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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2014 Super Bowl to be played NJ + dish by Suzannah B. Troy

New Yorkers and New Jerseyites football fans are celebrating the breaking news which is 2014 Super Bowl will be played at the New Jersey Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey. This is good for both NY and NJ who are in dire straits with economic budget problems and that is understating the problems. Thanks to 1010 Wins for the scoop.

Mark Sanchez, the gorgeous quarterback for the NY Giants is now a regular fixture on Page 666, oops, Page 6 of The New York Post and is now rumored to be dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Sanchez looks just too wholesome and sweet to pull an "A-Rod". A-Rod famous for kissing his own reflection has made it clear he can't settle down and no woman can compete with his own love for himself. I hear there is a tattoo on his chest that says warning, date at your own risk! Just joking...

Time to rent the dark indie The Fan if you haven't seen it already.

I tend to visit TMZ to see what breaking news they have. Harvey Levin is always found surrounded with a young diverse group of people including one "beautiful" blonde boyish guy I use to think was gorgeous until I heard him speak about women.

Harvey has a law degree which is very important when attempting to understand what is going on in current events and even gossip because celebrities seem to get in trouble with the law. Harvey is one of the elite group of people in TV land that actually reads books. Most people refer to movies instead of books but today he talks about Abraham Lincoln and says he has read books on him....just so rare except on a few grown up shows and even than they have "talking heads" as opposed to well read.

On TMZ, the latest in Suge Knight and it is exactly as I wrote in my piece about him watching The Godfather way too much.
He is now accused of ordering a hit! If you haven't watch Nick Broomfield's documentary on Tupac and B.I.G.

TMZ has new news about Jesse James supposedly thinking the Nazi "wear" was funny and let us face it -- it is not. Again Jesse James is just better when he doesn't talk about anything but motorcycles. He is not the most hated men. Most people don't even think of him and have forgotten him if they even knew about him. Jesse James has a strong following of fans and they don't care about whether he is lying about being related to the historical Jesse James and if he lied, cheated, robbed Sandra Bullock of her Oscar win joy, etc. They love him because he is a bad boy. It is that simple. Speaking up is not a good idea because he doesn't say anything that will endear him. You can watch him tonight on Nightline and decide for yourself if you care at all.

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