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Sunday, June 13, 2010

NYC round-up Albany to NYPD tickets by Suzannah B. Troy

Dear Blog Readers: 

There is so much I have to report from New York City today.  I am so tired so please keep that in mind! My YouTubes and blogging are my art.  Soho Journal picked up my YouTube questioning if Albany will actually have a historic shut-down and questioning if NYC will be thrown in to an official economic depression?  

I have an amazing interview with a city council member, Dan Halloran that took over for Tony Avella when he completed his two terms on how NYC would be effected if Albany does not balance there 9.1 billion dollar budget crisis.  

Today I posted two new YouTubes on Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen which is part of an on going YouTube documentary I have been making about this Vegetarian health food store that existed way before the mega-store chain Whole Foods.  Whole Foods has two stores now in the Village and I had contacted them to please help Peter after his Mom died by literally taking the little store in to their new big store on Houston street, like Noah took 2 of each animal since our small businesses were sinking faster than the Titanic.  Needless to say, Whole Foods said no. In the first YouTube we show talk about Mihoko Hakata, an deeply caring person devoted to research and work regarding a sustainable community where the community can define and cultivate what is important to the community. She and her friends are working with people at Harvard University and I show you part of a letter that she submitted to a professor.  Also very moving is the art work she made so long ago of Peter and his Mom, Filomenia Silvestri who died at age 94 knowing her business she started with her son in 1978 would not be evicted and the community fought and won a small battle for this much loved Mother and Son small business dedicated to Mother Earth. In the next YouTube You will see a community activist named Paul who tells us yet again how he help Peter fight eviction raising 800 dollars Peter so desperately needed.  This YouTube is short and superb and I mention the devastating long effects of the horrific oil spill in contrast to deed's like Paul's which I believe have long range positive effects.  

Lastly I interview Karen who is part of another YouTube documentaries series of mine.  She has a table with flea market items and she worked outside of Love Saves the Day until they were forced to close. In this YouTube she talks about the NYPD traffic division being out of control and apparently this is a hot topic with New Yorkers.  

What do all of the above topics have  in common? They are all about the people of New York being screwed for a lack of a better word. No wonder Mike Bloomberg and the city hand out free condoms that say NYC on them!

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