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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bail Out the People - May 19 taking action

Wednesday actions for Housing & for Jobs:

Picture the Homeless ... Wednesday, May 19 day of action -- join us!

May 19 -- Malcolm X's birthday

* Wednesday, 12 noon til 3pm in S.Bronx:

Homes, Not Shelters!  DAY OF DIRECT ACTION

Join us at Brook Park for a gathering of community&resistance!, w/ great food, live music organized by Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, press conference & reports from the day's actions, & more … 141 St at Brook Ave in Mott Haven—three blocks from 6 train to Brook

Press & multi-media contact:  tej@picturethehomeless.org

Get involved: we need your skills & support, this month and onward... Stay tuned: picturethehomeless.org/blog

Bail Out the People Movement (BOPM) meeting this Wednesday, May 19th.

Special pre-meeting 6 -7:30 PM: this is a working meeting for anyone who wants to work specifically on the jobs campaign in NYC

The main part of the agenda will begin at 7:30 PM
Agenda  points:
1.) Follow up to May 8th - Jobs Program - Peoples Assemblies
2.) May 22nd Peoples Organization for Progress (POP) Demonstration Against Foreclosures and Evictions.
3.) Continued Fight Against Arizona Racial Profiling

Meeting location:
Solidarity Center
55 West 17th Street, 5th floor, Manhattan- 212-633-6646

Take 4, 5, 6, N, R, W, Q, L to Union Square
Take 1, 2, 3  to 14th street
Take the F train to 14th Street

Cash & Carrie, Lindsey's new Lesbian Love + true catastrophes post by Suzannah B. Troy

Sarah Jessica Parker  is being humiliated by The New York Post for being obscenely rich and obscenely cheap. However, what is not mentioned is she is not alone and from what I have seen first hand there is only  one “celebrity” that is not cheap and that is Jack Nicholson. The list of stars including a director who cast himself in his own films and than has very expensive underwear (not Hanes)  purchased for him.  He than has them washed over and over by the costume designer's assistants.   Hint..I dislike him more than another director I won't mention that is under house arrest for having sex with a minor.  

At one point some production companies have attempted to ask celebrities to pay something when they kept their clothes from movie shoots. Bottom line is everyone in the industry that can get something for free and hold on to their massive fortunes does.  They also attempt to negotiate "plebeians" for as little $ as possible...ho hum.

Jack Nicholson is the only celebrity that seems to me  to remember his roots and is just generous, and he used to be a big bad flirt from what I have heard.  He probably still is.  

I have even witnessed highly  paid women in the entertainment business including one of the highest paying magazines -- trying to lower the price on the smallest of transactions and than brag to
 (was it me ?) about paying x amount of thousands to have the dark circles removed from under her eyes.  By the way, any supposed feminist that doesn’t tell what surgery she has had and let’s women compare themselves to her is no feminist. There are also plenty of men that have had face-lifts and their bodies tweaked other than Gene Simmons. Celebrities and authors should include what they have had done on their websites so fans do not compare themselves to them or maybe as a warning for what not to do.  Ditto for athletes and actors using steriods!  

As usual, TMZ has the scoops and not that any of us will be losing sleep over this but if Lindsey Lohan doesn’t get  to the USA soon from Cannes she may find herself behind bars.  Go to TMZ for more on this and other breaking news in "Celebrity World" - not a planet most of us visit!

Lindsey Lohan is in Cannes to promote the independent film in which she plays Linda Lovelace. For anyone who has no idea about Lovelace’s tragic life and abuse endured here is her wikepedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Lovelace.

Men around the world are fascinated by Lovelace’s famous film Deep Throat and Brian Grazer is among them. He produced “Inside Deep Throat”. Again I would rather refer you to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inside_Deep_Throat.

Linda Lovelace's experience in the porn industry was hellish and she said her husband exploited her and beat her to make her perform.  Jenna Jameson, retired media mogul,  had some tough times but nothing as horrific as Lovelace.  Jameson paved the way for other female porn stars like Belladonna and Terra Patrick to also direct, produce and even create their own studios.

Porn is a mega-billion dollar industry and is not only here to stay but the thin line between porn and Hollywood continues to blur. In fact the AVN Awards, porn’s version of the Oscars is said to be better and a lot more fun than the Oscars. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AVN_Award

Way back when in my twenties when I listened to Howard Stern, I remember a porn star lamenting when the porn industry was no longer run by Mafia. You see the Mafia guys paid them in cash.

Just to bring you back to NYC. Albany has still not closed the budget and a title of a documentary covering this debacle could be called “Deeply Screwed” how Albany and City Hall took NYC from a recession to a depression...This is an economic horror show here in New York although times are tough in other States and around the world. I write here in NYC so I had to mention the economic crisis here but another catastrophe that people have yet to understand the horror of completely  is the oil spill off of the Gulf of Mexico which continues to get worse. Sea life continue dying suffocating to death which is horrific and will have very disturbing long range results.  Now the news is the oil spill  maybe showing up on Florida’s beaches.

I guess focusing on Sarah Jessica Parker deemed the cheapest entertainer (and believe me she has competition) and Lindsey Lohan are a vacation from very serious issues that truly effect our lives.

YouTubeland Gaga Greyson & dish - Suzannah B. Troy

All is not well in YouTubeland although YouTube has just celebrated it’s 5 anniversary.  
First let us go to the best and beautiful happening in YouTubeland like my own story of filming Jazz Legend Giuseppi Logan in Tompkins Square Park 2 years and posting on YouTube which radically changed his life.  I immediately found a YouTube from a British filmmaker same park almost 50 years earlier with Giuseppi and a little boy with an original GL composition playing in the background.  Since my 21 part YouTube documentary Giuseppi has cut a new CD his first since his two successful ones released in 1960’s by ESP records and I help unite Giuseppi Logan with the little boy in the YouTube, Jaee Logan, also a musical genius like his Dad!  I suggested Jaee Logan make a documentary and he is.  I also told him “Hollywood movie” and a book along the lines of The Soloist with charities as well.  That is part of my dream...
This is different than the Susan Boyle syndrome where a tv program and YouTube combined created a big income earning for Boyle and she doesn’t seem able to cope with fame.
I also bought a single of Boyle’s from ITunes and I ended up deleting it because it fell flat.
This young man is articulate and winning as highlighted in his Ellen interview.  Lady Gaga calls in and gives him advice.
This maybe the first a mega hit YouTube star  born in YouTubeland with no help from American Idol, Simon Cowell....a pure YouTube hit.
There is a dark side to YouTubeland and I have more to tell you on the dark, dark side but tune in later, may be much later!
Also here is a shot from NYC, Soho.  Victoria Secret’s “Pink” hosting  and event with 1st Baseman for The New York Yankees Mark Teixeira and model Chanel as they have a Yankee Street Party in the rain.  Here is the facebook page to check in with later today.

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