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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corrupt developers, landlords, contractors aided by City of NY? post by Suzannah B. Troy

Mike Bloomberg has many stains on his “legacy” as mayor of New York besides denying the people of New York a referendum, driving the city in to a further black hole making promises with union and community groups he could not keep and pushing a reckless tsunami of development on “old” New York’s infrastructure which has caused mass displacement and untold nightmares for the people of NYC.
Every commissioner, city council  and Con Ed needed to demand that Mike Bloomberg stop this reckless tsunami of development but instead a green light was given to every greedy, ruthless developer, contractor and throw in shady landlords because when it comes to the DOB, Dept. of Buildings, ECB, Environmental Control Board you can be as corrupt and bad as you want to be and know fines will not stop you from keeping up “the badness”.    We have had entire buildings collapse, people dead and injured, way too many under Bloomberg until finally we had the mayor repeating our mantra "safety first" although it is business as usual.
The City of New York is owed mega-millions, possibly close or over a billion combined for out standing fines local activists have told me and I made two YouTubes about it last year.  
Could you imagine if a drunk driver hit a pole and was given a fine and never paid it and was back out on the street, and than got another fine and was allowed to continual get back behind the wheel of a car anyway?
Well if you are a bad faith developer, contractor or land lord you can have fines up to your eye balls from the DOB and ECB and nothing will slow you done and in fact Mike Bloomberg and his city planner Amanda the mega millionaire socialite Burden, the people’s burden have aided and abetted as many of this corrupt wheelings and dealings to empty buildings, to empty entire neighborhoods supporting eminent domain abuse for instance by Columbia University and the entire neighborhood of Manhattanville.

As exposed by The New York Post, Moshe Pillar has been trying to evict an elderly grandmother who also happens to be a Holocaust Survivior.  She survived the Holocaust but this 92 year old Grandmother had no idea she would be harassed and treated like garbage by landlord Moshe Pillar here in New York City.  I wonder how many violations he has?
Also note that when buying property here in NYC, the legal contract often has a clause the developers is not held accountable for any misinformation aka lies by advertisements and sales people.  I wrote State Attorney General Cuomo why are real estate deals allowed to have a clause that basically says it is okay to lie to a buyer?
NYU bought the air over St. Ann’s from the USPS and the site is historical so Andrew Berman discovered that the USPS had broken the law.  The USPS had to notify the State of New York before selling the air space.  That never happened, the USPS never notified the State and like the corrupt shady landlords, developers, contractors no agency is going to hold them accountable.
If you have violations from any division of NYC and you have not made good on those violations shouldn’t you be shut down and stopped?
How about an App (Application) for our Iphones and mobile devices listing all the fines against developers, contractors, landlords kind of like the sexual predator app that comes with their address and picture?

Some of us have joked about these greedy wheelers and dealers hiring thugs to intimidate and beat them up like in the old days or even a hit man to get their rent control apartments or to silence voices that speak out against corruption but non are needed because the City of New York is not going to do it’s job and protect the people.

Let us stop and pause and remember 47 East 3rd Street where the son of a Greek shipping magnate sold himself the building to himself for bubkas and than evicted an entire building of people with affordable housing when he and his family could afford to live anywhere in NYC.  The Economakieses make the Hell's Angels who live a few doors down look like Saints.  It is an ugly, ugly story.  I included just one article from The New York Times.

Some inspectors are paid off, some are incompetent....remember the crane incidents, one after the other where people died or where injured?  It goes on and on but it just seems corruption, incompetents and even laws favoring landlords and developers or in the case of NYU and the USPS they are simply above the law so they laugh all the way to the bank.


p.s. Crain's reports another Bloomberg head leaves....Also note: I wrote Dan Doctoroff and warned him Bloomberg and 
he was putting us, the people of New York in danger with a reckless tsunami of development on "old" New York's
infrastructure and that was before the Grand Central explosion that looked like a terror attack.
Doctoroff had some one from DEP write me back saying nothing to worry about....yeah right.

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