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Monday, August 23, 2010

LIIR limited service do to fire Notify NYC by Suzannah B. Troy

I a notice from the city about limited service.

Go to Queen Craps for more....good luck getting home....

public transportation is a mess thanks to Bloomberg's rapid expansion and being blind deaf and dumb to infrastructure concerns but who cares as long as developer buddies and financial pals can make big bucks...
good luck getting home....

and the subways -- a mess.....a miracle there are not more collapses under ground and people hurt or losing their sanity as trains pass them by and they are not express trains....the free  rat circus on the tracks and walls and leaking pipes that make me think of the Planet of the Apes....have photos just have not had time to put them up....

Reports:  Big NYPD presence and customers angry at lack of communication as well as options to get home....

Tiger Woods divorce final by Suzannah B. Troy

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NBC reports the divorce between Tiger Woods and  Elin Nordegren is now complete as in marriage officially over and out.   Fox Sports reports more details as well as dismisses rumors about the financial wind fall Nordegren is too receiving saying it will be much lower some where between 100 to 150 million dollars but maybe in time more info will come out.  For now hush, hush accept they will share custody.

He may now be officially one of the most eligible bachelors around with longs lines of women eager to date him because apparently if you are saavy and hire Gloria Allred it may pay off for you big time but plenty of women are hugely turned off by him.

Woods and Nordegren released this statement:

“We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future,” Woods and Nordegren said in a joint statement released by their respective lawyers.
“While we are no longer married, we are the parents of two wonderful children and their happiness has been, and will always be, of paramount importance to both of us.

My final thoughts are Tiger Woods might think about a new career in the porn industry perhaps becoming a media mogul...  He has plenty of fans that will tune in no matter what.  I am not one of them.  Here is an early post of mine on Jesse James and Tiger Woods and sex addiction.

Vanity Fair HBO's Emmy Success and Suzannah b. Troy's thoughts

Hey everybody, it is me Suzannah B. Troy, a NYC artist with a unique perspective on just about everything... Here is an article from Vanity Fair on The Secret of  HBO's Emmy Success.  When you get to the bottom of this piece, they talk about great scripts so that means great writers but my take not mentioned in the article is this....sex, sex, sex, violence and no tv commercials.   Yes, the scripts are good but what local television stations can compete with graphic sex scenes so sizzling hot they are mere inches away from being porno and the violence it just way too graphic for me but people love it.  They love violence.  As seen in my new YouTube asking an adorable young man about The Expendables his only suggestion to make it better is too add more  explosions and make it longer!

A humorous note is just look at True Blood.  I call it "True Bloodiness"  and would prefer to use my imagination but I am not imagining that all the actors in this season have spent even more time hitting the gym except for Tara who was in superb shape all seasons.  Sex sells and people want to go to there TV's to watch it.  True Blood also has some of  the finest actors on TV but so do other local TV show like House which win Emmys as well.  HBO rakes it in because they use have more good writers, good actors and a  lot more  sex, sex, sex and violence.  Yes, it is a no-brainer Martin Scorsese will win lots of gold as in Emmys for his HBO series Boardwalk Empire.  Here is a photo I took posted on my blog of the set from the Scorsese series coming to HBO.

True Blood is bloody good....
Thanks for tuning in....

Harold Dow by Suzannah B. Troy

Harold Dow, an African American correspondent,  award winning shining star at CBS died leaving many people admiring his contributions mourning.  Now the breaking news is he may have died because of a severe asthma attack while driving near his home in Saddlebrook, New Jersey.

Harold Dow won 5 Emmys as well as the admiration of his peers including from other networks.  I believe I saw his memory honored by Channel 11 WPIX local news last night which I thought was quite touching.

He had been diagnosed with adult  onset asthma which I wonder if  I may now have the beginning stages of post-Sept. 11 because if I have to run a few short blocks I get burning pains in my throat and upper chest and it feels hard to breath sometimes.

Also note asthma is a huge problem here in NYC and that standing with protestors fighting to keep a firehouse in Harlem open that mayor Bloomberg did close one reason activists said we need the fire house open is to answer medical calls for asthma which are so high in Harlem.

He worked for 40 years for CBS and covered many powerful pieces such as "48 Hours Crack on the Street", won an Emmy for covering the 1988  bombing of  Pan Am flight 103 over Scotland and he was almost killed at the WTC bombing as he reported so he was truly front line.

He will be missed and his contributions honored as well as remembered....

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