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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mel Gibson uses "N" word by Suzannah B. Troy

Mel Gibson's inner Nazi keeps surfacing.   Why is that? Because he is a Nazi. TMZ reports some how, mysteriously, tapes that his ex-gold digging girl friend recorded of  Gibson, without his knowledge were released to the press.     Mel Gibson made racist, misogynist, violent, sexually threatening  as in rape her mouth, not his exact words, my interpretation  before he threatens to  burn down her house,  all caught on tape and  released to the press.  The judge says he is investigating the leak.

Here it the link from TMZ on Mel Gibson "hurling the N word".    I just quickly scanned a piece from The New York Post and it was clear to me,  Mel Gibson, misyognist was projecting his rage and violence on to innocent black men he calls the "N" word.

This is not new behavior from liar, adulterer, anti-semite, racist Mel Gibson but finally exposed by a gold digger who finally did one good deed and it wasn't because she was selfless but she finally exposed Mel Gibson's inner Nazi.

This man is proof you don't have to be poor and ignorant to be filled with hate and scapegoat innocent people, in fact entire groups of innocent people and threaten women, I am guessing many in to silence. Where better to threaten and bully women but in Hollywood.

Finally the true Mel Gibson has been exposed.

Everything expressed here are the opinions of me, Suzannah B. Troy.  Mel Gibson is aging so he looks as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside.  He should be shunned and booed where ever he goes and next time he is caught drunk driving he needs to go to jail instead of the special Holly-woo-wood treatment that lets people guilty as sin go free.

I call him Burn in Hell Mel!

The NY Post changes format? Nets! by Suzannah B. Troy


Just like abusing eminent domain it looks like Jay-Z and the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, apparently not a spy have taken out such a large ad featuring their faces plugging the Nets basketball team.   I am guessing very expensive ad that appears The New York Post changed it's format or I thought I was at the wrong site.  I thought someone else had taken over....

Just a side note:  We have a Russian coming in and buying up a majority ownerership in an American Basketball Team and being part of eminent domain abuse so Americans happily living their lives were forced out of their homes in part so a Russian citizen could make even bigger profits!  Nice and China owns a huge part of America's debt!   If America was a person living insanely beyond his means any financial adviser would say stop spending money but because it is a country we allow ourselves to go further in to debt and Russia and China to buy up anything we put on the chopping block.

Billionaires in New York are acting more and more like billionaires in Russia except in Russia sometimes even billionaire have very, very scary things happen to them when the powers that be decide they want to take away their wealth.  That has not happened here in NYC...yet.  It would be almost funny if that did because New York billionaires think they are impervious to just about everything.  One billionaire got busted in Florida and although NY born and bread he of course doesn't declare NY as his residents.  Michael Douglas not a billionaire won't of course declare NY as his residence.  Most Wall Streeters immediately declare any where but NY as their residents to avoid the NY taxes, a piece of info you will not see in Oliver Stone's Wall Street 1 and 2 and just naming movies with numbers is a bad omen.

Getting back to advertisements here in New York where we wonder what is the price tag and if the billionaires are going to far, crossing the line and on this and other lines...

Mike Bloomberg's ads on the steps of Grand Central  The MTA, Mike Bloomberg and his public relations woman for his private empire refuse to answer questions on how much this ad cost and does it advertise him as mayor and his political aspirations as well as his private empire?


I am not going to suggest we have a revolution but I can't help but think some very arrogant people are in for some shocking awakenings that they are not above "it" meaning the laws, accountability, etc.

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