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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NY from terrorism to budget catastrophe post by Suzannah B. Troy

There are many unanswered questions that arise with the news the terror suspect has been arrested and so far he says he acted alone.  The NYPD foiled his primitive attempt and the fast action that lead to doing so was the most primitive action in fighting terrorism, not high tech equipment but two humble T-shirt vendors that happen to also be Viet Nam Vets.

So why doesn't NYC have more federal money to fight terrorism?  NYC has had two terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and it is clear we are a target.  These issues evoke a lot of unanswered questions....

Ditto for the catastrophic budget crisis that seems to be getting little press these days. More unanswered questions.  We may find ourselves in a depression instead of a recession if Albany continues to fail to get their act together.

Also unanswered questions for Mike Bloomberg and two scandals that have touched him...one ever so lightly -- the Steve Rattner Quadrangle pension fund scandal.  Steve Rattner thought by moving Mike's 6 billion dollars out of Quadrangle to a new fund with a new name not released or rather I haven't heard
that Rattner was home free, free from the pension fund scandal.  Instead the scandal like a bomb, blew up on him, solely. or soulless according to the back door dealings and hand washing and he got full blame. Quadrangle disavowed him.  To date Mike Bloomberg has not had a response to this.  Last time I heard one was when Bloomberg was asked if Rattner should have to step down from his job at the White House and Mike said no.   So did President Obama but Rattner was forced to step down although he said it was to spend more time with his family here in NYC.

Steve Rattner is also suppose to be best friends with the owner of The New York Times.  He has many powerful friends and he and his wife a big time fund raisers but still the rules apply to everyone, at least in theory they do.

Lastly, I wish we could go to the DA's website and get up to the minute details on how the investigation in to the mysterious spending the day before Mike Bloomberg bought his third term.  There is the mystery of $750,000 that Mike Bloomberg and his people cannot explain and to a group that did not get legally certified until after the election.  Oops.

There is also a mysterious cyber stalker, identity thief on YouTube that has been harassing me and other YouTubers critical of Mike Bloomberg and his most recent comments are on Bloomberg, NYU and bio-tech even lying and saying I sold out and support Mike Bloomberg and NYU and we know this isn't true.   Will Cy Vance one day be investigating this case as well?  Is this stalker a paid worker hired by Bloomberg's ruthless over paid campaign staff that took obscene amounts of money from Mike Bloomberg only to humiliate the mayor with the most expensive election and he barely won.  Or is this a very lonely sick individual who stalks, harasses and steals people's identities and happens to have the belief of one of his many YouTube names "Bloombergforlife".  Cy, talk to the Queen's Da.  They have the YouTube comments and mail sent to me and others as Tony Avella when the cyber stalker stole Tony Avella's identity and folks, Tony is not a member of the YouTube community.


Bomb Suspect picked up at JFK posted by Suzannah B. Troy

The New York Post has full coverage on the Bomb Suspect being picked up at JFK as well as a photo and article on the teenager who unwittingly sold her car to the suspect.

New Yorkers are breathing a sigh of relief but clearly this only signals that NYC continues to be a terror hot spot and Washington has dropped the ball giving us the funding and support we need.

The front line work to thwart  this cowardly terror attack came from the transit campaign to tell the NYPD if you
see something suspicious and a fast excellent response including by the NYPD Bomb Squad.

President Obama has to do more for New Yorkers.  Many of us were left shaking our heads that he and Mike Bloomberg
did nothing to bail out St. Vincent's where many fire fighters were treated during the terror attacks and ran back
down...where the staff waited for victims to be brought to them and sadly there were not many survivors and here

I am happy the NYPD, FBI and all involved have done such excellent work but this is a time to be humble, have our
feet on the ground and be extra alert because a primitive car bomb was prevented from going off but we are 
far from safe.

Also note at the fore front of news should also be the fact Albany has still not balanced the budget and it is
a major catastrophe which means massive cuts and lay-offs that could officially take NY from a 
recession to a depression.  See my YouTube interview with Dan Halloran on what happens if Albany does
not get this budget balanced by this summer.

Right now by the way we have the smallest amount of NYPD ever policing the greatest number of New Yorkers,
plus the high volume of people that visit each day for work and tourism which is why we need more
funding and higher technology to keep this city safe but yes I am very upset because we need money for 
school programs, homeless, NY's most vulnerable, kids, seniors, etc.

From terrorism to this catastrophic budget crisis New York is even for tough times.   New Yorkers continue to rise
to the challenges....

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