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Monday, May 3, 2010

Time Square Manhole Explosion post by Suzannah B. Troy

Photo from this link and article click on this link but here is my unique take as an artist, activist, New Yorker blogger on a manhole explosion by Times Square a day after the Time Square Bomb Square.
Have you all forgotten the steam pipe explosion by Grand Central?

Read the article and you all know my take on this....welcome to king Mike Bloomberg's hideous new New York where he pushed a way too rapid tsunami of community crushing development on old New York's infrastructure.   

We New Yorkers have grown used to the many man hole covers exploding, gas leaks, water main breaks like this one in the East Village where I called tv stations because it looked like the East River came to 2nd Avenue http://www.ny1.com/6-bronx-news-content/69978/east-village-water-main-break-leaves-thousands-without-water.

After since Mike Bloomberg and his reckless socialite mega millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden pushed this reckless development for their developer friends street conditions are hellish to down right deadly from explosions to holes so big in the streets and sidewalks it is amazing New Yorkers and visitors do not resemble war causalities and it has nothing to do with terrorism but the reckless stupidity and greedy that drove Wall Street to implosion.

Two Vets Time Square Heroes post by Suzannah B. Troy

Just remember on this blog and from my blog I reported the new owner of The Mercer Hotel tried to sweep vendors of the block and some are Vets like the two hero New Yorkers that alerted the quick thinking NYPD of the suspicious vehicle and their willingness to take action saved lives.

I posted an early piece today and also yesterday how a street vendor and now it turns out it was two men did what we have been instructed to since Sept. 11 through ads in the subways, etc.  if you see something suspicious alert the NYPD and they did just that.  They are Viet Nam Vets so it was second nature to them.

They saved lives and we must remember them and do the same if we see anything that could be a bomb, etc.


Also here is one of my favorite postings because I tell you about the history of NYPD Bomb Squad and show you their very own YouTube!


Lynn Redgrave dies post by Suzannah B. Troy


I was on the train when I got the text message from 1010 WINS that Lynn Redgrave passed away here in NYC now reported at her home in Connecticut Sunday night.She was surrounded by her family and past at home which is a peaceful and loving way to go after a 7 year battle with breast cancer. One of my all time favorite films is Georgy Girl which if you have not seen, you must!  James Mason is superb as well as the supporting cast. Lynn Redgrave just shines and this somewhat chubby platinum hearted free spirit that the much olderand very rich Mason lusts for. I don't like watching The Oscars for many reasons and one is the winners often are not the most talented but the most popular. I often find myself saying he was robbed, she was robbed and
Lynn Redgrave was robbed of the Oscar for Georgy Girl. 
Elizabeth Taylor beat her out for a powerful performance that year but I can't watch Elizabeth's performance
over and over and I can watch Lynn's performance over and over appreciated the subtleness and complexness of
her acting. It does upset me that over the years so many have picked
up Oscars and they did not deserve them. Lynn deserved to have an Oscar and
didn't get one. 

Lynn Regrave was a great actress of theatre and film. She had just deeply moved audiences here in NYC. I called Ken Geist , a writer and film expert to break the news and he was heartbroken.. He said a great loss for the Redgrave family and praised her speech to the audience remembering her years at the National Theatre with Noel Coward as spoke -- she impersonated Noel Coward, Maggie Smith and Edith Evans. Ken told mshe did this at Carnegie Hall honoring the Noel Coward Centennial and also last year in her powerful performance at The Manhattan Theatre Club. She was also an advocate for the right for women to breast feed in public and took on CBS. Gloria Allred jumped on board to be her lawyer and than backed out which is hard to believe. It is hard to believe the powers that be would not let her  breast feed on the tv set of "House Calls". It was a long drawn out case and she had to part ways with other law firms but the bottom line is breast feeding Mom's in Hollywood are treated with respect now and honored but the battle took years, cost Lynn Redgrave a lot of money and being a courageous outspoken woman rather than a "barbie doll" makes getting worker harder. People aren't always eager to higher woman that rock the boat Lynn Redgrave had lost her niece, Natasha Richardson last year in a shocking accident that took her young life and cut short the career of another much loved actor in the family dynasty including Natasha's Mom, Vanessa and their father Michael. Lynn and Vanessa's brother died only a short time ago as well so the family has had their share of loses. Rest in peace dear Lynn, a great actor, advocate and I imagine a true friend to anyone lucky enough to call her friend.

Bombing Suspect Caught on Tape post by Suzannah B. Troy

The suspect in The Times Square Bombing has been caught on tape.  Newspapers have printed photos and posted on their websites and remember how the bomber was foiled was because a t-shirt vendor spoke up and notified the NYPD!   The guy who alerted the NYPD did what all the signs in the subways and elsewhere ask us to do and he saved lives.

The NYPD also get highest praise and are clearly working hard getting these images and video footage to the media but the publics response is essential as well and stopping what could have been a tragedy is proof!  Times have changed after Sept. 11 and with the budgetary crisis the NYPD in numbers is at an all time low in terms of policing the largest NYC population ever in NYC history so we need the public to step up, speak up and this is proof it can be done; lives can be saved by speaking up!

Of course a political group claimed responsibility but we won't have real answers until the Time Square Bomber is caught.  For now it is really important people stay alert and if they see anything suspicious to contact the police.

Here again is the NYPD contact info Call 1-800-577-TIPS (8477); Text "TIP577" (plus your message) to "CRIMES" ( 274637); Submit Internet Tips 

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