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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Google Trends: Chris Brown, Kevin Durant, US Open 2012, Tiger Woods, Powerball

Chris Brown, Kevin Durant, US Open 2012, Tiger Woods, Powerball and Matt Cain are the Google Trends for the week. And considering that Google's killed the ability to know what the search trends are in real time, those are the real trends for the week. I've blogged about this earlier in the week, but it bears repeating: Google has killed a major source of information for bloggers who are trying to keep up with what's happening in the news cycle, which changes as often as every 15 minutes. It's enough to make on mad, like Chris Brown-level mad.


Reportedly Chris Brown and Drake, who have a beef that started over Rihanna, who Brown savagely beat three years ago, got into a fight that was sort-of captured in the video below. (It's hard to tell what happened because the action's so far away from the camera.)

At any rate, security from both sides were involved and Tony Parker, the San Antonio Spurs star, almost lost his basketball life from flying glass and other injuries he missed sustaining. In all, it was a mess.

Why is it that brothers who are rappers and hip hop artists have to get into this kind of trouble rather than doing something positive. I for one am tired of this noise, even as it draws attention.

Something I am not tired of is hearing about how well Tiger Woods is doing. He's at the 2012 U.S. Open at The Olympic Club as I write this, and after being back four strokes on Thursday, has taken the lead today, Friday. Let's see if he can sustain that and win; I hope so.

Another winner is in Cedar Rapids Iowa. That person won $241 million in the latest Powerball contest - trouble is we don't as of this writing know who won.

Another big winner that hit Google Trends was the SF Giants pitcher Matt Cain, congrats, again, to Mr. Cain.

But someone not a big winner was Kevin Durant. The star of The Oklahoma City Thunder was fouled by Le Bron James, but because it was away from the refs, it wasn't called; had it been, KD would have went to the line with the chance to tie the NBA Finals Game 2 at OKC. Now, some in the media are pointing to this no-call as the difference; it's not. The difference is that OKC spent the entire game trying to overcome an 18-2 deficit at the start. Give The Miami Heat credit, they won - barely at 100 to 96, but they won. Game 3 on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

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