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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NYers Ticket Terrorism to higher taxes? by Suzannah B. Troy

Thanks to Mark for sending me this article on how the State of New York are ripping off dead people from The New York Daily News.

Dear New Yorkers:

Get ready to be ripped off some more....
City of New York
1) Mike Bloomberg has kicked off the "ticket terrorism" program
If our local head king Mike can find a way to unfairly and wrongly ticket the middle and working class and small businesses the king will find away...after all he has to subsidize the infrastructure expansion for all his rich ruling party class including developers like Donald Trump, NYU and Cooper Union supersizing busting through zoning and weighing heavy on our old infrastructure -- plus the zone busting hotels that followed the mega dorms down 3rd avenue in to the Bowery....

Also don't forget Columbia University abusing eminent domain and forcing an entire neighborhood Manhattanville for their expansion!!!!

Here is a hint for you Mike --- the people of New York are furious about the excessive and wrongful ticketing and maybe this will be the last straw that causes a revolution here since 1776.

A word to the wise -- lighten up because Suzannah B. Troy is hearing lots of complaints from all over NYC about this.

the East Village lower East Side looks like a bomb was dropped thanks to Bloomberg's reckless expansion.

2) Higher taxes...?

3) Fire houses shutter

4) Lay-offs and pay cuts...?

5) City Council votes themselves a raise, accepts lulus and steals tax payer money and appoints there wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, mistresses, sisters, life time partners -- yes Christine Quinn gave slush money to an org that her partner sits on as I recall.....but who cares -- no one is paying attention....

But maybe they will when crime rises, the street condition and sidewalks grow even worse, even more people lose their jobs....

By the way last time I check Albany still has not balanced the budget....9.2 billion dollars and every day they do not -- it was do April 1st - the budget crisis becomes a great catastrophe.....not that anyone seems to be worried but at this rate if these clowns do not do something than we can expect a budget crisis a kin to a terrorist attack.

*Any loyal blog readers know I believe Dave Paterson rumored to be a habitual liar is guilty of intimidating a victim of spousal abuse in to silence.  It is a no brainer.  What was he doing having staff, state troopers etc. contacting her?

Honesty and integrity are not his strong points...

we have such lousy leadership...we are doomed.

Note:  Suzannah B. Troy's theory on while your Con Ed bills are so darn high....Con Ed forcing you to pay for all the massive infrastructure expansion they can't even keep up with -- part of the Bloomberg reckless tsunami of development that crushed and displaced our communities.... Pox on socialite mega millionaire Amanda the people's Burden the worse city planner ever.

A revolution is highly recommended....

It is a beautiful day....enjoy the day... pray for miracles of all kinds, all sizes and shapes welcomed.

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