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Saturday, July 3, 2010

John Liu NYC Comptroller gets call from Suzannah B. Troy

John Liu, NYC's first Asian American comptroller got a telephone message at City Hall this morning from me, Suzannah B. Troy.   John Liu has taken the first steps to make NYC gov spending available to the people on a website called Comptroller NYC gov but we need more accountability and transparency and we don't have that!

Ask Mike Bloomberg a question he doesn't like and look out, like questions about a third term, the poor, Cayman Island Investments and leaving early Friday for Bermuda.

But this call to John Liu's office  this morning where I left my name, telephone number and message stated we need more accountability.  The tax payers need to know how much money Christine Quinn and her staff are costing the tax payers when they use top law firms like the kind Goldman Sachs uses, Sullivan & Cromwell as one example plus other high priced defense attorneys specializing in White Collar crime.

The people of New York have a right to know and need immediate accessibility and a current cost as of today on this expense and others.

I found the website on David Siefman's piece in The New York Post.  David is a long time reporters of news from City Hall.  His piece exposes some very interesting spending including nanny mayor Mike Bloomberg so check it out and click on the link.  The New York Daily News also exposed NYC government workers have spent $100,000 on car rides home.

I guess public transportation is not an option for NYC gov workers.

Mel Gibson hate-monger not just alcoholic by Suzannah B. Troy

A YouTuber wrote me this on Mel Gibson and remember with YouTube there is a word count so my response is as long as you can make it. Before I show you the YouTube comments read this...

I thought of the Diane Sawyer interview with Mel Gibson. Diane is a beautiful woman who is very gentle with her celebrity subjects and Mel Gibson was using everything he could including being playful, flirty, charming but those days are gone and his looks have faded. By the way Sawyer is aging beautifully. Some people grow old with grace and beauty but Gibson is not one of those people. I mention this because he has used his looks over and over as well as his fame and power to escape responsibility for his actions but this time around his looks and flirting won’t work. He even used the word “grace” which I translate as Mel Gibson manipulation 101 -- “let me off the hook”. He is not asking but ordering viewers. He wasn’t willing to change and rehabilitate himself. He is a bigger manipulator than he is an alcoholic but he is an even bigger hater and scapegoater of minorities.

FYI: Diane Sawyer’s husband Mike Nichols, a very talented film director who debuted with the film “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” which won an academy award for Elizabeth Taylor who converted to Judaism , The Graduate” and so many others including “Silkwood”. Mike was born in Berlin, Germany to a German Jewish Mother and a Russian Jewish father.

I happened to recently watch a TV show (can’t remember the name of it this morning) on NBC about helping find celebrities find their roots. One celebrity was Mike Nichols and he was shocked to find his relatives in Russia were very successful. Pre-the Nazi’s. These successful business men were murdered so their business and wealth could be stolen. A warm-up for Nazi Germany.

Also a handsome African American football star who’s name alludes me this morning as well, found out he has this very strong, intelligent relative who was raped by her slave owner. She got pregnant. The wife of the slave owner wanted her sent away. She was sent to work for the man that technically was half brother to her child, the slave owner’s son. She was very smart because she found away somehow to keep her family together which was rare. I am very tired and thinking of Mel Gibson and his anti-semitism, racism, misogyny and homophobia is not what I want to do this Saturday morning. I removed comments that could have been written by Mel Gibson including the “N” word and his misogynist language, blaming the Jews, etc.

This morning I found this comment:

He needs an intervention for his alcohol abuse, but he needs something stronger for the hate and the violence. 

I wrote back this:

He needs intervention but he will never get it because he has used his looks, money and power and people always let him off the hook. Here in NYC I have tried to help poverty level homeless people and they are out on the street and unwilling to go to rehab. He has every resource. This man hates Jews, Blacks, Gays, Women and most of all himself. in Paris I stood in front of a plaque for Jewish children. The french liaison for Nazi's exceeded his quota because he was a Mel Gibson.

Another friend wrote me this....

I cannot label someone like Mel Gibson as a Nazi. If we start labeling
vapid, hard drinking (alcoholic?) actor/directors as Nazis, then who is not
a Nazi?

Every time the label of "Nazi" gets bandied about, it takes away a bit of
the true power of that killing machine that existed in the 1930s-40s. And
every time someone gets labeled that way, our younger generations get bumped
a little bit further from the truth.

Mel Gibson is a fool. Let's leave it at that.

I disagree with my friend letting Mel Gibson off the hook for the hate he has spewed by calling him a fool. In fact it is part of what has helped Mel, people excusing his hate and abuse but I wanted to address my use of the term, Nazi. Again remember there is a word count.

I posted this comment after reading this email:

On the term Nazi and calling Mel Gibson a Nazi.  Mel Gibson talks like a Nazi and I do not believe alcoholism is an excuse for comments he has made sober as well as drunk.  If lived in Germany or a sympathizer during WW2 he would have exceeded his quota.

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