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Friday, May 21, 2010

Bloomberg's goat sing? Stieg Larsson 4th? -- Suzannah B. Troy

What does Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and my new YouTube, “Bloomberg’s goat may sing like a bird + Stieg Larsson’s 4th book trilogy + 1” have in common beside the Swedish author? Watch my YouTube and see how I explain why in America his books are selling like wild fire.  The 3 books have been filmed in Sweden and the first has been released here in the U.S.A.
Larsoon died of a heart attack at ago 50 and he did not have a will.  He never married his live in love so his father and brother inherited everything.  His live in love, an architect has the fourth book on her computer and she is not allowing it to be published unless the inheritance is properly negotiated.  She points out on his website they were not involved in his life what so ever....
Why are the books such a sensation?  Because Larsson values democracy and the books address muck raking, fighting corruption, the role of reporters to expose corruption and ask tough questions which happens less and less all weaved in to a violent saga including hitting on the financial sector.  The books are about corruption!
The Swedish star who plays Lisbeth Salander looks like a female Johnny Depp.  Her name is Noomi Rapace.  Michael Nyqvist plays Mikael Blomkvist who is muck raker supreme and the co-owner of a magazine devoted to -- you guessed it -- muck raking.
So non-New Yorkers, guess what?  Mike Bloomberg decided mayor wasn’t good enough and he was going to be king of New York.  He denied us a referendum and put the vote in front of a city council riddled with corruption.   Yikes.  His money manger and good friend Steve Rattner had to step down from his job at the White House as Car Czar, he said to spend more time with his family but looks like Andrew Cuomo just busted him here in NY for shady dealings and his company Quadrangle disavowed him.  
It is pretty impressive that Mike Bloomberg spent almost 110 million to steal, oops just barely win an election...the most humiliating and expensive in NYC history and the only unaccounted money is $750,000.00.   Haggerty says he is being set-up and if they scape goated him, he is going to sing, spill his guts to avoid jail.  
My first YouTube was “Mayor Bloomberg King of New York” and my newest calls him “Teflon Mike”.  I look at him as a smart version of Peter Sellers in “Being There”.

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