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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Armed Protestor Captured, Hostages Released Discovery Channel Building by Suzannah B. Troy

Fox News Channel reports an armed man has hostages in the Discovery building in Silver Spring, M.D., a suburb of Washington, D.C.  The man is a regular protester of the Discovery Channel and the Montgomery County Police are negotiating with him.  His name is James Lee was said to have entered the building with a small gun, took a small group of hostage and has some kind of bomb looking structure front and back.

He was arrested before for protesting the Discovery Channel which he plans as being part of the problem.

As I am writing this channel 7 news reported they have captured the protester.  He went down and the explosive device went off.  James Lee was said to have had a wide range of emotions during the hours of negotiations.

We do not have any information on if the suspect is alive but in theory he is alive because he is in custody.   He may not be removed to be taken to the hospital yet because the building is not yet considered secure.

The 3 hostages are safe!   There were also children in the building at a day care center and they were all safely evacuated.  Repeat every one is safe except for the armed protester who is in police custody.

The shooting happened at 4:48.  He was shot by the police.  There may be more devices in the building -- they may be back packs with bombs.

Yankees On Top NYC shaky? by Suzannah B. Troy

Below a quote from Costello's piece.

“I thought we battled through a tough month with some injuries and an extremely tough schedule physically,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “I thought our guys played extremely hard and found a way to have a winning month. In our division, that’s extremely important.”

George Stienbrenner must be smiling down from Heaven although captian Derek Jeter is not at the top of their game. Costello reports this, "Derek Jeter, who went 0-for-3, also continues to struggle. He is now hitless in his past 12 at-bats and is in a 2-for-30 skid."

As you know if you are following my blog, and I know this is sacrilege, I am not a fan of Derek Jeter. He is a nice person and I have read in the gossip columns quite the ladies man but he can't compare to my favorite captain Thurmon Munson, may he rest in peace.

I won't be going to any Yankee games since Bloomberg and gang made Babe Ruth my other favorite Yankee, they made Babe Ruth's ghost homeless and at the tax payers expense when most can't afford a seat or popcorn, a hot dog and beer.

Consider me a Phil Mushnick except he is better behaved and I am prettier. Also if you have not read Juan Gonzalez's piece on a private developer picked by king Mike Bloomberg to run the "new" $340 million dollar Yankee Stadium parking lot who happens to be behind in rent owed to NYC for two years as in owes NYC $8.7 million dollars than click here and read. Hey Juan can we have any update on this story and I want to know do we the people collect interest on the money owed? Hey folks if you and I do not pay that kind of money or far less we go to jail.

A best friend who is a minority wrote me if he shoplifted from Sephora would he get one day of community service? He was referring to Caroline Giuliani, the ex-mayor's daughter and by the way it is pretty amazing that Rudy is worth $60 million dollars post leaving office and that Caroline is starting to hold herself like Paris Hilton. Paris if you want to carry cocaine around, oops I mean chewing gum around than party in NYC because here if you are rich you can get away with anything. Note: In Leonard Levitt's book, NYPD Confidential he gives lurid details of mayor Rudy Guiliani's lurid affair with a young woman that worked for him and also how he kept rewarding her with promotions and raises the biggest when he dumped her for yet another adulterous affair. Remember after 9-11 when we needed the mayor here because the NYPD and FDNY were having major friction downtown and he could not be bothered because he attending a Yankee game? I felt sorry for Caroline's cry for help shoplifting until she became appeared in the press like a Paris Hilton wannabe.

Paris give A-Fraud, oops, A-Rod a call. He is single and he likes blondes a lot. I saw A-Rod referred to as A-Fraud on The New York Daily News website and that summed it up for me. A-Rod makes me long for hiring unknown players for smaller salaries that don't take anything for granted including their wive and kids but hey I know he has his fans. Will an "S" have to go after his stats as well?

I love NYC and I want any NY sports team to win. I am happy for the Yankees but I can't help but think NYC is own shaky ground. There are some very rich people that think they are above the law and their egos are bigger than the Empire State building. Note to the Yankees: Stay humble or you will tumble from Suzannah B. Troy an old school fan.

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