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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bloomberg's Times Square has to go Gerald to Suzannah B. Troy

Hi Suzannah,

I read your blog .... loved it!  Could you please write something about how the Mayor has totally screwed up Times Square by turning the busy thoroughfare into a pedestrian mall for tourists.  How does the street painted green give tourists the New York experience, and do the economic gains  - if any - outweigh the losses caused by the inconvenience of re-routing traffic and transit to accommodate the busiest street in the world (Shibuya in Tokyo, notwithstanding) now turned into a mall?

The mayor has never produced any study that predicts gains in revenue for the city that would outweigh the costs associated with closing the street.  And now that the plan has been in effect for some time now, I would expect to see some results in the form of a program evaluation.

The other problem I have with closure is that even revenue gains don't justify tampering with an institution like Times Square.  If you're traveling in midtown, Broadway is now "wrong way" because you'll have to circumnavigate the entire area just to get across town.

Basically, we need to get him out of office.  The man has no vision and no creativity.  You create the mall to bring traffic to an area that is underutilized.  Times Square does not need this type of enhancement.  It will be many years or even decades before we can reclaim this street and reverse this massive urban planning blunder.

Feel free to use my comments if you like.


Dear Gerald,

You are an excellent writer and I agree with you about Mike Bloomberg.  I was  forefront of the YouTube resistance against Mike Bloomberg stealing a third term and I agree about his lack of vision.
Some where I have a picture of sun bathers sitting in the pollution and grime of Times Square but if you look at this photo on Broadway just below 23rd Street you can see Mike Bloomberg has made if possible for corporate America to buy advertising space and Bloomberg arranges for all kinds of stunts like the huge cones pictured in the photo including in our public parks as he does his best to limit and sweep vendors out.  

I think of Mike Bloomberg as Chauncey Gardener in "Being There", very bland but above average intelligence and we are living in some comedy horror show.   I agree Mike Bloomberg must go.

Thanks for your email and stay in touch!
I look forward to reading more of your writing.


King Mike stop ticket madness? by Suzannah B. Troy

Dear Sweet Kyle of The New York Post wants Mike Bloomberg to do something about the excessive unjust ticketing....um Kyle -- It is Mike Bloomberg who is behind the ticketing!

Sweet Kyle - huge typo in the header -- It is MIKE BLOOMBERG that is fining us and why? Remember he gave homeless people a one way ticket?  Ticketing New Yorkers up to their eye balls raises money for thieving politicians including the 2 million Mike needs to pay his campaign staff he hired on the tax payers back.  Google my name and The Mercer Hotel to read on how the NYPD walks past illegal parked cars in front of the Mercer where it says loading and unloading - no parking and empty Mercedes sedans and SUVs sit there as the police go ticket Veteran vendors over 2 inches.  Survive Viet Nam by 2 inches and be ticketed for 2 inches here in NYC.  The rich are above the law and mostly their lives are ticket free zones, their dealings are in Cayman Islands, declare Florida, Virgin Islands, anywhere but NYC as their home despite having some of the largest homes here.  Kyle, NYU has to continue mass displacement and unending need to expand, ditto for Columbia University who lied and said Manhattanville was blighted to abuse eminent domain and make an entire neighborhood move, Cooper Union is doing unkoshor real estate deals that even Rudy's city planner said "no".  You can't bust through zoning, supersize and lease a building for 99 years.  Bloomberg is never going to do anything Kyle because he and Amanda the peoples' Burden a mega millionaire socialite are responsible for what may be the largest displacement push-out in NYC's history.  Kyle, did you see Mike stop and make an appearance at an eviction rally like the mass eviction at 47 East 3rd Street? No Kyle because he and his pals including the Presidents of Universities gobbling up NYC using their not for profit status like rich people use the Virgin Islands at their residence Kyle - it is a tax shelter, greed and they need as many New Yorkers gone and out of here for their real estate deals.  The corrupt gov. that hires top white collar law firms like Goldman Sachs - yes your paper reported Christine Quinn approved the hiring of Sullivan & Cromwell as well as other top firms to represent her and her staff at the tax payers expense so the city needs to raise some money Kyle. Amanda Burden will be remembered as one of the worst city planners ever although her good friends in the press including The NY eminent domain Times laud her.  The peoples' Burden needs to go back to being a socialite. Paris Hilton needs her we need her to leave and get someone to start undoing what damage has been done if possible.

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