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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grateful Dead The NY Historical Society - Suzannah B. Troy

The NY Historical Society is being renovated so only one small section is actually open and it is filled with Grateful Dead treasures! This collection of powerful photos and memorabilia are on loan from The Grateful Dead Archive on loan from the University of Santa Cruz.  
The first blown up image you see is of The Filmore East on the Lower East Side and there are powerful photos of the Filmore with mobs of people lined up to see the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin. I remember reading Janis would go to Ratner's after and Ratner's moved yet again and than finally closed as so much has these days.
There is of course poster art and all kinds of collectibles and Grateful Dead music plays through out this small exhibition. I do want to warn you the price to get in is 12 dollars I think. You may want to double check me on that and the gift shop is filled to the brim with Grateful Dead items. I bought an amazing pair of GD earrings!
“I am incredibly happy that the kind archivists at UC Santa Cruz understand the social value of our priceless archive and its hallowed meaning to our most beloved 'Dead Heads.' Without the care it is now receiving these treasures would be lost. Please join me in preserving the legacy so we can all continue to explore and experience what the "Grateful Dead" means to us.”  - Bill Kreutzmann
You can contribute your thoughts http://deadcentral.blogspot.com Note:  For Suzannah B. Troy fans, my jacket with patches and pin from Rescue Workers and fellow volunteers was on display at The New York Historical Society and is now downtown in the Sept. 11 Museum collection.

AIDS Walk 2010 -- Suzannah B. Troy

Huge turn out for the AIDS walk -- HUGE!!!! Which was good to see and I met these very nice women from Bedford Central Presbyterian Church who did their share by participating in the AIDS walk. You can see they are beautiful and their good deeds and spirit shines as much as their smiles. Great work and they are emblematic of what makes New Yorkers great...taking the time to make a difference!
I can't tell you for sure how many people turned out but it was massive. I read some where an estimated 45,000 people might show up and it sure looked and sounded like it. Truly inspiring and a great fund raiser sponsored by the Gay Mens' Health Crisis.

Pink Cosmo Interview + Sex Tips - Suzannah B. Troy

Pink fans will eat up June 2010’s Cosmopolitan with Pink on the cover and in depth interview by Alison Prato.  What did I get from this article?  Pink is happy and back with her husband Carey.  She did date an amazing guy that she was really simpatico with while separated from her husband who happened to be a musician as well as romantic but not Carey!
I am a big Janis Joplin and no offense Pink but Janis Joplin is in a category all her own but Tina Turner gave her a poster with Tina and Joplin and wrote, “To Alecia the second coming.”  
Side note for Janis Joplin fans...Kims’ Video store on St. Marks Place in the East Village, NYC is now closed but for one dollar you could rent a video of Janis Joplin flying back to Texas to attend her high school reunion.   She is dressed in fully Janis regalia with the big boa and sun glasses and in the most charming of ways she rubs her success in her old high school buddies noses.  Hint: They were not very nice to her.
Buy the Cosmo to get all the Pink details and enjoy the photos by Matt Jones.  I do have two Pink songs on my IPhone, “Glitter in the Air” and “So What”.  I relate to Pink’s all or nothing attitude but not her smoking cigarette attitude which she needs to get a grip on.  (Read the article in Cosmo.)  
Her performance at the Grammy’s of Glitter in the Air was outstanding and she starts out very slow...(reminds of my short story “Chopping the Street: one mega-million at a time” -- maybe I should get Pink to star in the short story if it ever makes it to the big screen.)  Pink walks out into the very jaded audience and start’s singing and ends up in an almost naked outfit suspended high above the air dancing in a Cirque de Soliel like performance.  This is old news but so outstanding I will include the video link.
Also fun in this issue of Cosmo are 75 sex tips from guys and how not to push your man away.  They talk about Johnny Depp and his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis experiencing just a little bit of friction over a love scene with Angelina Jolie in Johnny in their upcoming film, “The Tourist”.

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