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Sunday, February 25, 2018

March 9,2010, Layla Grace: The Day Sharing A Loss On Social Media Became New Normal

March 9,2010, Layla Grace: The Day Sharing A Loss On Social Media Became New Normal - Video

March 9,2010, Layla Grace: The Day Sharing A Loss On Social Media Became New Normal The Daily Mail recently posted an article, which contained a reference to one of my older blog posts at SFGate.com when I was a popular “City Brights” blogger. I said that using Twitter to post the announced passing of the child named Layla Grace, and after a battle with Neuroblastoma, a rare cancer that develops from nerve tissue in infants, as her grieving parents had done was the new normal. That day was March 9th, 2010. I can't say I blame Layla Grace's parents for using Twitter that way: it was a good approach to the work of getting on with dealing with the loss of their child. Sadly, we've had so many posts of that type sense then, it's changed society. Loss used to be, and to some still is, regarded as a private affair. But what the internet has done is allowed people to communicate ideas and images rapidly over vast distances. So, that long-lost friend or relative who would have no idea what happened in the lives of Layla Grace's parents, but happened to be a social media consumer, may have received that news. Prior to the internet, that would have never happened. In all, I think this way that tech has connected us is for the better. It allows people to help a grieving person in many ways – and it even lauches a social movement that just may give us the gun conrol we need in America. Stay tuned.

The Yankees are bringing back A-Rod (kind of) – New York Post

New York PostCLEARWATER, Fla. — The Yankees announced on Sunday morning that Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher will be special advisers in 2018. Guess which one attracted more attention? “These are exciting times for the New York Yankees, and I do not take this … and more …read more Source:: New York City News By […]

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New York is quietly working to prevent a major cyber attack that could bring down the financial system – Business Insider

Business InsiderAs hackers become more sophisticated and cyber attacks more routine, New York is on notice. Home to the most valuable stock exchange on Earth, New York City is the financial capital of the world. When the market moves here, it moves everywhere. So it … and more …read more Source:: New York City News […]

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Health officials fear an Australian tourist spread measles across New York – Washington Post

Washington PostThe New York State Department of Health wants people in the New York City area to know that an Australian tourist confirmed to have measles visited numerous hotels and the Metropolitan Museum of Art from Feb. 16 to 21. Measles is notoriously contagious …Measles caution in New York City, Putnam and Orange counties triggers […]

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South Korea’s ‘Garlic Girls’ Fall to Sweden in Olympic Curling – New York Times

New York TimesGANGNEUNG, South Korea — The fans at Gangneung Curling Arena stood and waved South Korean flags and handmade signs in a salute to their women’s curling team and their unexpectedly strong showing at the Games. The final between South Korea and Sweden … and more …read more Source:: New York City News By […]

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China not happy with latest US sanctions for North Korea – New York Post

New York PostChinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang speaks during a press conference on U.S sanctions against North Korea. Getty Images. More On: china · China may be eager to sell Waldorf Astoria after seizing control · The Waldorf Astoria is now controlled by … and more …read more Source:: New York City News By […]

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