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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mosque troubles NYC more news by Suzannah B. Troy

Mike Daly, of The New York Daily News has a scoop, a piece of the puzzle regarding the Mosque, a religious site that appears to be causing enormous amounts of pain rather than bridging gaps and healing which one would hope is the case.  Daly tells us that a teenage boy is the reason the location of this Mosque was found in the first place.  Say what?  Yes...this story is too weird to be true but it is.

Rewind:  Francisco Patino was a teenager inventor and on a reality tv show...it did not pan out although he even got a nod from Lance Armstrong regarding his bicycle invention but Patino made a great impression on someone, a developer,  Sharif el-Gamal and he was hired to find a location for a Mosque.

He did and the rest is history.  I suggest Patino change his telephone number and take a vacation, maybe considering moving to a new city?

The New York Post also has a piece on the Mosque proposed for the location by the World Trade Center and it is horrifying.  The Iranian dictator, The New York Post calls the Nuke Nut,  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad   who hates the USA, Israel, Jews and denies the Holocaust  wants to help fund the Mosque.

I posted this comment on on the Post's website in response to this article.  For people who don't know me I am one of Mike Bloomberg's biggest critics. Rewind: Didn't king Mike Bloomberg say it is none of our business where the money from the Mosque came from and I said Mike is saying that because he doesn't want to discuss his investments in the Cayman Islands and Steve Rattner is handling them. Rattner may be banned by the SEC for 3 years and Mike doesn't want to discuss that, his trips to Bermuda and what to do with poor and middle classes he is ticketing up to his eyeballs. Now getting back to this Mosque. We believe in religious freedom but it seems the people behind this Mosque deal ordeal want to cause as much emotional pain as possible and they have done that and they are getting support from people that are anti-religious freedoms and some are tied to terrorist groups shouting support...so is this Mosque really about religious freedom or about something else?


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