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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NBC YouTube censorship of Doug Biviano candidate? by Suzannah B. Troy

August 19: An addendum:  was sent this info:

This privacy complaint was issued from a person who was at the information desk at 30 Rock
whose face was on the video for 3 seconds his voice was on for 7 seconds

Is this  a ploy by  NBC?  Many people say yes this is and that NBC is doing exactly what the controversial Micahel Moore like YouTube points out suppressing potential candidates that want to clean up Albany!

Here is a question for NBC lawyers:
The employee saw the video cameras and had no objections at the time so why now?

Stay tuned:

Doug Biviano is challenging Joan Millman for NY State Assembly in Brooklyn's 52nd District to fight corruption in Albany.
Biviano and his campaign people send the media a powerful message  in the opening moments of this sharp and smart YouTube refering to the father of the spirit of journalism John Peter Zenger. You see Doug Biviano standing by Zenger's unmarked grave at Trinity Church in downtown, New York City. Why is Biviano standing there? The British Governor of New York, William Cosby had Zenger thrown in jail for calling the Cosby administration corrupt!
The Michael Moore styled YouTube takes you to The New York Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News and NY1 as well but only NBC is tacky enough and I mean REALLLY tacky and I am being overly polite to pull a William Cosby like move and censor candidate Doug Biviano.
There were security guards there in the lobby of NBC and any employee that did not want their face on camera could have easily spoken up and did not but besides that, it is public space correction, it is a private space open to the public and NBC has their video cameras there as well so get real NBC!!!! How pathetic to try remove a candidate's YouTube that happens to talk about censorship!!! Welcome to YouTubeland.
The entire point of this YouTube is that the media is censoring opposition to candidates by simply not covering them and I lived it fighting Mike Bloomberg. I had all my YouTubes, 343 YouTubes removed from YouTubeland a month and a half before the election but with the help of famed Civil Rights lawyer Norman Siegel and so many others that spoke up for me Google returned my work to YouTubeland with an apology.
NBC is violating freedom of speech and using YouTube and Google to do their dirty work!!!!!
Shame on NBC!!!!!!!!!!! NBC you make The New York Times, The New York Daily News, NY1, and The New York Post look almost like class acts for at least not contacting YouTube to remove this Michael Moore like video admonishing the media for not covering candidates that want to take on the cronies in Albany and City Hall... NBC's local news resembles Entertainment tonight so I should not be surprised but I am shocked that NBC honcho's actually got their lawyers to attack a public candidate running for office that wants to get rid of corruption in Albany!!!!!!!!
NBC's local coverage really lacks the spirit of journalism but even worse was this move by their big honcho's violating the first amendment rights that is the only reason NBC even exists.
NBC how low can you go?

Eat, Pray and Love --Pass by Suzannah B. Troy

Photo: Adam Bernstein - Katmandu
I love Julia Robert's smile but I have to pass on this chick flick -- at least for now.  My mom, I lovingly refer to her as "Attila the Mum" gave the film a thumbs up and said I must go see this movie.  Just the travel visuals are sumptuous.

I asked Mom is there any Prozac in the film?  I don't know if you are aware that movies get bucks for product placement?   Sounds like no Prozac but the reason I ask is I tried reading the book and I thought it was awful.   I recall before I threw the book in the garbage I remembered she was popping Prozac.

Please explain to me how people get book deals and movie deals because I would like them and I have more interesting stories to tell.

Anyway, after gobbling up "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" trilogy I did walk in to Barnes and Nobles and request they set up a table to console readers and give them a book list of books but so far B&N has not cashed in on my great idea.

I did find a great book on my own with the most awful title possible and you have no idea when it first starts that it is actually a good book.

"Enlightment for Idiots", yes, I did warn you an awful title.  I am half way through and loving it.  I am in India now -- in the book that is...rather visit vicariously  via the author Anne Cushman.  I am only half way through because my brain is so tired I just can't read anything except The New York Post and The New York Daily News and I am looking for corruption in NY politics and the horoscope.  I am also looking at what they don't report...  for the quirky fans of my YouTube on Mike Bloomberg series - including the one where I yell at him on the steps of City Hall and king Mike gives me the thumbs up -- here is yet another YouTube of me complaining the press won't cover any opposition to king Mike pre-the election as I re-work my portrait of king Mike Bloomberg.  Unlike Diane Sawyer, I get bored talking about the same old thing so I have to resort to outrageous actions like "Mike Bloomberg no third term undies", etc.   Okay my point being...I don't need to travel.

If you want to see an unusual strange flick about yoga, spirituality and India than rent "Enlighten Up".  It is the un-Hollywoowood Yoga spiritual film with no Julia Roberts.... a bit strange but I liked it.

And I am ending with a local East Villager's photographs, Adam Bernstein...check out his photos of India if you want to say 12 dollars + another 10 for popcorn & water.  I don't think I have the energy to sit through 15 minutes of coming attractions that I feel they should pay me to watch and a long Hollywoo-wwod movie right now.

I can't wait for the American Hollywoo-wood version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo though.  I am waiting for the 3rd Swedish film in the series, "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" to open here in NYC and I will sprint to the movie theatre and get back to you.  Thanks for checking in!

George Bush Jr. by 9th Precinct Fire Hydrant by Suzannah B. Troy

The East Village still does have a pulse...just barely after being mega-dormed to death by NYU with Cooper Union jumping on the mega dorm band wagon, ditto for NY Law, SVA and The New School. Some how I don't think a college student part of the mass of college students that have invaded the Village East and West with the help of NYU's Darth Vader, John Sexton, the president of NYU who beats down community law suits and is behind the mass displacement horrific make-over take-over of our neighborhoods..... Some how I don't think a college kid made this cheerful art statement.

Mike Bloomberg 's secret campaign = jail? by Suzannah B. Troy

For those who do not know me let me introduce myself.  I am Suzannah B. Troy, artist, blogger and YouTube.  All my  334 YouTube's were removed a month and half before the mayoral election to close to call.  Norman Siegel, famed Civil Rights law contacted Google's legal dept. on my behalf and activists, YouTubers, friends, film makers wrote their press department.  I too wrote Google and 28 hours later I gotten a written apology and my work restored.  Google say it was a technological glitch and I say it was dirty dealings by the Bloomberg campaign who knew what I knew in my guts and reported over and over on YouTube Mike Bloomberg may not win...(look at the date of my YouTube) but no one in the press would give me and my powerful political art poster lampooning King Mike, my YouTube series  the time of day.

Well Aram Roston of The New York Observer has a new piece on Mike Bloomberg today called "The Secret Campaign of Mayor Mike" .   Note to Aram: You left out "king", it's king mayor Mike.  Mike wiring money out of his personal checking account the day before the election sure sounds reason enough to warrant a criminal investigation.  Also The New York Times exposed Mike giving a charity that voted to extend term limits million of dollars after the election.  Do that mean Mike has now spent 112 million dollars to steal or should I say barely win the election?  How much other money has he rewarded post the election, how many back room deals, how many large chunks of NYC real estate has he rewarded for voting him in a third term that has so far not be reported or should I say exposed?

Besides me blogging on the questioning could Mike Bloomberg to to trial for campaign improprieties and I also question his abuse of tax payer money including hiring his campaign staff after the election all with six figure salaries to what The New York Post estimates will cost tax payers 2 million dollars.  The mayor king, Mike Bloomberg is the richest man in New York so why does he have to steal tax payer money to pay his hire campaign staff and others from his private empire to come work for him also at his public empire?  Can't he pay out of his own pocket?  Can't they do their work from his private empire or does he want them to enjoy the high that he does of not only being the richest man in NYC but the most powerful so he has his special people "Team Bloomberg" chauffeured around the city making stops at his townhouse that is his charity center all courtesy of the tax payers.  By the way, Mike Bloomberg has been spending tax payer money who all these hires that some feel are back room deals whilst NYC thanks to the help of the clowns (I prefer another word) of Albany help bring this city to an economic meltdown that next year could be so bad it rivals a terror attack on NYC.  Again do not pay attention to what I am saying....

Let me ask this again.  Mike Bloomberg is the richest man in NYC.   Why does he have to steal tax payer money to pay for his campaign staff?  Did you read the piece in The New York Post on his top commissioner Patricia Harris.  Her seat at City Hall is alway empty because she is always uptown working on Mike's charities.  Steal, abuse, you pick the words or just go back to watching the Yankees but please do not pay attention.   Bloomberg says he is not running for president but he also said he believed in term limits.  Last night I was sent a link to a blog that states "my words" Mike Bloomberg has screwed the people yet again.  Even if we successfully vote term limits back in place, term limits won't be able to be returned to 2021 leaving many that I believe are criminals that happened to vote to extend term limits  to return again and again.  By the way it was common knowledge that Mike allegedly made a back room deal with his mini-me Christine Quinn to support her run aka put her in office if she aided and abetted him in stealing, oops, running for a 3rd term.  So Christine Quinn did the dirty work required to deny us, the people of New York a referendum.

Getting back to the Haggerty scandal that may be Mike Bloomberg's Watergate, the scandal to dethrone Mike Bloomberg and if I don't have your attention I might as more and more facts are divulged and shared with the public.

Tom Robbins lamented woe is he not his words but my interpretation that he was the lone person writing on Haggerty and I believe I posted a comment and my many emails to him and the press, my YouTubes all proof Tom Robbins you are not alone.  Aram Roston has proven this and folks more bomb shells are coming I hope and the question is will the Haggerty Scandal be Mike Bloomberg's Watergate?  My answer yes but Mike Bloomberg is so powerfully connected that even the media refused to report his opposition including my powerful work on YouTube, coverage like mine of protests that mysteriously never made the news and Cy Vance, our Manhattan DA is beholden to king Mike who holds the purse strings to the DA's budget along with me receiving an anonymous email listing Cy Vance's very own alleged campaign improprieties including that one of Cy Vance's campaign guys that Cy still owed a significant sum of money to after the election is married to Maura Keaney who worked with Haggerty!  Yikes.  I wrote a piece I call "One Degree of Separation" that even includes Bradley Tusk who just finished testifying in the Blagojevich trial because he worked for him as well.

I voted for Bill Thompson but I was upset that Thompson was not able to successfully address and shut down the major conflicts of interests concerning the pension funds.  The pension funds for HBO, True Blood fans are like humans with bloody gashes and guys like Steve Rattner are very hungry vampires.

I am ending on this note.  Mike Bloomberg's best friend and money manger Steve Rattner (Steve also best friends/money manger I believe to the owners of The NY Times and the NY Daily News) got busted by Andrew Cuomo and was told to pay a 12  million dollar fine.   That is like 5 dollars to you and me.  Rattner made a deal to give information rather than go to jail but he did not keep his end of the bargain.  In Rattner's testimony to the SEC which may ban him from trading for 3 years Steve Rattner pleads the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg has been mayor.  Steve Rattner according to the piece of garbage fluff bio, Joyce Purnick got a heft pay check for writing points out Rattner urged Mike to run for a third term.  Steve Rattner and Mike Bloomberg do not understand and respect limits of any kind and despite their great wealth and connections it may be their undoing.... The Bloomberg Haggerty campaign investigation needs a bigger court and one that is not beholden to Bloomberg.  A rumor on the street was Dave Paterson was allowed to walk by Judith Kaye because Cuomo is running for governor and does not want to lose votes.

By the way, the president of NYU, John Sexton ran down to testify that Mike Bloomberg must have a 3rd term and it was obvious to all it was because Sexton needed Bloomberg and good pal socialite mega million city planner Amanda the people's Burden to aid and abett NYU's greedy community crushing development deals.  The New York Post broke another ugly story about Bloomberg's Landmark commissioner also being a lobbyist for NYU...I find this so hard to believe but here is the link and hold our nose when reading because it stinks.

NYU, Steve Rattner and so many others who wanted Mike Bloomberg to have a third term had a reason...big pay-offs, financially or with big real estate grabs or deals.  Clearly it was not about Mike navigating us out of a fatal economic crisis because here we are and every day that Albany continues to not balance the 9.2 billion dollar budget crisis that was supposed to be balanced April 1 the crisis gets even worse.

Getting back to the State Attorney's office.  Is it possible Cuomo would not want to take on  king Mike Bloomberg campaign improprieties because of Cuomo's run for governor.

I refer to Mike Bloomberg as Teflon Mike.

King Mike may be Teflon no more.

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