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Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4 Coney Island hot dog by Suzannah B. Troy

July 4th, Coney Island --  The famous outrageous Hot dog eating contest by Nathan's with a massive turn out of people cheering like it is Yankee Stadium filled to capacity!

Yeah, Joey Chestnut!!!!!   Joey Chestnut won and he celebrated his victory with grace and Pepto-Bismol!   

Takeru Kobayashi did not compete but stood in the crowed jumping up and down like he was competing.  Joey Chestnut is now a 4 time champion.   Chestnut said if Kobayashi was a real man he would have been on stage competing and Chestnut was confident he would have beaten him.

Below Happy July wishes from Suzannah B. Troy and NY round-up- the good, the bad and the ugly.



I can't express how inconceivable that are hospitals are shutting.

People walk up to me and tell me all kinds of stories about how crucial St. Vincent's was and is so how can this be?

I was up at the MOMA at their amazing eatery and a patron of the arts told me how he had eye surgery before St. Vincent's closed.

Someone called me to ask how many meetings AA and types of meetings like AA were held at St. Vincent's.   I myself visited a patient HIV positive that has surgery there.  I got stitches in the emergency room.  I remember St. Vincent's 9-11 because I walked over to see if they needed volunteers.  They did not.  My MD went over and she did volunteer and work at St. Vincent's 9-11.

  • 10 8:41 AM

    Read The New York Times piece by Jim Dwyer where he writes about Christine Quinn and Maura Keaney intimidating union people, title" Ethics Lapse? Welcome Aboard" By the way this is the same Keaney that worked on Bloobmerg's campaign and worked with Haggerty. She is also married to a guy that worked on Cy Vance's campaign and Cy Vance is still paying back his campaign debt. ...Sally, you wrote a piece before Mike Bloomberg stole a third term with the help of a corrupt Christine Quinn that aided Mike in flushing democracy down the toilet. You reported Christine Quinn and staff are burning through tax payer money using high priced defense attorneys that specialize in White Collar crime. You need to do a follow up piece on what is the tab as of today and we need that info posted on NYC gov as well as an App for the iphone. Impeach king Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn both who act like they are rulers. They have forgotten NYC, USA is a democracy. Happy July 4th!

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/spiteful_quinn_laps_mouthy_qns_dem_aOM28BeiWWXEXMDEndVzNO#comments#ixzz0siVcEFnC

    Investigating Espada has taken way too long and enabled this thug to continue on. Go to YouTube search engine and type in "Espada Must Go". It if fantastic. Angry tenants swarm his office protesting him. A must see. Remember when Espada and Monserrate brought Albany to a halt which cost the tax payers a fortune and than they celebrated by going to a Yankees game. They mugged for the cameras like the cameras were their crack cocaine. Estimate how much Espada's and Monserrate's antics cost the tax payers, along with all the other corrupt politicos and having at the top of the New York Post running 24 hours a day. Including City Hall as well.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/bronx/fraud_charges_loom_for_pedro_IXZ2NqPHzcaCteaXatPvWN#comments#ixzz0siKhuYgM

    Would someone please set up a website and also do the math about how much these creepos are costing the tax payers including to investigate and prosecute them? It could be broken down by politicos, State, City and each local newspaper across the USA could expose fat cats stealing tax payer money, abusing tax payer money and campaign contributions like a ticker tape. Ditto for our tax payer money in general... An App for our iphones as well. If The New York Post did not expose these creeps we would not know which is frightening to me and how often do get away with "it"? Too often and for far too long.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/senate_biggest_waste_U30nG892hWBTnYEo81phcM#ixzz0siLPlwc0

    Didn't Dave Paterson pay for hotel rooms for adulterous relationships with campaign money?
    I thought I read that some where.


    David: How many city council members that either they or their aides pleaded guilty to stealing and or are indicted, voted to extend term limits?

    The term limits vote is tainted and needs to be tossed.
    Impeach king Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/city_holds_the_pork_WYI5oZ8nIHxfdKaiZDcmAN#comments#ixzz0siUAI1cW

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