, died speaking pearls of wisdom and peace ("'God takes good ones,'" June 27). Fragile egos and false pride are driving up the murder rate.

Suzannah B. Troy

I do not believe he will walk free since he has a record and sometimes grand juries, juries and judges get it right but apparently not soon enough because another beautiful teenage girl died in New York City.  Apparently even staying home doesn't mean your safe.

Andrew Cuomo and anyone currently in office  who is not a lame duck, or too busy stealing tax payer money really needs to step up to the plate calling for "peace on the streets" as well as for Albany to balance their budget which was supposed to be done April 1st.  

Welcome to New York.  

Suzannah B. Troy beats out The New York Times on Stieg Larsson's 4th Book and the battle over his estate

When I made this YouTube about Bloomberg's goat may sing and Stieg Larsson's trilogy plus 1
I had no idea The New York Times magazine was working on the story about Larsson.  See the Sunday New York Times magazine section.

I have written about the 4th book and the battle before and it is public knowledge posted on Stieg Larsson's website but I was ahead of the game and one reason why is Larsson's book focus on corruption, democracy, cowardly sicko bullies of the worst kind although they are all awful and it speaks to me and what is happening right now in NYC.

Now on to the news that U2 lovers all over the world I am sure are far more concerned with and that is Bono was rushed to the hospital in Germany.  He hurt his back during a rehearsal and had to taken in immediately for emergency surgery.

Clearly his loved ones and everyone involved in the tour wanted him healed and back on his feet asap.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bloomberg's goat sing? Stieg Larsson 4th? -- Suzannah B. Troy

What does Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and my new YouTube, “Bloomberg’s goat may sing like a bird + Stieg Larsson’s 4th book trilogy + 1” have in common beside the Swedish author? Watch my YouTube and see how I explain why in America his books are selling like wild fire.  The 3 books have been filmed in Sweden and the first has been released here in the U.S.A.
Larsoon died of a heart attack at ago 50 and he did not have a will.  He never married his live in love so his father and brother inherited everything.  His live in love, an architect has the fourth book on her computer and she is not allowing it to be published unless the inheritance is properly negotiated.  She points out on his website they were not involved in his life what so ever....
Why are the books such a sensation?  Because Larsson values democracy and the books address muck raking, fighting corruption, the role of reporters to expose corruption and ask tough questions which happens less and less all weaved in to a violent saga including hitting on the financial sector.  The books are about corruption!
The Swedish star who plays Lisbeth Salander looks like a female Johnny Depp.  Her name is Noomi Rapace.  Michael Nyqvist plays Mikael Blomkvist who is muck raker supreme and the co-owner of a magazine devoted to -- you guessed it -- muck raking.
So non-New Yorkers, guess what?  Mike Bloomberg decided mayor wasn’t good enough and he was going to be king of New York.  He denied us a referendum and put the vote in front of a city council riddled with corruption.   Yikes.  His money manger and good friend Steve Rattner had to step down from his job at the White House as Car Czar, he said to spend more time with his family but looks like Andrew Cuomo just busted him here in NY for shady dealings and his company Quadrangle disavowed him.  
It is pretty impressive that Mike Bloomberg spent almost 110 million to steal, oops just barely win an election...the most humiliating and expensive in NYC history and the only unaccounted money is $750,000.00.   Haggerty says he is being set-up and if they scape goated him, he is going to sing, spill his guts to avoid jail.  
My first YouTube was “Mayor Bloomberg King of New York” and my newest calls him “Teflon Mike”.  I look at him as a smart version of Peter Sellers in “Being There”.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Suge Knight arrested in LA post by Suzannah B. Troy

TMZ reports Suge Knight was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and bail is set at $65,000.00.  

Why would this report catch my attention?  I have never listened to rap music so how would I even know the name Suge Knight? 

One night I was flipping the channels and came across this film Notorious  as in Notorious B.I.G and I was riveted by this powerful film directed by George Tillman, Jr. with a terrific cast including new comer Jamal Woolard and "young Biggie" is played by Christopher Jordan Wallace, Biggie's real life son with singer, wife Faith Evans.    

You learn how Biggie connected with Lil Kim and influenced her career as well as made a staggering fortune with his street poetry telling it like it is although his Mom admits he was a big time embellisher at times but his words hit a chord with the people. 

I knew nothing of the rap world and once I watched this film, I started to watch documentaries including the one on Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls by famous documentarian Nick Broomfield who has made films on Heidi Fleiss, Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer and many other provocative films.   

After watching his film on Tupac and Biggie it seemed one major theory as to why and how these rappers were murdered was Suge Knight was responsible.  The theory is Suge Knight knew that Tupac was going to leave his record label and by killing Tupac he would be able to hold on to the massive fortune Tupac was generating for him.  Tupac and Suge used to watch The Godfather over and over and there is a scene where Tupac recites lines from the film.  The movie suggests Suge lived and continues to live his life like the film.  A girlfriend was set to testify against Suge in a separate case and she simply disappeared. 

How does all this tie in to the murder of B.I.G?  The theory is that Suge Knight masterminded blowing him away and creating this East Coast West Coast rivalry which really did not exist until it was created with a nefarious motive to take them both out and for B.I.G to be wrongly accused of having Tupac killed.  Knight has his supporters that deny this.

This time it appears there is enough evidence to send Suge Knight back to jail where you see him in Broomfield's documentary.  Nick Broomfield is so tenacious and ballsy he won't take no for an answer and convinces the warden and Knight to allow him to interview Knight.  Broomfield shows us Knight's website at the end of the film which seems like a very  thinly veiled death threat against Snoop Dogg. To date the police have never caught the murderers of Tupac and B.I.G but if you watch Nick Broomfield's documentary than you might conclude the man that called the shots was arrested today and needs to pay $65,000 bail to get out of jail for packing heat and being threatening....

Giuseppi Logan radio tomorrow, Birthday May 22 -- Suzannah B. Troy

For Giuseppi Logan fans -- He will be on the radio tomorrow WFMU 11am jersey city NJ tomorrow and his birthday is May 22! Below is & 1st installment of video documentary with text by Dan Orth Guiseppi And Jay Logan Reunited After 40 Years. Suzannah Troy is a New York City multi-media artist and journalist.She has played a very big part in breaking the news to the local, national,and international media about the discovery of jazz legend Guiseppi Logan being alive and well.Suzannah was walking throughTompkins Square Park in East Greenwich Village in New York City one day in 2007. She encountered an older black gentleman playing a saxophone. His playing was very passionate,breath-taking,and captivating. Suzannah was mesmerized and swept off her feet by the heavenly sounds coming out of his saxophone. When he stopped playing, Suzannah engaged him in conversation.This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship,and a big chapter in the Guiseppi Logan Story. Two famous musicians,an 80 year-old father and his 47 year-old son, were reunited in New York City,New York on April 13, 2010 after having not seen one another for 40 years.Guiseppi is a multi-instrumentalist who is a genuine living legend of the jazz world.During the 1960's Guiseppi performed with jazz heavy-weights Thelonious Monk,John Coltrane,Charlie Mingus,Pharoah Saunders,Dizzy Gillepsie,Miles Davis,Sun Ra,Milford Graves,etc.He also recorded with some of them.Guiseppi was missing-in-action for close to 30 years.Many people thought he was dead.The American and International jazz world was electrified by the news that Guiseppi Logan was discovered playing alto-saxophone in Tompkins Square Park in Greenwich Village,New York City,New York in 2007! Signals To Noise,Spring Issue 2009, a music magazine, did a lengthy photo filled story on Guiseppi's very distinguished career as a jazz musician. Jay Logan has been a working musician since he was a teenager when he played and toured in his first bands.He has supported himself and his family his entire life as a professional musician.Jay's favorite musical genre is main- stream-pop,but he can very easily diversify into jazz. Jay has had an outstanding career as a performing and studio musician,songwriter,arranger,producer,recording artist,musical director,etc.He is very much sought-after by other musicians,producers,and people in the music business. Jay was born and raised in New York City.He and his mother Dorothy moved to Oakland,California in 1970 when she and Guiseppi seperated.Guiseppi was adamant about his son becoming a musician.Guiseppi was a very strict musician father.Guiseppi gave Jay his first music lessons from ages 1-7.Jay played the piano,some other instruments,and learned musical scales.Those very early childhood lessons and all that practicing sure did pay off for Jay! Stay tuned. Written By Dan Orth Video by Bobby Paulino

p.s. Folks here is my playlist YouTube documentary series that started it all and became a YouTube miracle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTssjT9rAmQ&feature=PlayList&p=D1175469A77B9F2C&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=1

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