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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rangel's Birthday party poster boys for NYers deserve better by Suzannah B. Troy

Tonight was embattled Charlie Rangel's birthday party and as I am having being saying all along denial is the new crack cocaine.

New Yorkers threshold for corruption is bigger than our tallest sky scrapers. I watched clips on Fox 5 news and I had to laugh.  King Mike the richest man in NYC who is stealing our tax payers money to pay his campaign staff 6 figure salaries to the tune of 2 million he could easily pay out of his own pocket showed up to support a fellow politician that is ............ you fill in the blank.   Scott Stringer actually patted himself on the back for showing up like he was a freedom fighter.  Rangel was a war hero and Bloomberg a billionaire while Scott Stringer is like one of those characters from The Wizard of Oz that is seriously missing something and there is no happy ending for this guy - all poster boys for NYers deserve so much better. They are all screwing the people of New York.  That is why mayor Bloomberg has free condoms with NYC being passed out.  Of course they do not care we are moving in to an economic meltdown because none of them will be effected -- just more unemployment, mass displacement, etc.  

Isiah Thomas NBA or Misogynist Club? by Suzannah B. Troy

Isiah Thomas does not belong in the NBA but on my blog misogynistNYC. Too many women in NYC know what it is to endure a hostile environment and also be lied and trashed about.

Been there, endured that and my loyal blog readers on my main blog Suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com read my line "New Yorkers threshold for corruption is higher than our tallest sky scrapers."  Well the same for misogynist, hateful, hostile, down right creepy unwanted sexual behavior towards women and way too young girls.

The USA has a long way too go with regard to acceptable treatment of it's women. Sadly compared to other countries we are light years ahead.  I have nine letters published in The New York Times and they are hard to find.  You have to go The New York Times website, put my name in the search engine and than hit since 1851, I know I look great for my age and than hit advance search.

Here is my letter on Women and Porn.  Many years ago I made up the term "geo-sexual politics" and it means we women have come a long way but we still ain't equal.  For Mae West lovers check out the double entendre I snuck into that letter!

Could the NBA be called the Misogynist Club?  Yes.  I am blocking out the name of the Knick player that coerced a young intern to give him oral sex and she did not want to do it.  I really can't remember his name and I thought he should be punished and censured.  What a disgusting guy.  His behavior was exposed in the entire scandal that broke when the Isiah Thomas scandal broke.  I do not go to basketball games anymore.  I would never buy a Knick anything.  I don't want to support a club that is so abusive and exploitive of women.

Tony Avella for State Senate posted by Suzannah B. Troy

Dear Friends,

There's definitely truth to the old saying that people start paying attention and the campaign season "starts" after Labor Day. That's just a few weeks away, and between now and then we are running a four-week sprint to build our presence in the community with phone calls, door-to-door outreach, and events.

Another easier but no less important way you can help spread the word is to share this new campaign video with friends, neighbors, and relatives both here in Queens and across the city and state. Take a look:

The hardest hurdle to clear in campaigns like ours is the information barrier. Many folks don't know a lot about local political offices or the people who want to hold them. That's why career Albany politicians like Senator Frank Padavan are reelected year after year after year.

No more. My new video provides a good snapshot of what I care about and why I'm running. I hope you'll spread it far and wide so that, come November 2nd, Queens voters will know that there is real candidate for change ready to clean up Albany!

You can use the Share button here to easily send our video to your friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, and other web sites and social networks.

Thanks for everything you do,


PS: If your friends, neighbors or relatives would like you to introduce me to them after watching the video, please use this form to sign up to host a house party!

Jimmy's No. 43 Union Square by Suzannah B. Troy

http://www.jimmysno43.com/   Jimmy was cooking up something that smelled fiercely delicious smelling  and handing out a recipe for "sauteed corn and onions".   There added and much appreciated presence at Union Square's Farmers Market is all part of Edible Manhattan and for an adorable photo of NY's Finest showing true NYC spirit for food check out this photo!

For more info check this website...


The Farmers Market always smell good but Jimmy's No. 43 definitely added something very special to what could have been just a hot oppressive day.

All I could say on  this brutal hot day was yum and where is the beer?

Check out the website for info on Jimmy's blog, twitter account and more for this East Village bar located on 7th Street between 2 and 3rd Avenue.

Artist Protest Union Square today by Suzannah B. Troy

Top left hand corner photo:
Suzannah B. Troy and Miriam West both NYC artists that believe in the rights of Artist Vendors be in Union Square and anywhere -- it is called the 1st Amendment!!!!

I am pointing to my wearable Miriam West art -- my amazing Time Necklace by Miriam which has deep meaning for me, a Gandhi Necklace and pin!!!!!!


Photo to right: Lissie Canasquillio, her artist statement to the mayor king....Boombug let us work, eat and live!

Photo of 3: Marty Allen, Lissie Canasquillo and Miriam West all protesting for Artists' Rights at Union Square today!



Miriam West art to wear + Politics NYC by Suzannah B. Troy

Suzannah B. Troy wearing only Miriam West art!!!!!!!

Miriam West has an amazing series of art work addressing issues that have great depth.... I admired her and her partner Tony's art work and their strength to continue on the fight as Artists to express their 1st Amendment Rights!!!!

Miriam understand how much her art piece based on Seneca's quote meant to me so she gave me this stunningly beautiful necklace that is about "Time".   You have to click on the photo to see here art!     So amazing to me because it is so super charged and  I wear her artist's statement over my heart!  

I am also wearing the Gandhi Necklace that both she and Tony worked on and wear.  I love it and I love the Gandhi Sculpture so much as do so many New Yorkers and visitors to this great city!!!!

Special note to my loyal blog readers:  In the interview with Miriam I ask her to tell me about one of her unique art works with clocks in it.  She responds the title of the work is "Time Discovers Truth" the quote by Seneca.

This was very significant for me.   I have more news and I am not posting on the blog.  A "special" email went out and phone calls were made.   Time does discover truth and the key is patience.   Anyone following my blog knows what the theme and perhaps the context...

My interview with Tony!


My interview with Miriam West!!!!


This is Miriam West's YouTube Channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/mnkwest
Google Miriam West to learn more about her.  She has a Squirrel Book on Amazon!!! She loves them and she makes beautiful squirrel pins along with assemblage art...art boxes with meanings,  not just pretty boxes!

Her book is called "Squirrels are People too"

GAY bar next door to Mosque WTC by Suzannah B. Troy

Hey Tom!  Great news!  There is going to be a wonderful gay bar next to the location of the future Mosque.  You guy wants to model himself after the Jewish community than he must be aware we have a big gay community!  I believe in religious freedom and tolerance and I am wondering if you want to reach out and heal great but it seems like there is a lot of pain and upset no healing.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgTwGyCsxk0 Here is my YouTube that address previous questions you have asked Tom about Bloomberg and here is proof you are not alone.  I am asking for a trial and wondering if he gets to walk like Naomi Campbell does...away, away she goes from any accountability to party hearty - back to the run way she goes....

Read this article in The New York Post!   I have to check out that bar!  Some how I think the bar will be far more welcoming than the Mosque....  I am actually straight, although I play basketball better than a lot of guys, have 2 cats and get gay bashed from time to time...I do think I have a gay man trapped inside my body from teh 1980's...

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