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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy calls the S.E.C to ask date Steve Rattner ruling

I called the S.E.C and was transferred to consumer affairs and advocacy -- my IPhone 4 kept cutting out but the woman answering the phone was kind and SANE so I had no problem finally leaving my name and number.  I left a detailed message and I wait for a call back.  Stay tuned....

I explained I am a blogger and activist and I cover a lot of issues re: Mike Bloomberg and corruption and  I read Steve Rattner pleaded the 5th over and over but the newspapers never give a date as to when the S.E.C. is going to actually rule on whether Steve Rattner is going to be banned three years or not.

If so this is highly unusual and sends a very powerful message.  For people who don't understand what is the S.E.C.  think of them as the police, the NYPD of  all kinds of trading on exchange -- stocks, bonds, etc.

Rattner is king Mike Bloomberg's money manager and he urged Mike Bloomberg to run for a third term because both Steve Rattner and Mike Bloomberg do not respect limits of any kinds and perhaps they and the Bloomberg gang had investments and real estate deals, etc. that would greatly benefit if king Mike was in office.

The issue for me also is that it was a conflict of interest for Steve Rattner to be involved in pension fund investments and in the Vanity Fair issue with Lady Gaga on the cover the article on  Ratter says that Cuomo regretted giving Rattner immunity from going to jail -- he got a 12 million dollar fine instead ---Cuomo regretted giving Rattner immunity because he found Rattner less than forth coming and the deal was no jail if he would speak up.  The S.E.C. found Rattner even less talkative pleading the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg has run for mayor.

Right now people are not paying attention to this or the fact that Mike Bloomberg's appointed representes on the Charter Commission have give city council members a third term with out the people of New York voting on term limits again!

Democracy has been flushed down the toilet here in NYC by Mike Bloomberg again....last year denying us a referendum and now again preventing us from voting on term limits with an immediate impact of either yes or no but mystically the term limits vote won't be in the hands of New Yorkers again for quite awhile thanks to Mike Bloomberg and his friends and more and more people are saying Bloomberg and gang including 3rd term city council continues to throw democracy away for big hefty wheeling and dealings.   When Mike Bloomberg talks about the mosque by the WTC site and democracy it is hard to take him seriously because he has yet again pushed through 3rd terms for city council with out allowing New Yorkers a say and people are asking how great are his business dealings in Dubai and talk is he is expanding....

Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner are slick talkers -- Steve isn't lately pleading the 5th over and over to the S.E.C. but for most New Yorkers the word on the street is Mike Bloomberg and smoke and mirrors.

The question is will the S.E.C. clear away some smoke and forth some truth and accountability that will hurt Mike Bloomberg as much as Steve Rattner because Rattner manages billions of Mike Bloomberg's private empire and if he is busted by the S.E.C Mike will have to shift that money yet again.  Rattner shifted it out of Quadrangle because he thought Quadrangle would take the fall and not him. Steve Rattner was wrong.  If Rattner is wrong again the money will once again half to be shifted but Steve Rattner can't touch the money and handle it for 3 years if the S.E.C. bans him and the book he had ghost written bragging how he supposedly saved the auto industry might not make The New York Times best seller list or be plugged by The New York Daily News even though I have read and heard Steve Rattner is also good friends with owner of these papers and managed their money as well.

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