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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Media Takes A Hurricane Sandy Big Hit In New York

From Zennie62, lost in the flurry of social media reports was the fact that New York, the media capital, was crippled in another way: its media outlets were rendered inactive.

This was true for many large data center online publications like The Huffington Post and Mediaite. But many small blogs that used popular free services like Blogger, were still up and running. The lesson: have both a self-hosted blog and a Google-hosted blog, or series of blogs, on Blogger, as Zennie62Media has. Then you won’t have to worry about dealing with blog service interruptions. More...New York Media Takes A Hurricane Sandy Big Hit

Monday, October 29, 2012

SF Giants Win World Series; Marina District Parties Massively

San Francisco Giants Pitcher Sergio Romo’s incredible killer instinct performance in shutting down Detroit Tigers batters ended with a “K” on his final pitch of Game 4 and the series. As this happened, this blogger watched from The Republic Bar at Lombard and Scott in San Francisco in the Marina District. More at Zennie62.com:Sergio Romo Final Out; SF Giants Win World Series; Marina Flies Apart

Hurricane Sandy: Mitt Romney’s Insensitive, Wants To Kill FEMA

New York, take note! According to Zennie62.com, Hurricane Sandy is more than just the perfect storm, it’s the perfect tool to out a campaigns message for better or worse. For President Barack Obama, it’s for the better, as an improved FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) was a central focus of the Obama Administration, which was anxious to avoid the problems caused by a less-than-prepared FEMA during the George W. Bush Administration.

Now, President Obama is tasked with doing his job: coordinating cabinet heads, making sure state governors know the resources they need are available, and getting the message out to the American public. Meanwhile, his Presidential Race challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney, has to deal with comments he made about essentially dismantling FEMA. Hurricane Sandy Brings Mitt Romney’s Insensitive Anti-FEMA Ideas To Light

Monday, October 15, 2012

Amanda Tood and Shania Grey: YouTube The Difference

The hacktavist group Anonymous is up to some good.

The Internet Troll that was Todd’s primary harasser has been outed as Vancouver-area man. Since no charges have been filed, although police have been searching for a man, this blogger will not release his name. But this ugly practice of tormenting young girls online is finally being challenged. Gawker blogger Adrian Chen outed a man named Michael Brutsch, who was known as Violentacrez on Reddit, and posted what are called “creepshot” photos. He defended his actions, saying that he was just trying to “rile” up people online by using racist and sexist terms and images. More at Zennie62.com here... Amanda Todd’s Internet Troll Outed; What About Shania Grey?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jay-Z Talks About Barclays Center And The Brooklyn Nets

Jay-Z, co-owner of the former New Jersey and now Brooklyn Nets, talks about the new arena, as it's under construction. "I only asked for two things when I joined the ownership group," Jay-Z said. "The first was that we name the team The Brooklyn Nets, and that we open it with a concert." He obviously got his wish, after seven years of planning. The Barclays Center officially opened September 29th, 2012.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Barclays Center Opens, Brings People, $, To Brooklyn

On September 29th, 2012, Brooklyn, New York, welcomes a new addition to its architectural family: Barclays Center. The $1 Billion construct was built as a home for the relocated New Jersey Nets, and as a home for one of the teams principal owners, JayZ. But how does the new building impact its surroundings? It's too early to tell, except that it brings more traffic and more people when a show's going on - to be expected, right? More at Zennie62.com Barclays Center Opens, Brings People, $, To Brooklyn

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