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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is the Senate stalemate almost over?

On YouTube from WIVBTV, http://bit.ly/Zv2JL
After a month of no-work in Albany, a power-sharing deal could end the senate stalemate. http://www.wivb.com

Gay Pride Parade - New York City - 2009

On YouTube, from grishno, http://bit.ly/8XATb
On the 40th anniversary of the stonewall riots I had the great honor of marching in the New York City Gay Pride Parade with the Dykes of Bike-Cycles. This was an amazing celebrations of all things Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and transgender! Especially those transsexual... gotta love them!

Harlem Remembers - New York Post

On YouTube, NYPost, http://bit.ly/3OO1N
Residents gather to watch the memorial service of the late Michael Jackson held in Los Angeles. http://video.nypost.com

Science: Paper, Plastic and Persistence - nytimes.com/video

On YouTube, TheNewYorkTimes - http://bit.ly/uvIM1
An energetic group of volunteers spreads the word about recycling to residents of one of New York City's public housing projects.

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