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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Apple IPhone 4 new new software by Suzannah B. Troy

Yo, went to Itunes and there is yet another new download for IPhone 4.

Yes I just got  my new, new, new IPhone 4 and after returning to my 3GS until I got my replacement IPhone 4 I can't express in words how much better the IPhone 4 is.

Much better...understatement...the camera alone but so much more....back to you later on that.

Get yourself the most protective and perhaps ugliest protective cover possible...did you notice how many times I said protective....if putting a condom over it would help I would suggest that too.....I have had every Iphone made and this one cracks in to a thousand pieces if dropped....don't drop it.  I would suggest crazy glue but there are some scary people out there that do not know I am joking...they do not have that vital very sexy part of the anatomy called a funny bone.

Do not drop IPhone 4 and buy a hideous ugly thick cover....that bumper I got for free...Apple kept it went I handed in my crack and shattered glassed IPhone 4 and they can keep the free bumper...it did nothing to help me from shattering the glass in to a nightmare you don't want to have for hard core Apple Iphone lovers like me.....

This newest awful experience including major screw ups from Apple returning my shattered phone to me when they shouldn't, me wishing they could make a shatter proof water proof phone has still left me loving Apple radically big time and they are mind blowingly good even when they screw up.  The antenna problem is minor compared to the shatter problem....

Still love Apple and to get ugly high protection go on line or go to AT&T.  Apple to stay clear of controversary is IPhone 4 free of covers of any kind for IPhone 4.

p.s.  You want your phone to run faster and better make sure to close out of all your Apps.

Hit the home key at bottom -- that round depression - bottom of the front screen twice.  You will see all the open Apps.  Hold your finger down on one until they start shaking and the minus signs appear... hit the minus sign and close out App.

I love Apple.  Thanks for radically changing my life and helping to change other peoples too. I love you Apple.

FDNY Engine 3 DON't TREAD ON ME by Suzannah B. Troy

Leave it to the FDNY to tell it like it is.

Message to king Mike Bloomberg and Albany and City Hall......

Don't tread on me!!!!!!

East Village art work smell a rat post by Suzannah B. Troy

These words said to me Derek an urban poem match this art work

carbon put off by people,
         cranking heat, keep your carbon to yourself...

Penis Puppetry Noho East Village by Suzannah B. Troy


I am sure I saw this at a theatre mid-town but I am blocking -- maybe it is post-traumatic-p- stress but I don't remember...

Roger Clemens & other NYC BULL by Suzannah B. Troy

Folks -- Live from NYC, it is me Suzannah B. Troy and I am generally really pissed off.
First here is a link to my original posting on Roger Clemens and please advise me.....do I rip up this photo or not?   Any one who had read my blog postings or my letters -- that is 2 in The New York Post Sports Section on steroids plus one on the Yankee's passionless play where I ask that the Yankees be forced to return their bloated salaries for passionless play and the money be given to homeless shelters, libraries, schools, raises for NYPD, FDNY and teachers, can guess how I feel.

Well there is not much more to say about Clemens so I have to just rant to you about other things NYC that just are pissing me off for lack of a better word choice.

Crain's reports this...

NYC's jobs recovery continues to outpace U.S. and ran the article with a photo the bull down by Wall Street so I wrote...

What a load of bull manure.  Smoke and mirrors courtesy of king Mike Bloomberg and utter bull unless you are referring to all of Mike Bloomberg's campaign staff and cronies he is hiring.  Unemployment is higher than reported...always is and more is too come because those clowns in Albany still have not balanced the budget due April fool's day and it is almost Sept. plus politicians stealing tax payer money + wasteful spending does not help either. Suzannah B. Troy

Thanks to the Button Lady an amazing NYC activist for sending me this Michael Moore piece about in true Moore like fashion asking hey General Motors is business is improving when are you not hiring which brings me to Mr. Smoke and Mirrors, Teflon Mike Bloomberg and his twin brother separated at birth Steve Rattner.    

By the way....has anybody heard any news about Steve Rattner getting banned by the SEC anytime soon.  The guy like all politicos inspired this Suzannah B. Troyism:  "Denial is the new crack cocaine from Albany to City Hall.  If he does get busted I guess he will have to transfer all those billion of dollars he manages for Mike Bloomberg...ehem's charity yet again and what about that bogus vanity book he had written where he is the savior of the auto industry as Car Tzar of The White House....oops he had to step down from the job to spend more time with his family in NYC, yeah right...real reason pension fund scandals splish splashed all the way to The White House....

Also really pissed off at NBC.  Here is the YouTube and you have to go to the text portion to read why....plus this posting about NBC a media giant harassing Doug Boviano running for State Assembly actually violating his 1st Amendment rights because the lawyers at NBC have issue with 7 seconds of the video tape where an employee's voice and face are heard...tune in...question NBC how low can you go?  FYI, the security guard from NBC says it was his idea and not NBC lawyers but no other media outlet or employee has gone to the trouble that an NBC staff member has.  Why is that?

I am pissed off at all the litter bugs.  Really NYC find some self esteem and pride and work on eye hand coordination and throw your garbage in the garbage please!!

I am sick of this disgusting heat wave and worse is all the pollution that hangs in the air.  Something has to give.  Radical actions have to be taken because the pollution is just brutal.  I had to run a few short blocks last night and I had burning pain in my throat and upper chest and breathing hard - I use to run marathons, half marathons....is this post-Sept. 11?

Notify NYC sent me to notes one about cooling center for tomorrow and the second stating the NYS DEC has issued an Air Quality Health Advisory for NYC until 10PM.  Why only until 10?  It is brutal.

The NYPD wants to police air quality testing but I say we need kits passed out to citizens to test air quality religiously because there is something really wrong.  I stood with protestors fighting to keep Engine 36 aka Skells Angels open and the people of Harlemn said they needed the fire house open because some many young residents of Harlem have asthma so fire fighters are there for them to fight fires but also make medical calls.   Mike Bloomberg shuttered this house along with others post 9-11 and Deputy Goldsmith his new republican anti-gay marriage guy says more closings to come...

Before I get to NYC happy thoughts I have to add one more thing....no Christine Quinn, Mike Blomberg's mini me for mayor -- she sold us out and if she won it would mean Mike Bloomberg having a 4th term running the city from a golf course if he can't get a job in The White House called President.

Okay, good and happy news...
PAL aka Police Athletic League rocks the house and they sent me a moving newsletter so if you can make a donation please do.  I have.

I realized I can stay home with my 2 cats and blog about celebrities all day and make money so there is no reason to go out.  I also live with the greatest lover on the planet...and I wanted to do the photo totally nude because it is just too hot and gross out there.   Folks I am joking about some of this and I know I have stalker that takes everything I say literally so try and find your funny bone...I am only joking about some of the above...

Roger Clemens to be indicted for perjury by Suzannah B. Troy

1010 Wins reports... "Federal authorities will indict ex-Yankee Roger Clemens on perjury charges, according to The New York Times."  

I have a Yankee baseball signed by the old school Yankees and the ink has faded like baseball players integrity.

A-Rod is called "A-Fraud" on many websites here in NYC.   I am a New York fan and I support New York Teams but not cheaters and or wife beaters or dudes that use interns like sexual blow up dolls and that applies to misogynist creepy male behavior that pervades professional sports and I am sure these guys get an early start in throwing values and integrity to the wind.

I won't go to the "new" Yankee Stadium that leaves way too many New Yorkers aka known as the tax payers that declare the big Apple home....as in using tax payer dollars -- we were robbed - for a stadium to expensive for most New Yorkers to afford a ticket, beer and a hot dog.

Mike Bloomberg even made Babe Ruth's ghost homeless.   I won't visit the Yankee Stadium Babe Ruth did not build.

I have Roger Clemens signed photo I bought on the street and it may be a fake...what to do...maybe I will turn it in to the 1st Precinct....?

Naomi Campbell in trouble again the IRS by Suzannah B. Troy

Dear IRS:  Don't you know super models are above the law and cannot be held accountable for anything? Really!  The New York Post, Page 6 reports the IRS has put a lien against her her in NYC.

The lien is small change for Naomi Campbell and in no way comparable to being threatened with imprisonment for not testifying in the trial of alleged dictator how committed crimes against humanity and allegedly gave the super model blood diamonds.  Blood diamonds are associated with  terrorism as in funding terrorism but Naomi played dumb or pleaded ignorance as well as allegedly perjured herself which with real people carries 2 years in jail.  As we know, Naomi Campbell is not real.   Liberia and Africa are probably grateful the super model's fame and ignorance have brought global attention to dictators in African responsible for mass murders, gang rapes, mutilation and torture so good going Naomi even if it is for all the wrong reasons.

Naomi Campbell went straight from being a witness in a horrifying case on crimes against humanity to a decadent party in Italy so party on Naomi.  I am sure she is partying on right now!  Party on Naomi and I am sure she will teach the IRS what she taught an International Court, Super Models DO NOT go to jail!

Mosque troubles NYC more news by Suzannah B. Troy

Mike Daly, of The New York Daily News has a scoop, a piece of the puzzle regarding the Mosque, a religious site that appears to be causing enormous amounts of pain rather than bridging gaps and healing which one would hope is the case.  Daly tells us that a teenage boy is the reason the location of this Mosque was found in the first place.  Say what?  Yes...this story is too weird to be true but it is.

Rewind:  Francisco Patino was a teenager inventor and on a reality tv show...it did not pan out although he even got a nod from Lance Armstrong regarding his bicycle invention but Patino made a great impression on someone, a developer,  Sharif el-Gamal and he was hired to find a location for a Mosque.

He did and the rest is history.  I suggest Patino change his telephone number and take a vacation, maybe considering moving to a new city?

The New York Post also has a piece on the Mosque proposed for the location by the World Trade Center and it is horrifying.  The Iranian dictator, The New York Post calls the Nuke Nut,  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad   who hates the USA, Israel, Jews and denies the Holocaust  wants to help fund the Mosque.

I posted this comment on on the Post's website in response to this article.  For people who don't know me I am one of Mike Bloomberg's biggest critics. Rewind: Didn't king Mike Bloomberg say it is none of our business where the money from the Mosque came from and I said Mike is saying that because he doesn't want to discuss his investments in the Cayman Islands and Steve Rattner is handling them. Rattner may be banned by the SEC for 3 years and Mike doesn't want to discuss that, his trips to Bermuda and what to do with poor and middle classes he is ticketing up to his eyeballs. Now getting back to this Mosque. We believe in religious freedom but it seems the people behind this Mosque deal ordeal want to cause as much emotional pain as possible and they have done that and they are getting support from people that are anti-religious freedoms and some are tied to terrorist groups shouting support...so is this Mosque really about religious freedom or about something else?

Mel Gibson Lindsay Lohan ugly Hollywood by Suzannah B. Troy

I am old an old movie buff and maybe way back when Hollywood stars were as repugnant as they are now but the Hollywood moguls controlled the stars and their images having enormous pull with the media.  Those days are gone except here in NYC, I can tell you New York Politics are now run very much like Hollywood studios of "old Hollywood".  Visit my central blog http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/ or http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/ to learn more  and visit my newest posting on how NBC honchos got their lawyers to contact YouTube owned by Google to remove candidate Doug Biviano's YouTube over a few seconds of footage in their lobby.

Now lets get to Mel  Gibson and Lindsay Lohan.  Aren't you glad you not Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan?  Here is some breaking news.  Osanka what's her name wants more money for child support.  Mel Gibson says he gives enough.  I believe if Mel was living in Germany during World War 2 he would have been the head of a concentration camp.  I loathe the guy.  Do I think Osanka what's her name is a gold digger?  Yes.  I do not believe Mel should have unsupervised visits his baby daughter.  I also think Osanka needs psychological counseling as much as Mel Gibson and for the sake of their baby daughter they get it.  She is very young to have so much plastic surgery she looks like an anorexic xerox of octomom; truly scary.  For more on Mel Gibson's continued downward spiral go to TMZ.  I love the show and Harry Levin is a lawyer so he has insights that entertainment shows do not have!

Now let's get to Lindsay Lohan.  According to The New York Daily News, Lohan is looking for one million dollars for a post jail-rehab interview.  Before I perused the article I thought it would be light weight but for Lohan fans it is a must read because they do address prescription drugs which many thing she has just as much a problem with as other substances including booze.

When her must rushed to be interviewed saying people were too hard on her daughter many thought this is a show business mom showing her true colors which is green for show me the money trying to protect her daughter's brand aka bank-ability.  No matter how much there are those out there last than satisfied with their parents most or all are rejoicing we don't have Lindsay's scary dysfunctional parents as their own.  Her dad acts more like her stalker.  Scary stuff.

Perhaps these stars have spun so out of control because they have had too many people treat them as demi-gods praying at their altar rather than as flawed human beings which is what they are and we all are.  It is just celebrity is a drug.  If celebrities actually come to believe in their own celebrity it becomes a drug that greatly amplifies their weakness and flaws or in Mel Gibson's case his very, very, very dark side.

Are you glad you aren't them?

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