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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Giuseppi Logan WFMU Tompkins News by Suzannah B. Troy

Giuseppi Logan wants me to listen to him on WFMU.  I just haven't had a chance yet.  I continue to get very touching responses to my series on him including today and I haven't even had a chance to write back which I will do so shortly.  You can find my YouTube documentary series on Giuseppi Logan on YouTube and if you haven't seen it, I promise you, you will be moved.  He went from homelessness, thought dead by his many fans to my plastering him playing jazz on YouTube and cutting a new album for the first time since the 1960's with ESP.

Read the Jazz Review by Tim Madison -- the first person to contact me and explain the significance of the 1st YouTube and Tim urged me to continue filming.  I have to thank him because I had endured one of the scariest and most disturbing experiences of my life other than Sept. 11 and did not think I had the energy to do so. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTssjT9rAmQ&feature=related Giuseppi still needs your support.

His youngest son and only son from his 2nd marriage is living on the West Coast and will be back to continue his work on finding his father and that was because of my YouTubes as well as losing his son to a random act of gun violence.  Several shots to the back of the head would end Giuseppi Logan's grandson's life and Jaee, named after his Dad was an honor student and a football high school star.

 Also please note, for those following my original blog,  I don't have any information on a homeless woman that has lived most of her adult life -- the last 30 years most in and around Tompkins Square Park here in the East Village in New York City.  She wrestles with many of the problems that celebrities do as reported on TMZ but she is poverty level and I wish I could protect her from the creeps that would exploit her including a hateful blogger that follows her and has followed me as well without my knowledge photographed me and plastered our photos -- her topless and she was drunk out of her mind; mine gay bashing anti-semitic attack on me.  

She has serious issues and needs help.  When I think of her,  I always think of Ozzie Osborune, although she is African American and blind in one eye because drunk she can be as bad as Ozzie and sober as sweet but she has no advocate.   She has no public relations person and this sicko stalker trashes her and of course me for defending her and pointing out he doesn't want anyone photographing him with or without his shirt and he has the luxury of a door to close and she has none.  That is me understating vile hateful circumstances.

The NYPD has tried to help her even arranging housing for her and she has refused it. I don't know how you can help someone like her and truly sober she is a good soul.  She has told me she knows she needs rehab. If anyone reading this can say a pray for her...she needs them.

Barbara Walters out of hospital + Rest in Peace Rue McClanahan - by Suzannah B. Troy

The indestructible Barbara Walters is out of the hospital after having a faulty heart valve replaced.  She is doing quite well and there is video footage of her walking down the street here in New York City looking quite spectacular .  It  is hard to believe she just endured heart surgery!   You can get up to date info on Barbara Walters from The View website.

Rest in peace, Rue McClanahan leaving Betty White as the last living Golden Girl.   Betty White is reportedly heart broken over Rue McClanahan's passing.  Before there was The Golden Girls there was Maude.  I did love Bea Arthur and followed her from Maude to The Golden Girls which was much more light hearted but addressed serious issues as well.  I can't express how much I enjoyed these shows and there really is nothing quite like them now on TV.

It has been reported that Rue, the very loved Golden Girl has successfully battled breast cancer but died this morning of a heart attack.  She was a prolific actress and she was hoping to return to work and I am sure if she had she would have been treated with the same enthusiasm as Betty White.

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