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Friday, August 20, 2010

NBC a big liar? by Suzannah B. Troy

Queens Crap has a new post"  "Why is the media silent on challangers?" which shows the "Throw the Bums Out" YouTube  for  Doug Biviano who is challenging Joan Millman for NY State Assembly in Brooklyn's 52nd District but  can't get the press to cover his campaign challenge.  

In Mike Moore  like fashion Doug goes to the media reception desks  of the media here in NYC and asks to speak to the press.  Only NBC, and NBC claims it is their security guard and not them that is demanding the YouTube come down.  Read why this in my opinion stinks like a dead rat...

The YouTube that is set to come down in 24 hours because NBC is in my opinion a) proving the entire point of this YouTube which I believe is also by not covering opposing voices the media helps perpetuate cronyism and it is also a form of passive censorship allowing business as usual although often we hear "throw the bums up" we can't if the media won't cover opposition.

b) NBC wants us to believe that the security guard -- okay you see the word "security" either never saw the video camera that in Michael Moore fashion was plain to see and following Doug Biviano around -- and the camera man is a large fellow or perhaps the security guard had no problem until ready for this a mysterious friend alerted the security guard his face was on the video for 7 seconds and he perhaps the security guard should contact YouTube to have the video removed.

Question:  Is this friend of the security guard at NBC employed at NBC in perhaps a more senior position than the security guard?

NBC has the most pathetic local news channel ever to be seen in NYC's history.  Why do I say that?  Because NBC's local tv news show at 5:00PM resembles Entertainment tonight and not a news program.
Perhaps that is one example of why it is hard to throw the bums out because media giants like NBC want folks to watch entertainment light news rather than the serious issues that impact our daily lives like why we are living in a recession that more and more is resembling a depression unless you are rich.

In my opinion NBC has proven the very point of the YouTube expressed in the Michael Moore like video about the media's attempt to silence challangers.   In my opinion no wonder NBC has a local news  program at 5PM that does not report the news.

NBC how low can you go?   Can we have the name of the security guard's friend please?

I  made this comment on Queens Crap in response to a commentor because he points out Alexander Hamilton was Zenger's lawyer.  To me there is even a greater irony here that The New York Post is not covering challengers and the creator of The New York Post -- is the super star lawyer that takes on the British Governor and wins his case freeing Zenger from jail for saying the governor's administration is corrupt.

Well at least The New York Post did not stoop to the petty level that media giant NBC
My comment on Queens Crap:
First of all "GeorgetheAtheist" I love you.

After reading your posting I read this...thanks and hugs.  Great way to start the morning.
Bravo to Queens Crap for posting this and rewind thanks to all of you that wrote YouTube Google when all my work was removed from YouTube before the election....Thanks and gratitude!
My tube when the story first broke...

NBC how low can you go?   Can we give a media giant a lie detector test?



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