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Monday, July 5, 2010

NYC Round-UP 1776-2010 good bad by Suzannah B. Troy

For those who enjoyed the spectacular fire works on the Hudson in person or on the boob tube (pre-YouTube, one of many unflattering names for TV aka the idiot-box) you can enjoy more Independence Day Celebrations by visiting The New York Public Library!  The stunning library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue has a copy of The Declaration of Independence, handwritten by Thomas Jefferson on display and an early typeset  version of the document according to The New York Post.

I gave you the direct link to the Library's page on this historical significant and exciting exhibition but now on to the tawdry, misogynist, dark side of The New York Post.

The cover has a photo of a topless Anna Chapman and her breasts have the words "top secret.

What does Anna Chapman's sex life with her than husband, now thankfully, an ex-huxband who appears to be an exploitive show me the money kind of guy --- have to do with her allegedly being a spy.

For those not paying attention, here in NYC, in many of our opinions, the abuse of eminent domain has run wild under the Bloomberg administration pushing a reckless tsunami of development and Bruce Rattner and Jay-Z engaged a Russian billionaire to be an owner in land they grabbed in my opinion abusing eminent domain.   My question.....Why would the Russian's need to spy?

Ditto for China!  China owns a huge portion of the USA's debt!  Hello!

I posted this comment on The New York Post besides stating the patriotic editors of The New York Post sound green with envy.

I posted my comment on my blogs including Misogynist NYC.

There had to be video footage of Bill Clinton and his cigar play on a much younger intern. Thank goodness the security video from The White House has never been released for publication. Also, Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn flushed democracy down the toilet. Socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden aided Mike and friends in a tsunami of development crushing our communities and how much mass displacement including eminent domain abuse and with the Nets, a Russian billionaire owner...Thank you for not pushing photos of any of their sex lives including editors and owners of this paper. Why are women and sexuality treated very, very differently than men? Why are women judged far more harshly than men by both men and women? How many NY Post staff involved in the publication of this article are green with envy? Answer: all. Welcome to misogynist NY.

What does this young woman's sex life with her than husband have to do with anything other than proving she made a very, very bad choice picking a husband?

Thank goodness we are not going to see naked photos of Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn and they  flushed democracy down the toilet!  Thank goodness we are not going to see blow by blow video grab images of Bill Clinton exploiting an intern on company time at The White House!  Thank goodness we are not going to see naked photos of Rupert Murdoch and his editors and we should not be seeing these photos either.

Fred Dicker, the very warm and cuddly staff editor from Albany for The New York Post reports the Dems are ready to give Pedro Espada  the heave ho!    One question.  Can we make him pay back all the tax payer money he stole and or cost the people when he and Monserrate brought Albany to a stand-still and than went to a Yankee game?  Espada and Monserrate, not intelligent enough to understand their behavior was costing the tax payers a fortune, enjoyed the press attention more than the Yankees and smiled for the cameras like the attention was crack cocaine.

Now to dogs of a different nature.   Joey Chestnut won the  Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest for the 4th time and his record from last year is still intact.

Joey was hard hitting saying it was his day and even if Kobayashi had competed he would have defeated him but Kobayashi did steal some of his thunder by rushing the stage whether to congratulate Joey or to insult him we will never know.  Kobayashi got loads of media attention getting arrested by two big beefy NYPD officers.    Hold the buns!   A bad joke, I apologize but it was a must considering what I had to write about this morning!

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