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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Governor Paterson's ex-aide Dave Johnson turns himself in to police by Suzannah B. Troy

Governor Paterson's best friend and aide, oops, now ex-aide was forced or should I say voluntarily turned himself in today.   David  Johnson has been accused of spousal abuse by his girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend Sherr-una Booker but that was quiet a while ago.  She called 911 when he allegedly got physical and he fled the scene.  Of course he denies everything but just for good measure Dave Paterson got involved, got his aides involved who did not know they were being used and manipulated by the accidental governor to in a quiet and gentle way encourage her to shut up and make like it never happened.  How I see it  is Dave Paterson being part of the "rich or connected, politicos, party -- above the law crowd" was able to remain in office even though many of his aides resigned disgusted with his inappropriate behavior and abuse of power.

In my opinion, Dave Patterson is guiltier than sin for ever so gently and politely  intimidating Sherr-una, the  victim of his long time friend in to silence.  Judge Judy Kayne, sell-out, is part of Misogynist NYC which has too many female club members.  I am stunned that Dave's good friend was even arrested and he and Dave have other scandals they have to wiggle out of including Yankee tickets and an alleged forged check by Johnson signing Dave Paterson's name.  Dave Paterson is rumored have a problem with telling the truth and is alleged to have perjured himself over baseball tickets.   The accidental governor is still in office and he does not belong there.  New Yorkers have just set a very low bar for him and understand he is a screw up and talks the talk but his actions including his intimidation of Booker are proof he does not belong in office.  It is New York so he has lots of company.   Dave Paterson is truly handicapped "ethically" and he can't rise above it because he would have to get honest and take responsibility.   Please see "Paterson Report by The New York Commission on Public Integrity".

Paterson really needs to spend the majority of his time with defense attorneys and he has good ones. He is embattled and Albany has still not balanced it's 9.2 billion dollar deficit due April 1 and it is almost Sept.  which could mean an economic crisis something a kin to a terror attack in terms of hurting NY not that the polticos seem to care.  It is like the State and City of NY are one collosal victim of spousal abuse by politicians ineffectual and unable to serve the public's best interest but excellent at serving their own.

Judge Kayne speaks double talk which could be simply translated she did not have the courage brains, and integrity to do her job and hold Patterson accountable. Please read this link for more on the story and at the bottom is another link for handling or mishandling of spousal abuse cases  Dave is destined for disaster.   Actually the two Daves are both destined for disaster. 

Mayor Bloomberg protested by Animal Activists City Hall by Suzannah B. Troy

The woman with the yellow carrier brought her bird to join the protest!   This protest was not just attended by human protestors but here is official proof of a bird protesting Mike Bloomberg's heinous actions against the bird world as well as New Yorkers!

Pet Carrier for Bird Protesting king Mike Bloomberg capt
Letitia James a council woman to take notice of spoke up on behalf of these activists and animals.  
NYC, City Hall today....

Note:  I also walked across the street and hand delivered a note to John Liu on infrastructure.  I saw a slush puppy city council man Felder -- bummer.  If only we could have a fully investigation in to slush.

I was hoping to see Mike Bloomberg.  I wanted to ask him this -- your friend Steve Rattner pleaded the fifth amendment more times than you have been mayor -- how can you continue to stand by Steve Rattner?

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