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Friday, June 18, 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bergdorf Goodman NYC by Suzannah B. Troy

Suzannah B. Troy with her "Save Coney Island" pin and her man's undershirt purchased for a couple of dollars on Orchid Street shopping at Bergdof Goodman's Men Store for Father's Day.

The staff at the men's store Bergdorf treated me like gold so I had to stifle my activism and behave myself when Arnold made his presence felt...  I have to add I was dressed in a men's under shirt less than attractive baggy shorts and they treated me like I was wearing an Armani suit.  I was impressed.  I can't say that for Barneys.  Barneys staff are nice but with attitude and some are not nice.

Way back when I thought Arnold was a super hottie but now I know he was steriod user, cheater and rumored to be a sexplotier.   From what I have heard using a term for his anatomy called the helmet....

In my opinion he is just gross.  He is a lot older than me but like so many celebrities -- Holly woo woo types he has had everything done to turn back the clock.   I can't tell you how badly I want to run up to him and video tape him as I asked him about California's budgetary crisis!  I did yell at Mike Bloomberg from the steps of City Hall, "Oust the king!" and king Mike gives me the thumbs up.  But Bergdorf's men's department is not City Hall!

The people including youngsters got excited when they saw Arnold but not as excited as he got by their attention....it is clearly still a high for him -- the attention....

His idea of the American dream is to cheat your way to it and marrying a Kennedy was like getting a Cadillac

If Mike Bloomberg had simply showed me his plans to tear down our historic neighborhoods and make them into bad xeroxes of Dubai also causing mass displacement as well as endangering our lives I would have fought against him from the get go.

I don't want king Mike or steroid Arnold in The White House and it took all my self control to not run up to Arnold with my iphone and nail him on  the massive budget crisis in CA governor and put his response on YouTube.

The gracious and golden treatment by the staff of Bergdorf helped me to find some impulse control.

Besides TMZ showed Arnold and his wife living  beyond large in Hawaii as the budget crisis looms larger than New York's which is hard to believe.

Arnold is not  as smart as Mike Bloomberg and at least Mike did not use steriods to make his fortune but both do not belong serving the people.     

Arnold vacations in Hawaii and Mike in Bermuda as the budget crisis grows like a giant axe about to drop on people's jobs, cuts and closing that people have not yet begun to understand.

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