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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lady Gaga Rainbows Love NYC's her drug by Suzannah B. Troy

"Little monsters heart I keep, and as I lay me down to sleep, I dream of rainbow roads to love, for now New York city's my drug" Tweet or should I say poetry from Lady Gaga. I took a peak at her schedule which is impressive and left me tired....I do not know how she does it! She will be playing at Madison Square Garden Feb. 21 and 22nd.

I don't own an album of Lady Gaga's. Do young people even use the word album anymore but the Vanity Fair article where she also graces the cover really intrigued me! I have written some pieces on her that seem popular like "Lady Gaga was that you?" and her is the first one I wrote about her vachina reference.

Lady Gaga has sky rocketed to fame and that is understating her meteoric success and even if I don't own an album I want to hear what she has to say. It is said she is going to be bigger than Madonna and she has a far better voice.

As someone almost double her age (not quite) I am interested how she evolves....This tweet about rainbow roads and how much she loves NYC and her fans inspired me to follow her on twitter.


True Blood Sunscreen For Vamps Outstanding by Suzannah B. Troy

True Blood outstanding as usual but tonight was somehow even better for me. How about you?

I don't know where to start so I will say the one thing you all aren't thinking about...like Eric's walk in the sun this episode took me to a different place in the True Blood world.... I felt this episode had the most depth of emotion and the best sense of humor. Even the confrontational scene between Eric and Russell which should have ended in a bloody mess had laughs so bravo.

This episode has a pre-show warm up by bidding farewell to the cast of characters that have passed on in the fictional story which was fun. The creators know we are dying with anticipation and upset that this season is drawing to the close so they are giving us a little consolation pre and post the show.

Wow! Tonight amazing!!!!!! Not giving a lot of details but wow!!!!!! The way they (writers, director, great acting) always bring you back to basic human themes we all wrestle with like revealing our true selves to the people we love and the fear they will reject us or Sam letting lose and giving up being "so nice" as so many of us secretly desire.....and those are just a few examples which is why the show is superb!

Russell and Eric are at the forefront of my mind and I can't wait until the next episode. The brief sex scene between Baby Vamp Jessica with Hoyt was outstanding. He gives her permission to go for the gold, rather his throat but she takes the long way to the destination with kisses before fangs...True Love...a running theme in True Blood but with complications or it would not be the best Vampire soap opera on TV.

Hoyt's mom has returned and the actress is superb. She reminds me of a female Devine.

The coming attractions have me terrified the writers are going to go to the extreme like last season which really turned me off big time but so far the writing, directing and new characters continue to be outstanding.

Fangs away!

Judge Schoenfeld Union Sq. restraining order in place? by Suzannah B. Troy

Monday the artists vs. NYC Parks Dept. City of NY -- I believe will be meeting with Judge Schoenfeld who for now has been protecting the artists serving the Parks Dept. with a restraining order  regarding the Parks Dept. letting them set up in their usual spots.

Tomorrow artist activists go before the judge and we are all praying he rules in favor of the artists.

If not there will be major protests organized of vendors city wide to fight for the rights of vendors to earn an honest living minus harassment.

City Council should remember vendors besides paying taxes also are voters!!!!!!!!!

Note:  The photo above is one of NY Shining Stars Miriam West....here is my YouTube interview with her.  I love her jewelry but she can't sell her jewelry which is her art in the park!  There are so many rules and they are designed to push out the people who are mostly minority business people and all with a legal right to be there.

I bought her color intensified Coney Island Cyclone Photo!!!!!!!!

I have more postings on her and her art so go to my blog's search engine to check her out....amazing person!!!!

My interview with Miriam West!

Here I interview Tony her partner at a protest in the rain at Union Square.

These guys have a message for the mayor click on photo

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Suki Weston and bestest friend!
sukiwest@aol.com if you want custom NYC pet cards
Stay tuned...Here are the artists in the park in their usual spots today, Union Square.

IPhone 4 Lovers Tips From Suzannah B. Troy

Apple IPhone lovers what ever IPhone model you have here are some basic tips from an Apple lover. I converted to Apple 3 years ago and fell hard.

Tips to save your battery.... Go into your settings and.....

1) Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned off is you are not using it. In NYC if you have it on and walk around you will drain your phone's battery which ever model you have so turn the Wifi off. In NYC walking down the street it can be hilarious to shocking to read the locals Wifi network custom names' all mostly with locks.

2) lower the brightness of your screen...big battery savor.

3) Not using the phone turning it off is a good thing because the phone works best if you give it a rest occasionally but if not just click the button on the right once and the screen goes dark and saves your battery. This is the same button if you hold it down long enough it gives you a prompt to shut off the phone.

4) Mail: If you are really are concerned about your battery than go to mail, click "fetch data" and and switch to manual.

Those are just a fun few tips and for my Mac Book I bought techno-skin at the Apple store and that was a great move. My senior citizen handicap cat walks all over my computer and or has hair balls including on my computer keys so the techno-skin has radically improved my life. All her hair is no longer sinking down in between my computer keys and my cat wants me to tell you no more debris from my Cadbury chocolate bars splatters on my key pad. Highly recommended

I will be back to tell you about my Otter Box Defender for my IPhone 4 soon!

best, peace, love Apple,
Suzannah B. Troy, artist, blogger, YouTuber NYC
also very, very tired but thanks for reading my blogging!!!!

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