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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Steve Rattner money manger to Mike Bloomberg to be banned by SEC? by Suzannah B. Troy


The New York Times reports that the SEC is considering banning Steve Rattner, Mike Bloomberg's money manager as well as a huge democratic fund raiser along with his wife. Remember Rattner stepped down from his job at The White House as Car Czar to supposedly spend more time with his family?

I guess he considers Mike Bloomberg family because he has be seen at City Hall. Read on and tune in to my YouTube about this and related issues. Most people tuned in believe Rattner stepped down from his job at the White House because of these pension fund scandals. 

If the SEC gets it's way this could hurt Steve Rattner's book deal. Joyce Purnick paints Rattner as golden in her phony bio on Bloomberg and side note does the same with developer Mike "Red Square" Rosen who has brought the Lower East Side the hideous ugly Red Square development with Lenin on the roof top while Rosen lives in the symbol of gentrification which was once a welfare building called the Christa Dora. Is sure helps to have friends at The New York Times when you are trying to sell your book and of course as yourself "brand" as saint.  

Well, Rattner is going to have a harder time even with friends like Mike Bloomberg, the owner of The New York Times and Joyce Purnick who like Rattner use to work for The New York Times.   

Listen to the revealing interview of mine with Michael White on "mayor Bloomberg off-shore mayor" and we talk about Steve Rattner ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5zmHtdSZNw   Here I interview Clayton Patterson being fined by the City of New York on being fined for graffiti on his door vs. Mike Bloomberg's legalized graffiti on the steps of Grand Central Station. "> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7oQQarpO6U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbD1HWEV7g4   I would like to paint words on the steps of the public space aka Grand Central which states "Think Bloomberg". Did you ever start to wonder if guys like Rattner and Bloomberg have gone just a little to far and need some limits? They are not the most forthcoming and transparent of guys. Yet Mike pushed CityTime which I renamed the tax payers Titanic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Tz4eMcP2LU  

Here I am protesting Mike Bloomberg's inauguration and I speak up Steve Rattner and the pension fund scandal.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRaUt2T4PN0 http://www.youtube.com/my_playlists?p=7F596B8929F6C3E0 My YouTube playlist of Steve Rattner Mike Bloomberg YouTubes

Bloomberg's Orwellian Ad Campaign by Suzannah B. Troy

Watch my sometimes humorous but very serious  two part YouTube series and see how Mike Bloomberg, the little emperor of NYC lives above the laws, changing them, enforcing them on a certain group of New Yorkers with the goal to push them out including ticketing them to death, etc.

I interview Clayton Patterson on being given a $300 ticket for his door that has graffiti on it and he wants the graffiti to stay but we have a nanny mayor and the city demands Clayton paint the door black to remove the graffiti. It is hard to distinguish from the photo above if this Orwellian Ad campaign on the public steps of Grand Central Station is for Mike's private empire or his public although way the bottom it does say Bloomberg.com it seems very similar to his Orwellian Ad campaign for mayor of New York City where he spent a record amount of money to win or buy the election.

In my two part interview, Clayton Patterson  talks about how the mayor is driving out the people, and how the mayor is part of a movement that wants everything homogenized meaning everything made the same -- like the tv shows...."Housewives", like Starbucks --  could be anywhere -- any  city and we talk about how that is how Bloomberg wants women...

Bella Abzug could have been speaking up  anywhere  and you would have said that outspoken woman with the hat who said "Women belong in the house --- House of Representatives" is from New York.  She could have only been from NY but Bloomberg and the movement that "thinks Bloomberg" that shares his ideology and this newest ad campaign instructing us to "Think Bloomberg" is "the Starbucks Nation" where it is "chain foods, chain stores, chains for the indivduals... This ad campaign is truly Orwellian instructing the view how to think and appears to be just like his mayoral campaign and very difficult to distinguish is this "legalized graffiti"?, work or pleasure, oops, I meant to say is this promoting Bloomberg the mayor or Bloomberg the 2nd income of Mike Bloomberg that brings him billions when the world is mostly have an economic meltdown?

Watch the YouTubes and stay tuned....

I am waiting for a call back from Bloomberg's public relations person.
I want to know how much the ad campaign on the steps at Grand Central station cost and the procedure to make it happen so I can do a very small one too?

Do you think I can afford to do so?

What did Mike pay the advertising firm to come up with "Think Bloomberg" and is it the same firm that worked on his mayoral campaign.

Are the keeping their muscles warm for a presidential campaign?

Will Clayton Patterson have to fight for the right to have his front door the way he wants his front door to look and not uniformed as demanded by our nanny mayor how has the money and connections to put "Think Bloomberg" anywhere he wants including public spaces in Grand Central Station.

Stay tuned!!!!!

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