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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Suge Knight arrested in LA post by Suzannah B. Troy

TMZ reports Suge Knight was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and bail is set at $65,000.00.  

Why would this report catch my attention?  I have never listened to rap music so how would I even know the name Suge Knight? 

One night I was flipping the channels and came across this film Notorious  as in Notorious B.I.G and I was riveted by this powerful film directed by George Tillman, Jr. with a terrific cast including new comer Jamal Woolard and "young Biggie" is played by Christopher Jordan Wallace, Biggie's real life son with singer, wife Faith Evans.    

You learn how Biggie connected with Lil Kim and influenced her career as well as made a staggering fortune with his street poetry telling it like it is although his Mom admits he was a big time embellisher at times but his words hit a chord with the people. 

I knew nothing of the rap world and once I watched this film, I started to watch documentaries including the one on Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls by famous documentarian Nick Broomfield who has made films on Heidi Fleiss, Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer and many other provocative films.   

After watching his film on Tupac and Biggie it seemed one major theory as to why and how these rappers were murdered was Suge Knight was responsible.  The theory is Suge Knight knew that Tupac was going to leave his record label and by killing Tupac he would be able to hold on to the massive fortune Tupac was generating for him.  Tupac and Suge used to watch The Godfather over and over and there is a scene where Tupac recites lines from the film.  The movie suggests Suge lived and continues to live his life like the film.  A girlfriend was set to testify against Suge in a separate case and she simply disappeared. 

How does all this tie in to the murder of B.I.G?  The theory is that Suge Knight masterminded blowing him away and creating this East Coast West Coast rivalry which really did not exist until it was created with a nefarious motive to take them both out and for B.I.G to be wrongly accused of having Tupac killed.  Knight has his supporters that deny this.

This time it appears there is enough evidence to send Suge Knight back to jail where you see him in Broomfield's documentary.  Nick Broomfield is so tenacious and ballsy he won't take no for an answer and convinces the warden and Knight to allow him to interview Knight.  Broomfield shows us Knight's website at the end of the film which seems like a very  thinly veiled death threat against Snoop Dogg. To date the police have never caught the murderers of Tupac and B.I.G but if you watch Nick Broomfield's documentary than you might conclude the man that called the shots was arrested today and needs to pay $65,000 bail to get out of jail for packing heat and being threatening....

Giuseppi Logan radio tomorrow, Birthday May 22 -- Suzannah B. Troy

For Giuseppi Logan fans -- He will be on the radio tomorrow WFMU 11am jersey city NJ tomorrow and his birthday is May 22! Below is & 1st installment of video documentary with text by Dan Orth Guiseppi And Jay Logan Reunited After 40 Years. Suzannah Troy is a New York City multi-media artist and journalist.She has played a very big part in breaking the news to the local, national,and international media about the discovery of jazz legend Guiseppi Logan being alive and well.Suzannah was walking throughTompkins Square Park in East Greenwich Village in New York City one day in 2007. She encountered an older black gentleman playing a saxophone. His playing was very passionate,breath-taking,and captivating. Suzannah was mesmerized and swept off her feet by the heavenly sounds coming out of his saxophone. When he stopped playing, Suzannah engaged him in conversation.This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship,and a big chapter in the Guiseppi Logan Story. Two famous musicians,an 80 year-old father and his 47 year-old son, were reunited in New York City,New York on April 13, 2010 after having not seen one another for 40 years.Guiseppi is a multi-instrumentalist who is a genuine living legend of the jazz world.During the 1960's Guiseppi performed with jazz heavy-weights Thelonious Monk,John Coltrane,Charlie Mingus,Pharoah Saunders,Dizzy Gillepsie,Miles Davis,Sun Ra,Milford Graves,etc.He also recorded with some of them.Guiseppi was missing-in-action for close to 30 years.Many people thought he was dead.The American and International jazz world was electrified by the news that Guiseppi Logan was discovered playing alto-saxophone in Tompkins Square Park in Greenwich Village,New York City,New York in 2007! Signals To Noise,Spring Issue 2009, a music magazine, did a lengthy photo filled story on Guiseppi's very distinguished career as a jazz musician. Jay Logan has been a working musician since he was a teenager when he played and toured in his first bands.He has supported himself and his family his entire life as a professional musician.Jay's favorite musical genre is main- stream-pop,but he can very easily diversify into jazz. Jay has had an outstanding career as a performing and studio musician,songwriter,arranger,producer,recording artist,musical director,etc.He is very much sought-after by other musicians,producers,and people in the music business. Jay was born and raised in New York City.He and his mother Dorothy moved to Oakland,California in 1970 when she and Guiseppi seperated.Guiseppi was adamant about his son becoming a musician.Guiseppi was a very strict musician father.Guiseppi gave Jay his first music lessons from ages 1-7.Jay played the piano,some other instruments,and learned musical scales.Those very early childhood lessons and all that practicing sure did pay off for Jay! Stay tuned. Written By Dan Orth Video by Bobby Paulino

p.s. Folks here is my playlist YouTube documentary series that started it all and became a YouTube miracle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTssjT9rAmQ&feature=PlayList&p=D1175469A77B9F2C&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=1

NYC Tax PAYER $ WASTED post by Suzannah B. Troy

http://bronx.ny1.com/content/69978/east-village-water-main-break-leaves-thousands-without-water Remember I called the press and asked them to come and luckily NY1 and Channel 11 showed up. This was 3 years ago and the intersection is still a mess on both sides as is most of the area.
The intersection has never healed and a NYC City Gov mini car is parking right in front of a crater in one corner of where this medium size water main break took place one block from where Cooper Union was building it "new hideous ugly" Studio building and my opinion Cooper Union's construction was too much for "old" New York's infrastructure. I could not find the city employee that parked the car right by this infamous intersection and one store closed right after the water main break because of it. I spoke to a guy working at the church to share my frustration at this car being parked here on no city gov worker to actually do the job of inspecting street conditions.  He shared my feeling and remembered the water main break well.
            Your tax payer money wasted and doing nothing - parked in front of a crater East Village. Here is the back of the mini-car parked right by this on going disaster of an intersection where thankfully no one has tripped and broken their ankle or their neck and why can't the city fix this problem and ditto for St. Marks Place between 1st and 2nd where the street continues to re-open again like a wound...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OefGTKLNJQc&feature=PlayList&p=A5673208E5D31594&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=1   Did my YouTube series finally get the city to resolve a street that kept breaking open for aprox. 5 years and is it really fixed finally?  Watch the YouTube series...

A few blocks down by the 9th Precinct on 5th Street looking West I asked a guy working are you here working on "street conditions" and he said no, he is here working on a gas line as an outside contractor for Con Ed.
This mini-car with a custom paint job that says Street Conditions Observation Unit is parked right at this very intersection which has a medium size water main break and now remains a wound that won't heal. How many infrastructure related breaks has the East Village Lower East Side done to and including Chinatown had since Mike Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development.....? Way too many.... How can you push development without addressing infrastructure first? Easily if you are Mike Bloomberg.

Here I talk about Cooper Union in my opinion endangering our community because of infrastructure concerns  and since I made this YouTube the build has been put on hold for 2 years.  Cooper Union renting to their little yellow Science right now to NY Film Academy but their goal is tearing down the building,  supersizing and leasing for 99 years.  Even Guiliani's city planner said no -- this is a shell game but Amanda the socialite mega millionaire city planner the people's Burden of course gave it and every zone buster the green light which is why are streets look like this and we have so many infrastructure breaks.

Hands Around St. Vincent's Action post by Suzannah B. Troy

Dear Neighbor,

20 days now our community has been without a hospital, without a plan to ensure public health and safety for lower Manhattan and without an explanation for why our hospital collapsed in a matter of days in breach of the law and without so much as an investigation, or public hearing.

It is a testament to your voice, your persistence and your unyielding message that our elected officials are coming together on Friday May 21st at 5pm at Our Lady of Pompeii Church (25 Carmine Street at Bleecker) with a group of health care professionals to discuss "How Can We Get Back A Hospital For Our Community".  This is the first time this has happened since the illegal vote to close St. Vincent's Hospital on April 6th.

While this is an opportunity for us, we must show up and make clear that our community needs a hospital at the St. Vincent's site.  And though there are many possible ways to do this, there is no question that this can and must be done.  Moving the hospital to some remote location or waiting until it is part of some future real estate speculation will not solve the urgent medical crisis that exists today because St. Vincent's Hospital was allowed to collapse without an appropriate back up plan.  The leaders and experts who will be at the Friday meeting have the power and ability to make this happen, and we must convince them to do so.

A hospital will bring more revenue to New York City, it will make our community safe and it is the only way to ensure public health and safety for the lower west side of Manhattan.  The most efficient way to do this is to adaptively reuse the current infrastructure of St. Vincent's with proper and fiscally responsible oversight.  We must ensure the hospital comports with the look and feel of our community, is not determined by real estate interests but by our needs, and offers services for all of our community.  We must call for a use lock to be placed on the property by City Council to ensure the only use for St. Vincent's is a hospital.  This will stop the real estate forces from using the bankruptcy procedure to grab the site for luxury housing development.

And time is precious.  As each day goes by I hear more stories of disorganization, and lack of medical services from my neighbors.  Each time one of us needs emergent medical service we realize how serious this issue is, and every day or week that goes by the bankruptcy court allows another piece of St. Vincent's property to go on the bidding block.  If they can shut a hospital down in 21 days, they can open one with just as much speed.

If you are able, I hope that you will join me in showing our strength and making clear our message this Friday.  We rely on our elected officials to put our interests first, to stand up to real estate interests, privatized health care interests and to corporate malfeasance.  We believe that where there is a will there is a way and we must demand our leaders understand our will and find a way.

Also SAVE THE DATE - Hands Around St. Vincent's Action, Saturday May 29th at 2pm.

In solidarity,

New Blog -- demand a hospital and my moving photos of St. Vincent's with people's messages are linked to it.

Zennie62 at TechCrunch Disrupt, New York, by Christine Smith Contractors

Next week Zennie62 will return to New York City for the first TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

The trip is sponsored by Christine Smith Contractors, New York City's well-known Upper East Side contractor. (Christine Smith is probably the only New York Contractor to be featured, not just mentioned, in New York Post Page 6 by Cindy Adams.)

TechCrunch Disrupt (@TCDisrupt on Twitter) is a mating of media people and tech people in arguably the next tech center, New York City. TechCrunch Disrupt is an answer to the problem noted in this space where tech people talk to tech people and journalists talk to journalists about the future of media, but not to each other.

But TechCrunch Disrupt goes a massive step beyond that and ads the venture capitalist to the mix. The result is a stew of creative people and a presentation of startup companies that will drive the future of media and communications. It will have speakers like Jason Calacanis from Mahalo, and Charlie Rose will interview legendary Venture Capitalist John Doerr. But more important than names are firms; TechCrunch will have scores of new media and communications companies just getting off the ground.

TechCrunch Disrupt runs from May 24th to May 26th and will be held at an Merrill Lynch office at 570 Washington Street in Manhattan, where "SoHo Meets The Hudson" as the website reads. I'm honored and excited to have been invited to cover this event. I guess Hearst Corporation / SF Chronicle Executive Vice President of Content Development and Editor-at-Large Phil Bronstein was right when he referred to me as an insurgent: that's another term for disrupter.

I like that.

In fact, let's look at my video interview with Phil from earlier this year because it provides a good look at how the changing media landscape impacts The San Francisco Chronicle, and what's important in "new media tech" from Phil's perspective:

Join this space for a virtual trip to TechCruch Disrupt, but if you want to attend you can get tickets here: TICKETS.

See ya!


Christine Smith Associates, Inc. is Located and based out of Historic Gramercy Park has made construction dreams come true. She designs AND project manages - like having your own personal rep on the job! She takes care of it all from your voice thru the city agencies to gain all necessary approvals on and into the hands of the tradesmen.

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