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Monday, October 15, 2012

Amanda Tood and Shania Grey: YouTube The Difference

The hacktavist group Anonymous is up to some good.

The Internet Troll that was Todd’s primary harasser has been outed as Vancouver-area man. Since no charges have been filed, although police have been searching for a man, this blogger will not release his name. But this ugly practice of tormenting young girls online is finally being challenged. Gawker blogger Adrian Chen outed a man named Michael Brutsch, who was known as Violentacrez on Reddit, and posted what are called “creepshot” photos. He defended his actions, saying that he was just trying to “rile” up people online by using racist and sexist terms and images. More at Zennie62.com here... Amanda Todd’s Internet Troll Outed; What About Shania Grey?

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