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Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 alarm fire East Village Houston Street by Suzannah B. Troy

I don't have a link yet to info re: fire.  Okay, I just found video footage on New York 1.  Actually this footage is from another 3 alarm fire today on 14th Street in the East Village.  Here a photo from the 3 alarm on Houston.

Just heart breaking and I hope everyone is safe especially fighting fire in this heat.

A lot of firemen died Sept. 11 from the houses in the area and pre-Sept. 11 Capt. Drennan and his guys died.  I remember all the flowers outside the firehouse and I joined in putting flowers out -- this was pre-9-11 and I left them for Bobby Beddia & Joseph Graffagino

Just saw footage on Channel 5 news and again I hope everyone is safe --- big NYPD turn out, one ambulance in the area ---

it is right next door to the hideous ugly "Red Square" built by developer Mike Red Square Rosen and they showed the Lenin statue on the roof--- a rich man, Mike Red Square Rosen's toy -- he kids himself that Lenin is waving at Wall Street but many of us think Lenin should be moved to his luxury duplex or triplex ---that the statue symbols what a big phony and hypocrite Rosen is.  Rosen considers himself a zoning expert and he has quite the views from the Christadora is a symbol of gentrification and The Red Square looks like a pro-type for all the mega dorms that have destroyed the East Village.  NY Law dorm on 3rd Street even has balaconies like Red Square.  Mike Red Square Rosen is a mini-Mike Bloomberg wannabe.

My maternal Grandfather was born down the street on Ludlow Street in a tenement house in to poverty.  It was the early 1900s and you could smell the poverty on the street.

Re-open our firehouses the mayor closed after 9-11.

Mel Gibson admits hitting ex-girlfriend by Suzannah B. Troy

Mel Gibson, low life, anti-semite, racist, misogynist admits to hitting ex-girlfriend and when she was holding the baby.  She caught the conversation on tape and he says as all men-hating abusers do that it was her fault and that she deserved it.

Misogyny 101: Cowardly men and their female supporters always blame the people they victimize.

Mel Gibson besides being Hollywoods most famous anti-semite, racist, misogynist is now my official choice for the head of the Hollywood Misogynist Club and that club is a big, big club.

He has been exposed for making racist comments against Hispanics as well.

Folks do you think this is the first time that Mel Gibson has hit a woman?  I agree.  I do not think any of this awful behavior is a first for Mel Gibson and while the victim is holding their child.  TMZ reports that his ex-said it was not the first time he hit her but I believe the behavior started a long time ago.

Mel Gibson made an anti-semitic film blaming the Jews for the murder of Christ which is not true and he refused to acknowledge that an estimated quarter of a million Jews were murdered via crucification  by the Romans.  Mel Gibson is rotten to the core and he needs scapegoats to off-load his own very dark side and who is easier to scapegoat than minorities including Jews, African Americans, Women, anyone he can get away with dumping is own violent and extremely cowardly impulses on.

More on this later.

Amanda the peoples' Burden by Suzannah B. Troy

Amanda Burden is a socialite, mega millionaire with a forty million dollar trust fund for her kids and mayor Mike Bloomberg's partner in the mass displacement of what may be a record by a mayor.  Amanda the peoples' Burden is city planner and the way she helps her rich developer friends it is clear this job is a hobby.

Denial is the new crack cocaine for corrupt politicos here in New York from Albany to City hall.  One example is Amanda the peoples' Burden is going to speak at The American Indian Museum this morning. Let us rewind.  She pushed through mass displacement of entire neighborhoods, shady zone busting deals including one with Cooper Union that even Rudy Giuliani's city planner said no, this is a shell game and she is going to pat herself on the back at The American Indian Museum?

Joining her this morning is Howard Wolfson, originally a critic of Mike Bloomberg's until Mike bought him to run his campaign and deliver the most humiliating and expensive win in NYC's history.

Mike Bloomberg than decided he would hire a group of his campaign staff with 6 figure salaries at the tax payers expensive when these vanity hires should not have happened or if Mike needed their presence so badly he should have paid out of pocket.

Denial is the new crack cocaine for politicos from Albany to NY.

I think Errol Louis wrote  piece about corruption here in NYC politics being like the United Nations in term of the diversity.

Errol Louis  has a piece today on Andrew Cuomo investigating what sounds like racism -- housing bias against blacks.

There is so much corruption being reported in both The NY Daily News  and The New York Post today here are just a few examples and one from me.  A request that the FBI investigate all 110 million dollars Mike Bloomberg spent on his campaign rather than Cy Vance, the Manhattan DA investigate just one million that Haggerty allegedly stole and by the way Mike Bloomberg wired out of his personal account instead of his campaign.  You see I believe that someone has been paid to harass me and others on YouTube by the Bloomberg campaign.  It may have started out with an intern but this guy has harassed me and others non-stop and even stole a city council member's identity as well as stealing YouTubers' identities as well.  Harassing someone on the computer is aggravated harassment and carries jail time.

The NY Daily News reports the FBI is investigating 40,000 loans to Meeks.

Fred Dicker has an exclusive on John Sampson and his $49,000 "Bruno-mobile".

NY1 reports a possible move to prevent city council from extending term limits yet again.

A new website on pension padding and folks I haven't even covered much....there is so much more corruption...so much it makes it even easier to get away with....

Oh and Steve Rattner, Mike Bloomberg's money manager may be banned by the SEC for 3 years 

By the way a special thanks to Queens Crap and NO Third Term for picking up my YouTube....

Here is one of my most favorite YouTube of tenants protesting the embattled Pedro Espada who by the way is being investigated for stealing mega millions.

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