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Monday, May 17, 2010

St. Vincent's Closed -- Suzannah B. Troy & Louis Flores

I took these photos of St. Vincent’s Closed and they speak volumes...

There are so many loving notes thanking Doctors, Nurses and everyone who did their work at St. Vincent’s.
You can see people laid flowers down as if someone had died.  Very sad.
It reminds me of Sept. 11 and the days and months following when so many photos with people’s photographs and telephone number with pleas from desperation family member hoping someone who call them and say a loved was a live.  
St. Vincent’s kept a memorial going all these years.  I will never forget Union Square and St. Vincent’s filled with all those postings from 9-11.
Below is a YouTube posting and the reporting is by Louis Flores.
Community leader and activist, Yetta Kurland, gave a presentation to the Lower Manhattan community on May 13, 2010. Ms. Kurland described the legal process that has been taking place in the community's efforts to intervene, to prevent the full closing of St. Vincent's Hospital.
Ms. Kurland reported that Attorneys for St. Vincent's had opposed the community's attempt in NYS Supreme Court to make the hospital abide by NYS Health Department rules. After being challenged by Attorneys for St. Vincent's Hospital, the venue for the community's lawsuit was changed to bankruptcy court, where the bankruptcy judge claimed jurisdiction over the lawsuit over NYS Health Department rules, but the same judge denied that patients have the ability to sue to enforce NYS Health Department rules. A classic Catch-22.
In particular, the bankruptcy judge denied a motion filed by Ms. Kurland and other community attorneys, on behalf of the patients and community, which was opposing the closure of St. Vincent's Hospital due to the hospital's violation of statutory requirement of a 90-day waiting period. (Part 6 of a series of videos.)

NYC No. 2 Lay-Offs post by Suzannah B. Troy

http://abcnews.go.com/Business/americas-layoff-capitals/story?id=10639186 You would think king mayor Mike Bloomberg would have fought to keep St. Vincent's open so the West Village had a hospital and although St. Vincent's did not know how to run a business they never turned away a person which is rare these days and there were one of the closer hospitals that was a resource during Sept. 11 although sadly there were many survivors they did treat rescue workers like firefighters who would than run back downtown. You would think Mike Bloomberg would have fought to save this hospital for the above reason but also to save jobs and keep people employed. More and more it seems Bloomberg won or stole a third term to help his greedy community crushing developer friends and fiance buddies to obtain their greedy, ruthless goals at the expense of New Yorker in way to many ways to count including pushing a reckless tsunami of development as stupid and greedy as what caused Wall Street to implode. Mike's new hideous New York built with the aid of socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden on old NY's infrastructure is collapsing and besides the infrastructure break and related problems that resemble terror attacks from steam pipe explosions to man hole covers the subways are backed to the brim with dilapidated subways stations that literally cannot accommodate the population. The stair in the subway are so crowded that the flow of people can only go one way and people wanting to get down stairs have to wait until the sea of people exit. Trains that are not expresses suddenly become so leaving rows of crowded people fuming but who cares as long as Mike could push a reckless tsunami of development that continues to blot out the sun...so much for Mike's idea for solar panels when he aids developers like NYU and Cooper Union to bust through our zoning and using their not for profit status as a tax shelter, Columbia University to displace an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville abusing eminent domain and so many condo and hotel developers some with bad tract records that if they were drug dealers they would be behind bars but when it comes to developers, contractors and landlords a bad track record means nothing except business as usual. The New York Times said something about returning to a recession. We never left but are heading towards a depression and Mike Bloomberg doesn't appear to care. He just wanted to get in for a third

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