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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Naomi Campbell in trouble again the IRS by Suzannah B. Troy

Dear IRS:  Don't you know super models are above the law and cannot be held accountable for anything? Really!  The New York Post, Page 6 reports the IRS has put a lien against her her in NYC.

The lien is small change for Naomi Campbell and in no way comparable to being threatened with imprisonment for not testifying in the trial of alleged dictator how committed crimes against humanity and allegedly gave the super model blood diamonds.  Blood diamonds are associated with  terrorism as in funding terrorism but Naomi played dumb or pleaded ignorance as well as allegedly perjured herself which with real people carries 2 years in jail.  As we know, Naomi Campbell is not real.   Liberia and Africa are probably grateful the super model's fame and ignorance have brought global attention to dictators in African responsible for mass murders, gang rapes, mutilation and torture so good going Naomi even if it is for all the wrong reasons.

Naomi Campbell went straight from being a witness in a horrifying case on crimes against humanity to a decadent party in Italy so party on Naomi.  I am sure she is partying on right now!  Party on Naomi and I am sure she will teach the IRS what she taught an International Court, Super Models DO NOT go to jail!


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