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Friday, September 3, 2010

Mike Bloomberg democracy fiasco NYC by Suzannah B. Troy

Reporting from New York City, artist Suzannah B. Troy, blogger, YouTuber all my art are making head way bringing attention to the fact king Mike Bloomberg has prevented the people of New York from voting on terms limits and found creative ways to over-ride our voting to extend term limits.  This year with his appointees to the Charter Commission that voted to extend city council members for a third term when we the people when given the opportunity have voted twice to term limits as in 2 term only.

My new YouTube were I get as closed to naked as legally allowed for women on YouTube....yes that is right folks, men can go topless but women cannot on YouTube so we still are not equal.  Men should be forbidden from going topless but Democracy being compromised and tossed away by a mayor that uses the "D" word when he talks about the mosque by the WTC site but denies voters here in NYC the democratic process.  Go figure?  Well, many do and they say real estate and financial deals are king Mike Bloomberg's motivator and not democracy which he flouts.  I will post my YouTubes again but I wanted to show you my tubes on the Charter Commission are getting attention here in NYC.

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