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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lady Gaga was that you? by Suzannah B. Troy

I was walking down the street here in NYC and I heard someone yell out, "Hey, Lady Gaga!" and it did look like her.   Who knows...only Lady Gaga knows.   TMZ has a racy video of her body surfacing with fans and their hands moving her like Niagara Falls...the movements rough, rapid and full of life.

I got the new Vanity Fair Issue to read the piece on disgraced money manger to king Mike Bloomberg but of course I read the cover story on Lada Gaga.

Here is the Vanity Fair Photo Cover shoot of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is the star of The Vanity Fair cover, the name of another posting on VF.

Lady Gaga on Sex, Fame, Drugs and Her Fans....

For Lady Gaga fans the issue of Vanity Fair is a must have.  For those waiting for more corruption to be exposed at City Hall reading the Steve Rattner article is a must not only for what is reported but mostly what is not reported including Rattner and Bloomberg shifting some of Bloomberg's money to the Cayman Islands.   If Steve Rattner gets banned by the SEC for three years than it will mean a third shift for king Mike Bloomberg's 5 billion Steve Rattner is suppose to be money managing.  You see the first shift was out of Quadrangle because denial is Steve Rattner's cocaine, along with every corrupt politico and Rattner thought Quadrangle would take the fall not him.  Wrong.  So denial still in play, Rattner shifts Mike's 5 billion to a new created company.  If and when Steve Rattner gets banned by the SEC the money will have to be shifted yet again or Rattner can sell the company yet again like he did Quadrangle but will Mike Bloomberg still be able to stand by his man?  Ditto for the owners of The New York Times and The New York Daily news both very good friends and I believe both have had their money managed by Rattner.   The Vanity Fair title "The Smartest Guy in The Room" but truly if you look at the big picture, perhaps the dumbest.  From Albany to City Hall denial is the new crack cocaine.  How ironic under Mike Bloomberg heroin is cheaper to buy and sell than cigarettes but denial is the new crack cocaine -- because it's free... most used and abused by politicians, rich people and celebrities in trouble with the law or those lucky so far to avoid getting busted.

Anyway, if you just want to think happy thoughts than stick to the Lady Gaga article and enjoy.  Vanity Fair even smells delicious.  For depressed people you might want to read Christopher Hitchens piece on his battle with cancer.  There is a photo of him and it is shocking.

Lady Gaga may be the way to go.  Her meteoric success is something I think she is still trying to absorb but one thing is very clear loves her fans and deeply appreciates.  Gaga stops and spends time with them...there are peeks"peaks" in to this love affair in the fun piece.  This issue of Vanity Fair has something for almost everybody.

Mayor Bloomberg Adrian Benepe violating Artists' rights by Suzannah B. Troy

First thanks for tuning in to New York Focus Blog.  (Zennie came up with the name and I love it!)  If you do not live here than you might be unaware of the shocking injustices that are going on. There are many to tell but for today I am only talking about Artists' 1st Amendment rights being violated in Union Square and many places in NYC where artists are in theory allowed to be vendors but the city and at Union Square the Parks department is putting on the heat with the goal to drive artists out of Union Square.  It seems king Mike Bloomberg wants to make the unemployment rates much higher than they are.  They are high for the country and NYC and of course unemployment rates are under reported and for many earning a living many say they are not earning a living wage including the NYPD who often work two jobs just to survive and support their families.

I make reference to my blog which focuses on corruption in NYC politics. What is very disturbing is king Mike Bloomberg and his "ruling party class", (I say party -- because their emphasis is on partying and there are no "stop and frisk", metal detectors and drug sniffing dogs for the rich party class and most of all they want to feel they are above the law. In NYC more and more it is about two laws. One for the poor/middle class and one for the rich; actually mostly the rich are above the law.  The goal seems to displace, drive out as many New Yorkers as possible from eminent domain abuse to simply ticketing New Yorkers up to their eyeballs.  On my blog I show you how rich people are never ticketed and it is more than confusing when poor and middle class people are ticketed so unjustly.  A working class man that sells water for a dollar and has a vendor's license was given a $1,000 ticket by an NYPD officer because the officer said water is food.  This poor guy has a family to support.  Back to the artists....


Special note to my loyal blog readers:  In the interview with Miriam I ask her to tell me about one of her unique art works with clocks in it.  She responds the title of the work is "Time Discovers Truth" the quote by Seneca.

This was very significant for me.   I have more news and I am not posting on the blog.  A "special" email went out and phone calls were made.   Time does discover truth and the key is patience.   Anyone following my blog knows the theme and perhaps the context...

Miriam and Tony explain to these young men about why they are here in the park protesting.  I am so glad they stopped to talk with Tony and Miriam.  They seemed to genuinely care.

Trapped By Fear -- Art by Miriam West

Tony and Miriam worked on the small Gandhi necklace together.  Their visual is very beautiful.  They have one more Gandhi left and I am buying it!  I am so grossed out by rich people trying to get my work for as little as possible I happily pay fellow artists for their work.

If you click on this photo you can see Gandhi - the sculpture in the park.   I had to walk around many trucks and tents to get to Gandhi and no artists were obscuring the Gandhi sculpture at all as Adrian Benepe thought and as far as the fountain -- the fountain area and the entire park is crowded so why single out artists and violate their 1st Amendment rights king Mike Bloomberg and Adrian Benepe?

We have no problem with the Farmers Market but please don't blame the artists for obscuring any thing to do with Gandhi with my photos give you just a hint of trucks and tents obscuring the sculpture,  not artists!!

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