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Friday, July 16, 2010

Jessi Slaughter given PCP by her father? Kerligirl13 a study in teen Internet abuse

This is the kind of thing you find after a day of travel across the country. To learn that a father is so messed up, he thinks it's just fine to give PCP to his daughter? Not really, but that apparently was the issue with the father of Jessi Slaughter. A deeper look reveals that's not the case, and shows a study in teen Internet abuse writ so large, it became the hottest search on Google Trends as of at 9:39 PM PDT.

Why did other news websites miss this? Because the vast majority don't know what they're doing when it comes to the generation of news on the Internet. Keep reading for a look into how the Internet is really influenced.

From the looks of the videos below, Kerligirl13 has been on a video chat that is common for teens is the 21st Century. Specifically creative use of the latest Internet technology but for the development of hurtfully interactive exchanges. In this case, so damaging that Jessi Slaughter went and told her father, who then came into the room as she was making a video to tell the kids bothering her to stop.

Apparently, it all started with the video below that Jessi Slaughter made - which was done in response to comments she apparently got in a live video chat using Stickcam, an online live video chat system - and awful comments she got in response to them.

As a warning, the video contains language you and I would not expect to hear from a young girl (unless you're an educator), but here it is and in it a study in the root causes of the decline of civility in American society, where rudeness is in some parts of the country, all too common:

What shocks me is her statement that she would "pop a Glock in your mouth and make your brain a slushie" - which means she would use a gun against someone and to their brain - and forms her hand into a gun that she's "shooting."

I looked up the term Jessi Slaughter used - "pop a Glock in your mouth and make your brain a slushie" using Google and found 2,780 results using the exact same term that she used but only because Jessi's Internet blasts have been the talk of some web forums as of this writing. Where Jessi learned that saying is from hip hop pop culture, where "pop a glock" or "pop the glock" is said so often, there's even a song of the same name.

The artist Uffie's song "Pop The Glock" has these lines:

i got a loaded bodygaurd
dont make him pull out the glock and pop


pop the glock,pop the glock, pop the glock, pop the glock, pop the glock pop the glock pop the glock, the glock you pop
sound like twista, fast as hell
i rock this beat you know damn well

So when you consider how often the term's said and the popularity of such songs with young teens and in this case, even young girls, Jessi's comment becomes less surprising. But it's still very disturbing.

It explains the Internet culture we've allowed to form before us, and, I argue, oozes into American society beyond the web. It's gone unchecked under a wave of families without two parents or parents so busy they don't take time to manage their kids.

The fact that Jessi Slaughter's father breaks in during her second video  below and issues a stern warning is evidence that there's something wrong:

After what's now called the "muh breakdown video" was posted, another YouTuber who was apparently part of the Internet interactions using Stickcam that led to the production of Jessi Slaughter's two videos above, made the video below. This video is a screenshot of a then-new Stickcam exchange between Jessi Slaughter and her Internet contacts. The view shared is that Jessi Slaughter is, as one viewer put it...

She's just trolling for attention. She invited folks to join the chat via Twitter, and just hours AFTER her breakdown video. Her parents really should get a clue OR get a visit from CPS.

"CPS" is Child Protective Services.

This is the video one hour after the "blast" video. It's graphic in speech:

It's obvious that Jessi Slaughter's actions - not just the YouTube videos, but the use of Twitter, and Stickcam - have gotten her far more than the common level of attention. Her "muh breakdown video" has been repeatedly copied on YouTube channel after YouTube channel (not mine).

It's hard to tell who started the post "jessi slaughter given pcp by her father" that led to the term dominating Google Trends results, but from my poking around, it appears the first forum post was at Jumptags.com, a very effective social bookmarking service.

Then the title, and Jessi Slaughter's explosive videos, including the one with her father, caused repeat after repeat of the "jumptag" and more blogs and videos with the same title. Soon, searches for the term gave demand for the content containing the title and the result was a top ranked search on Google Trends...

Where it still sits as the #1 Google Trend as of 10:50 PM, PDT.

Now, everyone knows who Jessi Slaughter is and what her dad looks like, as someone posted a video with his face on it - and that I will not post here - that has been repeated, even as it's removed.

I feel sorry for him and for his little girl. I know others will not, but I do. Internet technology consists of the most powerful set of communications tools yet developed in history. This is why I call it "social broadcasting" and not "social networking." Using them without knowledge of the consequences either emotionally, spiritually, or legally is unwise, yet done every day.

Now, Jessi Slaughter's become a limited purpose public figure. The best action to counter her status is to keep her offline for about a year (seriously) and let the chatter die down.

The videos were apparently made during the day; Jessi's parents should find something more constructive for their daughter to do during the Summer.

Hopefully enough people see this story and take steps to manage what their kids do online.

Stay tuned.

Street Conditions NYC hell by Suzannah B. Troy

Click on this link for  Queens Crap one of New York City's best blogs on the hellish street conditions.  In this case a street has been repaved twice and worse for all the work.    1010 Wins carried the report but Queens Crap takes it to another level with comments that tell you more information.

I got my hands on  a press release from an engineering group -- American Engineering Alliance, about how to pave the city streets from 2007  and when I get a chance I will retype and post on my blog.

The East Village, Lower East Side looks like a bomb, bombs were dropped and that is true city wide with regard to street conditions and infrastructure related problems in my opinion.

Here are a few sentences...
"Why must New Yorkers put up with bad streets?

Driving through the streets of the City, one gets the impression that New York is one huge construction site.  There is one type of construction activity on almost every other block.  Contractors do not merely open up our roadways, and haphazardly put up barricades and divert traffic; they also use streets to store their construction equipment and materials.

Putting up with the inconvenience that construction activity creates would be tolerable if the public could be assured that the contractors or utility companies working in our streets aren not abusing the useable traveling space and will restore roadway to its original smooth condition.  All continuos, inadequately controlled construction activity has resulted in a roadway system that is possibly the worst in the Country in terms of rideability.  In fact, in some areas of the City, the roadways are worse than you would find than you would find in some poor, third world country."

(There is more but I will stop here.  I am tired and hand typing, making phone calls, answering calls.)

Also note king Mike decided the commissioner of DOB should not be required to have an engineering degree or an architecture degree.  Bloomberg is being sued on this and he won the first round but it is being appealed I believe.  I guess the judge did not look over how many accidents, deaths and injuries happened under Bloomberg's tsunami of development.

I keep posting my own photos all around the Lower East Side of streets that looked like bombs went off.
Thanks Queens Crap.

Your blog Queens Crap is an Icon on my Iphone screen.

Suzannah B. Troy

Apple Heaven no more Hell by Suzannah B. Troy

The New York Post has an article on one update with the Iphone 4 and I tell you another hot off the press or should I say Apple website!

Pull up to my bumper baby....Grace Jones song way back when....
Well Apple is giving out free Bumpers.

Apple also has a notice on their website new download able to give you more bars.

I posted this comment on the article.....

Suzannah B. Troy

07/16/2010 4:07 PM

I wrote a blog piece Apple Hell but the reality is Apple is mind blowingly awesome out of this world flaws included. They have the best customer service on the planet. If you buy a computer they will educate you once a week for one hour every week for a year. If you walk in the store you may see them doing amazing programs with inner city kids and people older than me (I am 48) eagerly learning in the one on one sessions which are 99 dollars a year. The press may be trying to drive down Apple's stock but it won't work because Apple has too many happy customers. Yes it sucks when the calls drop and or I can't get data. I hate being forced to sign a contract with AT&T or any company for 2 years -- sounds illegal but Apple rocks the house. I have filmed a homeless musician that made 2 records in the 1960's and self destructed and put the film "Giuseppi Logan playing Begin the Beguine" on YouTube radically changing his life. I helped him reconnect with people around the world that had bought his records in the 60's and his youngest son a musical gifted artist like him who had not seen his father in 40 years all because I threw out my Dell. Bought a MacBook and took one on one classes for $99 a year. I filmed NYU and a little local rag the villager turning away senior citizens, the press including NY1 to Christine Quinn and her opposition in the candidates debate for city council and posted this injustice and undemocratic activity live from the street all on the 3Gs. Now that I am using Apple 4 with rubber I am glad to have the much improved camera despite the frustrations encountered with every version of Iphone so I would like to drop AT&T and try Verizon.

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