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Saturday, August 21, 2010

True Blood - When the season ends? by Suzannah B. Troy

The True Blood Rolling Stone cover was a hot topic of discussion and than I heard these words we all have thought to ourselves...."What am I going to do when the season ends?"  I haven't looked at The Rolling Stones cover and magazine.   I know that is sacrilege.

I just can't wait until tomorrow which i predict will frustrate me as much as entertains me.

I feel about Alan Ball's HBO True Blood the way I feel about a really good mystery book I want to finish the book but don't want the book to end -- like the vampires lives, I want True Blood to go and on....

The conversation I joined was by too people that had no problem with all the blood.  I do.  They just love it.  Eat it up.  I don't.  I am grossed out but still the show is bloody good!    We all discussed who we would want to sleep with on the show and for right now I picked the actor who plays the male nurse.   I just think he is hot.   Of course that is subject to change and I love that really big werewolf.  

If only season 4 would start immediately after season 3 ends...  Here is a short coming attraction for tomorrow night with Eric as always being riveting.....      I am feeling anemic right now as all True Blood fans are waiting for Sunday Night.....!!!!!

Here is the guide for episodes for Season 3   and it looks like Sept. 12 is the last episode....

Julian Assange rape charges dropped, Wikileaks founder cleared

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3 Julian Assange - Image via Wikipedia
In what has to have been a nightmare experience for him, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been cleared of charges of rape and molestation in Sweden, false charges issued by two women, one in her 20s and the other in her 30s. As reported at Zennie62.com, the charges looked like the anatomy of a smear campaign.

According to Aljazeera, Eva Finne, Sweden's chief prosecutor, Julian Assange was "no longer wanted."

On Friday, it was reported that the two women, who knew each other, came forward to Swedish Police.  But the problem was they did not want to file an official report because of their so-called fears of his power.

What's fishy about that story is if the women actually knew who Julian was, thus "fearing his power," which is a joke of a claim, and knew what his controversial Wikileaks issue was about, why would they seek to file a false report of rape, especially since he up against the U.S Government?

If they were supporters of his cause, they would not have done that.  Period.

Under the circumstances,  because they're not named and did not file an official report, its fair to ask if the women were connected to the CIA?

Many news organizations will go back to the story that Wikileaks has over 70,000 documents on its website that are classified and concern the War in Afghanistan. But the dropping of charges does not begin to explain exactly and in detail why they were issued. And who were the two women who brought the story forward?

Charging someone with rape is a serious issue.  What's more troubling is that it was done at a time when Wikileaks and Julian Assange are the focus of the U.S Governments anger. Anyone who abuses the legal process to make a false claim should be punished.

Stay tuned for more on this fish story.

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The New Tompkins Square Park? by Suzannah B. Troy

Tompkins has recently looked "old school" as if heading back to the riot days....heard on the street from the other night  from a non drug-user/ booze- abuser which makes about a total of 4 people in the park at night hopefully not including the plain clothes cops hanging out....

He said to me...as the evening wore on the NYU students started to leave....and their spaces on the bench  were filled with drug addicts, it was throw back from the old days....there was folks just nodding out all over the concrete... laid out on heroin...

NYU students hanging out in Tompkins and heroin users nodding out are both nightmares for me but this vibe today was different....it felt like perhaps -- the New Tompkins....?

This morning the presence associated most with drugs was not there....and I say associated because I really don't know...just the vibe was different today.

I did see Marlene longterm homeless woman with a demeaning street name Hotdog walking down the street in bad shape just getting in worse shape so obviously in need in of care she won't be getting and rehab she is still resisting....

How do you keep the beauty and soul of the East Village -- hold on to the character and characters....not easily....especially under Bloomberg....
Still it is a beautiful day.

Muslim Miss USA: Move the Mosque! post by Suzannah B. Troy

Photo: Reuters

The New York Post reports Miss USA, Rima Fikih who hopes to be the next Miss Universe says move the mosque.   She is more eloquent than that of course..  Rima Fikih told entertainment "I totally agree with President Obama with the statement on constitutional rights of freedom of religion," the beauty queen said in an interview with "Inside Edition" that aired yesterday.

"I totally agree with President Obama with the statement on constitutional rights of freedom of religion," the beauty queen said in an interview with "Inside Edition" that aired yesterday.

I also agree that it shouldn't be so close to the World Trade Center. We should be more concerned with the tragedy than religion."

My thoughts...

Americans overwhelmingly agree in religious freedom but this is about an open massive wound -- literally the WTC site were even recently body parts were found recently and loved ones are not near closure and still hoping for DNA, something more...

The other issue who funding and any terrorist groups linked to this mosque or any mosque here in the USA clearly are not welcome

If you want to build bridges, educate and heal why would you inflict so much pain which is clearly what that people behind the mosque intend hiding behind anti-Muslim which is not true.  The Mosques all over the downtown area including the East Village have not been victims of hate related to 9-11 that I am aware of .

Why would any religious group want to build where they know they are causing immense pain to loved ones that have overwhelmingly made it clear this is not the place...at least not now.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to surrender to police over rape charge

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3Julian Assange - Image via Wikipedia
It's reported from the Google translated web version of the Swedish tabloid Expressen, that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is to surrender to Swedish police over an alleged rape charge reported earlier.

Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said that Julian Assange will remain in Sweden. Reportedly, police want to confront him with what is called "the data."

According to Expressen's Anna Skarin, two women, one in her 20s and the other in her 30s, came forward with the claim.

Wikileaks currently holds about 70,000 pages of classified documents related to the War in Afghanistan.
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Facebook & Tweeter Location Privacy settings by Suzannah B. Troy

FYI:  Long ago when I was a temp in offices....I came up for an idea for a movie for an agency that provides stalkers...a dark comedy about really narcissistic, ego maniacs so lonely they go to this agency to hire stalkers to make themselves feel important....Hey, here in NYC we have an agency for nude house cleaners...really!

Stalkers have become a playful term but in reality when using terms like "harassment" or "stalking" means going to the NYPD.  If you have read my blog than you know I have gone to the NYPD.

ABC's Mark Zuckerberg has important info on and here are two links to articles you must read:

This was all the buzz this morning.  If you are too busy to read just go to account.
Hit privacy settings and down below center is a blue link that says Customize Setting and go through the list.

For Twitter:  Highly recommended you do not give the okay that is prompted up top for each tweet to give your location....why -- there are some very, very lonely people out there....

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