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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mel Gibson Lindsay Lohan ugly Hollywood by Suzannah B. Troy

I am old an old movie buff and maybe way back when Hollywood stars were as repugnant as they are now but the Hollywood moguls controlled the stars and their images having enormous pull with the media.  Those days are gone except here in NYC, I can tell you New York Politics are now run very much like Hollywood studios of "old Hollywood".  Visit my central blog http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/ or http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/ to learn more  and visit my newest posting on how NBC honchos got their lawyers to contact YouTube owned by Google to remove candidate Doug Biviano's YouTube over a few seconds of footage in their lobby.

Now lets get to Mel  Gibson and Lindsay Lohan.  Aren't you glad you not Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan?  Here is some breaking news.  Osanka what's her name wants more money for child support.  Mel Gibson says he gives enough.  I believe if Mel was living in Germany during World War 2 he would have been the head of a concentration camp.  I loathe the guy.  Do I think Osanka what's her name is a gold digger?  Yes.  I do not believe Mel should have unsupervised visits his baby daughter.  I also think Osanka needs psychological counseling as much as Mel Gibson and for the sake of their baby daughter they get it.  She is very young to have so much plastic surgery she looks like an anorexic xerox of octomom; truly scary.  For more on Mel Gibson's continued downward spiral go to TMZ.  I love the show and Harry Levin is a lawyer so he has insights that entertainment shows do not have!

Now let's get to Lindsay Lohan.  According to The New York Daily News, Lohan is looking for one million dollars for a post jail-rehab interview.  Before I perused the article I thought it would be light weight but for Lohan fans it is a must read because they do address prescription drugs which many thing she has just as much a problem with as other substances including booze.

When her must rushed to be interviewed saying people were too hard on her daughter many thought this is a show business mom showing her true colors which is green for show me the money trying to protect her daughter's brand aka bank-ability.  No matter how much there are those out there last than satisfied with their parents most or all are rejoicing we don't have Lindsay's scary dysfunctional parents as their own.  Her dad acts more like her stalker.  Scary stuff.

Perhaps these stars have spun so out of control because they have had too many people treat them as demi-gods praying at their altar rather than as flawed human beings which is what they are and we all are.  It is just celebrity is a drug.  If celebrities actually come to believe in their own celebrity it becomes a drug that greatly amplifies their weakness and flaws or in Mel Gibson's case his very, very, very dark side.

Are you glad you aren't them?


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