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Sunday, May 2, 2010

NY Pension Funds Goldman not delivering "gold" posted by Suzannah B. Troy

  • Goldman Sachs was revealed today in The New York Post for not delivering "gold" when it comes to handling the New York Pension Funds as reported in a scathing piece by one of the post's star reporters Susan Edelman.   I have to laugh because The New York Post tried to push the professional sex worker caught in the Elliot Spitzer scandal as their star columnist and it fell flat and as usual a true dynamo as far as I am concerned is this reporter, Edelman who brought us right inside the NY Public School Rubber Room where teachers were collecting obscene amounts of money and even larger pensions bleeding the tax payers dry for doing nothing.  Thanks to consistently strong reporting by Edelman and her fellow reporters, the Rubber Room is no more!

    I happen to catch our mayor Mike Bloomberg at a press conference that lucky for him I can't attend because I don't have a press pass saying something like this -- what will you report on now, now that the Rubber Room is closed?

    Well Susan Edelman found something of interest and that is all that glitters is not necessary "Goldman" as in Goldman Sachs.

    Also please note for anyone following the Goldman Sachs media nightmare of their top dogs being grilled by senators one face you don't see is ex-top dog aka ex-CEO, Chair of GS Hank Paulson who like many GS alumni go on to top positions in politics.  Like Robert Rubin did for Clinton, Paulson became Secretary of Treasury for Bush.

    I hear many whispers or even a very powerful clearly spoken voice in a  YouTube by Debtruth1 who calls Hank Paulson to task and she and her YouTubes are brilliant.   She has an entire series on Goldman Sachs.  http://www.youtube.com/user/debtruth1#p/u  This YouTube link I posted to your left also busts Hank Paulson .

    The YouTube below Deb visits "Goldman past" and manages to give Paulson a very hard time!  Deb's YouTubes are brilliant.

    I am sure the powers that be at Goldman Sachs headquarters are deep in discussion about how to counter all the bad
    press and the newest "bomb" dropped by Susan Edelman about Goldman Sachs's less than shining success on behalf
    of the NY pension fund has caught their attention!

    Note: Jon Corzine, also an ex-CEO chair of Goldman Sachs, like our royal mayor king Mike Bloobmerg spent an
    enormous or should I say obscene amount of money to attempt to win back his seat as governor and the people
    of New Jersey sent a powerful message.
    Unlike Bloomberg who just squeaked by winning or stealing a third term, Jon Corzine lost.


Donny Moss takes on the mayor, ASPCA & horse carriage trade! post by Suzannah B. Troy

Donny Moss, activist, film maker and the maker of some very powerful YouTubes that have rocked the political scene including "Behind Christine Quinn's Smile" has taken on mayor Mike Bloomberg,
ASPCA, as well as City Council on the reality the horse carriage industry must be banned. By the way he is not alone with world wide support growing and more major cities around the world banning horse drawn carriages.

Donny Moss sent out an email where he wrote this...

"At a public hearing on April 27th, Mayor Bloomberg justified his support of the bill to protect and strengthen NYC's horse-drawn carriage trade by stating that the ASPCA believes the industry is humane. I made a short video so that you can see this perversion of the truth for yourself." Here is the YouTube he sent...


Donny asks this important question....

"Why does the ASPCA protect the horse-drawn carriage trade by allowing lawmakers, carriage operators and even a Franciscan monk to (falsely) suggest that the ASPCA supports it? "

The answer is resounding silence.

He also points out that City Council has not done enough to protect horses. He goes on to write.

"Enabled by the ASPCA's refusal to speak out publicly, Mayor Bloomberg and Council Member Christine Quinn held press conferences boldly declaring their support of NYC's carriage trade. Now that they've passed a pro-industry bill, why would either of them address this issue for years to come? The passage of this bill is a MAJOR set back for the horses and the movement to end this inhumane trade."

He urges all of us here in NYC and world wide to keep up the pressure on the ASPCA and political officials. The goal is to ban horse drawn carriages.

Check out this website by Donny Moss about his film Blinders the movie.
Please check out this website for more information as well.  http://banhdc.org/ch-news-20100427.shtml

2nd Avenue Deli Memories & great food! posted by Suzannah B. Troy

Lynn told me she has the greatest job in the world.  (I have heard that before but only from New York City Firemen, especially long term fire eaters from the old days!)

Remembering Abe......

Lynn credits Abe Lebewohl for the love she has for her job and really for everything she has.  Talk about attitude with gratitude!

Lynn said to me, "Abe was so big hearted."  When she was started working there 17, maybe 18 years ago, she was told she was hired but she had to serve Abe soup first.  For anyone who has not dined at the famous deli you have no idea what an endeavor that is.  All the portions at the 2nd Avenue Deli are huge!!!!!

According to Lynn, Abe still lives...she loves working at the Deli and I get the vibe from her Abe's big hearted energy still can be felt  like a guardian angel accompanying the many photos of Abe with many movers and shakers.  My favorite picture is of Abe and his wife Eleanor with Dustin Hoffman.  Lynn spoke lovingly of Eleanor saying she was such a down to earth woman that when she came to eat you would never know she was Abe's wife.

I  remember being greeted warmly by Abe every time I stopped in.

I also remember when my Uncle passed away I stopped in the Deli when it was really on 2nd Avenue Deli and I need to get a tin of rugelah  and I couldn't reach the shelf high above the counter and a big young teddy bear NYPD officer reached up and got a tin for me.

I do believe one day the NYPD will solve this crime. Call 1-800-577-TIPS (8477); Text "TIP577" (plus your message) to "CRIMES" ( 274637); Submit Internet Tips · rss Subscribe to NYPD Most Wanted RSS ...
www.nyc.gov/nypd   There is a park by St. Marks Church near where the original deli was dedicated to Abe's memory.

I interviewed Jack, Abe's brother asking him when did Abe open the deli?

Jack did the math.  Abe was born in 1931.  He was 23 years old when he opened the del with 2 partners.  Shortly there after they bought out one partner and in the 1960's Abe bought out the other partner becoming the sole owner with soul serving Jewish Soul Food!!!!  Those are my words, not Jacks! I am heavily into soul.

By the way I asked Lynn if you had any celebrity stories I could blog about and she said,
No, discretion is the greater part of valor!   I asked Jack as well....similiar response but the walls are filled with photos of celebrities, NY characters, politicians, sport stars & their owners as well as Yiddish theatre stars!!!!!

Lynn is the official Jewish Mother on the premises and decided since my tummy hurt I was to have ginger ale, no ice, no straw and that I must slowly sip my soda.  She recommended kasha varniskes for me.

My Dad is the true driving force that brings me to 2nd Avenue Deli.  We  had a great time.  I did because I love my Dad as well as the Jewish soul food.

Time Square Bomb Scare post by Suzannah B. Troy

First and foremost highest praise for the NYPD for their response and handling of what appears to be some kind of crude amateurish bomb that could have  harmed innocent people if it had gone off.    A t-shirt vendor heard some suspicious noises and alerted police and highest praise for a civilian coming forward.

Here in NYC we have signs in the subways and else where always alerting us if we see something suspicious to alert the NYPD and in this case someone did just that and helped prevent would could have been a terrible tragedy.

I am signed up on the Notify NY program with the City of New York so I get a text messages and emails alerting me but it gave no details, just police activity and that the area was closed off.  The t-shirt vendor alerted police at 6:30 but I got my text, May 2 at 12:50AM, still I am glad to get it and glad Notify NY is up and working.

 I wrote Commissioner Kelly asking if the NYPD could actually have a more extended notification system than this, that alerts New Yorkers about crimes that could help us to be even safer and give info if the NYPD need help catching a criminal by texting the people a description.  I am critical of the mayor for denying us a referendum and pushing a reckless tsunami of development but as far as 311 which needs work in terms of the city actually solving problems rather than answering calls and Notifying NY,the ideas are good, both need work.

Also here in NYC the 911 system has been overhauled,  called the UCT Dispatch System  and there are major problems especially alerting the FDNY and EMS  that still need addressing but last night all was good and every system worked as it should thank goodness!!!

Today thankfully we have a happy ending.  The NYPD are going to find the person responsible I am sure and that person will be spending some quality time in jail.  Thank goodness no one was hurt and many people that were there so see Broadway shows got first hand New York City Street Theatre for free.

Here is video from The New York Post.

Again highest praise for the NYPD.  Also for anyone interested here is a YouTube made by the NYPD about their amazing Bomb Squad check it out.   Personally, I have to say I am in awe.  I also got to speak to one of these officers and asked him some questions including about his gorgeous dog w/ a badge, a four legged NYPD officer which was "a bomb" - as in a good and wonderful experience for me.  Here is the slang dictionary for bomb being cool! http://onlineslangdictionary.com/definition+of/bomb,+the

If you have seen the Oscar awarding winning film Hurt Locker than you will recognize the safety clothing these brave officers wear so watch this YouTube!

Also for NYPD buffs -- Do you know who created The Bomb Squad? 

I have been told that Lt.  Joseph (Giuseppi) Petrosino created The Bomb Squad and he did so because he was fighting the Black Hand who were setting off explosives here in NYC.  

I found this comment posted to back up what I was told by an NYPD officer after 9-11 and also what I have read in the internet.

Lt. Petrosino's memory lives on in infamy. He was responsible for forming the NYPD Bomb Squad along with being the leader of the "Italian Squad". Lt. Petrosino went after "The Black Hand" and early form of the "Mafia" as we know it today. He stood for all that is good about Italian-American's and gave his life defending his belief. I have had the privilege to meet and work with his Granddaughter who is director of Bishop Kearney high school in Brooklyn's 66 Pct. May we never forget his ultimate sacrifice. God Bless.
— Det. John D'Onofrio

Lt. Joseph (Giuseppi) Petrosino was the 1st NYPD officer to die in the line of duty abroad.  Here is a YouTube where I take you on a short tour of a special exhibition at the NY Police Museum honoring Lt. Petrosino.   An Italian film maker is making a new film about him but there are have been others including a Hollywood film starring  Ernest Borgnine playing Lt. Petrosino called "Pay or Die".

In this YouTube I show you an NYPD pin I was given with Lt. Petrosino's badge number.  I treasure this pin and I thought I lost in Grand Central Station.  The pin had fallen in to my bag and a kind man got on his hands and knees along with me to find the back of the pin which he did as many people busily past us.

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