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Thursday, April 29, 2010

St. Vincent's to Close this Friday unless there is some miracle post by Suzannah B. Troy

As expressed in to me via a YouTube a fellow activist sent me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFbajDy00IY&feature=watch_response_rev and posted on one of my YouTubes....a woman asks,
why doesn't President Obama is bailing out St. Vincent's instead of a bank or something like that.  She points out the community is much more in need of St. Vincent's than a bank that has been bailed out.

Anyway, Friday in theory is the last day for this amazing hospital where I know first hand how good this hospital is from having to use their emergency room to get stitches to visiting a friend who is HIV positive and had to have emergency surgery.

I remember seeing dogs in the hospital as part of a program to uplift patients.

Heart breaking.   I was against St. Vincent's busting through zoning as I was with NYU, Cooper Union, NY Law, every condo and hotel in the area thanks to the reckless tsunami of development Bloomberg pushed -- too much -- too fast but I never imagined that St. Vincent's could not stay open some how or come to some compromise with the zoning.

I am still hoping for miracles.

St. Vincent's Community Meeting held by activists posted by Suzannah B. Troy

St. Vincent's Hospital
Friday April 30, 2010
at 7:00PM
Hudson Guild at Fulton Center
119 9th Ave (btwn 17th & 18th Sts)
Invited Guests include:
Assemblymember Richard Gottfried,
Community Leaders Yetta Kurland, Tom Shanahan, and Miguel Acevedo, the Nurses of St. Vincent's Hospital, and the Doctors of St. Vincent's Hospital.
Come ask questions and get involved in organizing our community to fight for a HOSPITAL in Lower Manhattan and nothing less!

The IPhone almost as mighty as the paintbrush for NY street artists post by Suzannah B. Troy

As New York artists continue to do battle with king Mike Bloomberg who wants to sweep them out of the parks like Union Square, The New York Times reports "cellphone magic", a new way Iphones can be modified with the help of Pay Ware software to take credit card payments that makes selling your art on the streets of New York that much more wonderful if you do not have to worry about Mike Bloomberg sweeping you out of a public place like Union Square park; artists are focusing on sweeping buyers credit cards through their iphones.  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2010/03/robert-lederman-leads-charge-against.html

IPhones have become powerful tools for artists to video tape what is going on including their own possible arrests as well as telling their own stories and others like I do on YouTube.

I stopped in Apple and they showed me http://paywaremobile.com/  and all I can say is the IPhone is almost as mighty as the paint brush.

Do I want to add this to my IPhone repertoire?


Mike Bloomberg supports immigrants NYC is not Arizona posted by Suzannah B. Troy

I agree with king Mike on this issue but what is just reprehensible on more than a blot on his legacy is his denying the people a referendum, pushing a reckless, dangerous tsunami of development on "old" New York's infrastructure and the mass displacement because of it. What about all the people forced out of NY because of evictions and or they can't afford this "new" hideous NY with sky piercing mirrored buildings that reflect a history destroyed and communities no longer welcome?

For anyone following my blogging and political YouTube documentary series on NY Politics and the major focus is on Mike Bloomberg you know I voted for him twice and I feel he betrayed my votes and my belief in him.

I painted a powerful portrait of him and transformed it into a brilliant art poster that lampoons him.  "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, Is Democracy for Sale?".   On this poster it does state his philanthropy  is welcome.

Here is the very first YouTube I made, "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York".
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E67PYtwkTUo in an on going series....

Sandra Bullock Angelina Jolie adoption than divorce by Suzannah B. Troy


Donald Trump on CNN backs Arizona's racist illegal immigration law

As a business man the legendary Donald Trump is very well-respected in this space, but his appearance on CNN's Larry King Live Wednesday night was most disappointing.

Trump basically went for the racist route in backing Arizona's illegal immigration law, saying that what people aren't saying is there "aren't a lot of blondes in Mexico" so it's OK to stop someone who's in Arizona who might look like they're Mexican.

This is directed to Donald Trump:

Mr. Trump. Think. Arizona's population's 30 percent Latino. What the heck is going on in your head that you think it's OK to essentially embargo one-third of a state's population? Moreover you just gave license to anyone who's blonde yet working illegally in Arizona because, well, they're blonde.

That's racist.

You say 'What to do?' Easy. If a person breaks the laws of the state, the basic ones, you take action. But let the person alone. If people want to come here, make fast track citizenship systems that take advantage of Internet technology. But this business of racial profiling must stop. Moreover, Donald, you should be smarter in your consideration of the problem.

This blogger is very disappointed in Donald Trump and sad that Trump did not exhibit more enlightened thinking.

Stay tuned.

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