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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

George Steinbrenner passes away by Suzannah B. Troy

Rest in peace George Steinbrenner.  I am a Yankees fan but old school.  Thurmon Munson and Babe Ruth are my most favorite two but from the old school I have more favorites.

Here is a New York Daily News piece on Daryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden remembering George.

I did not agree with Steinbrenner going for big pay rolled stars and the new stadium for me was the wrong move.  Now the Ghost of Babe Ruth is homeless but I did feel sad to hear the news.

After September 11 the Yankees were my post-traumatic stress relief.  The Yankees was just medicine and I would tune in.  My favorite announcer than was Jim Kay.   Somehow watching them made me feel a better.

The new stadium was a breaking point for me.  It represented Mike Bloomberg's hideous NY that was too expensive for most New Yorkers yet burdened the tax payers with big costs for a stadium most could not afford and that includes the hot dogs, popcorn, soda and beer.

 I have extra special Yankee "stuff" I keep close at all times including a shirt with Thurmon Munson's number.

I have listened to handicap people first hand praise George for giving them special sitting and free--some youngsters.

Anyway -- rest in peace and condolences to the Steinbrenners and all loved one.

Bloomberg Presidential Pretender not a contender by Suzannah B. Troy

For those who want to learn the inside poop on Queens, NYC, Queens Crap is a must.

Posted this comment:

Impeach Mike Bloomberg.  FYI: Hiring Bush's guy to be his deputy was yet another sign he still want to be President.

Hiring his campaign staff with 6 figures salaries to what the NYPost estimates is 2 million dollars he is sucking out of tax payers wallets - a big signal after his hugely embarrassing, humiliating win.

Denial is the new crack cocaine.
Watch my YouTube - -I include Amanda the peoples' Burden, Steve Rattner - Mike's Money manger who may be banned by the SEC for 3 YEARS!!!!

Mike doesn't care that he has been caught wiring money out of his personal checking account instead of the campaign account.  Why would he care?  He holds the purse strings to Cy Vance's office!

Read this about 1 degree as opposed to 6 degrees seperation -- Cy Vances owes money to this guy that worked on his campaign, this guy is married to Maura Keaney, Keaney was working Haggerty, Keaney written up with Christine Quinn for questionable behavior - as in ethic lapse and intimidation by Jim Dwyer - I included the link -- Bloomberg's campaign guy may or may not get in some hot water at the Blagojevich trial...

Mel Gibson admits hitting ex-girlfriend while she held baby

The New York Post article seems to imply that Mel Gibson's career is over and out.  

If you have not heard the first rant here is the link on Radar Line and you click on the video posting.  It is disgusting.

It does not have the violent threats about burning down the house but first raping her mouth or as he puts it making her blow him.

Read The New York Post article to learn about Jodi Foster's movie with him in post-production.   There is no point in releasing this film but I am sure she will and it will fail at the box office.  Lenoardo DeCaprio may back out of a project and the odds are high he will.

Here is my comment posted on The New York Post article:

Mel Gibson's "Jesus" film was as dishonest and manipulative as he is. It is estimated a quarter of a million Jews were crucified by the Romans and he not only refused to acknowledge that horror but he went with the hate propaganda that even Rome finally rejected of blaming the Jews. Why would you need to blame the Jews. You take our Bible and you want to convert us -- than blame is very effective and big business as well. Gibson prospered from the film as honestly as the Nazis. Gibson has to blame innocent people and always minorities and he can no longer suppress is "inner Nazi". Why is that. Some of his own violent impulses he projects on to African American men but the rant taped by his ex-girlfriend exposes very violent impulses. He has always charmed his way out of everything and used his good looks. Now his outsides match his insides. He betrayed his wife and children - do you think the first time -- and  for a gold digger but she does not deserve the violence actions in word and misdeeds by this hate monger, anti-Semite, misogynist, racist, homophobe that projects his violence on to minorities.

NYC Gov to make cuts pensions, etc.? by Suzannah B. Troy

David Seifman of The New York Post has a piece today in The New York Post, "City Scrambles to Cut Pension Bloat".  Here is my comment.

  • Suzannah B. Troy
    07/13/2010 5:49 AM
    Want to reign in the run away budget. Cut all the campaign staff king Mike hired all with 6 figure salaries estimated to cost tax payers 2 mill by The NY Post. Make Bloomberg pay back the city. Can we get any money back on CityTime which is up for renewal this Sept. and is the tax payer's Titanic? The estimated billion it will cost so far to deliver a flawed system that doesn't work except for hiring hundreds of consultants paid close to half a million to one mill is not worthy the Orwellian time clock that was suppose to save tax payers money not rob them blind. Make Christine Quinn and staff using top White Collar crime lawyers like Sullivan & Cromwell that Goldman Sachs uses pay for their own TOP lawyers and reimburse the city. Why do they need top lawyers that specialize in white collar crime anyway and can this spending be put on NYC gov website and be an App on the iPhone and IPad? Why doesn't The NY Post give us a page on suggestions as well as ways to expose NYC gov and Albanys waste and theft so we can see it on one big page with a link to running ticker banner of waste on your front page we could add to our blogs?

    I posted this comment.
    Please read Brendan Scott's excellent piece "Dave pushing plan to feed lawyers' greed" to learn more about this how the accidental gov his helping the law firm that employees his father Basil. The article is a must read and just another reminder New York's threshold for corruption is higher than our tallest sky scrapers. Impeach the accidental gov since he lacked the honor and decency to resign when he was exposed for alleged intimidation in of course the most gentle of ways to silence the victim of his dear friend and staff member accused of roughing her up.

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