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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NYC Finance, Homelessness, Heatwave, Sexploitation by Suzannah B. Troy

I am suppose to get a bill telling me how much to pay by the beginning of July.  In June I saw all my neighbors got their bills so I called up the Dept. of Finance and figured out how much I owed and mailed them a check.

How creepy, fishy, weird, corrupt?, inept, or dysfunctional is that?

I gave up on getting any answers after hanging on the phone with NYC Finance for over 20 minutes but when I called 311 I got a wonderful dynamic woman who did find out my bill was mailed.  I never got it so did someone steal my mail or was it ever delivered?  I don't know but it is creepy.

I paid my bill on time because I saw my neighbors got their bills and called up and got the info.  Creepy.

I have communicated with NYC Finance and they insist they mailed it and they can't control the USPS.

Speaking of which the USPS who's customer service makes the Mafia look warm and friendly is going to raise the price of stamps by 2 cents.  Read more on the USPS's corrupt dealings on my central blog.

1010 Wins reports NYC beat a high temp record set of 101 in 1999.  At 102 degrees.  To find a cooling center go to 1010 WINS.

Homelessness, can you imagine being homeless, mentally ill and or an addict unwilling to get help so you won't take shelter and resources offered in this punishing heat.

Sad stuff.  If mentally ill or an addict or both and unwilling to go to rehab or take shelter these people become ghosts on the street although many smell so badly they can't be ignored and they end up the NYPD's problem which should not be the case.  There are no easy answers.

The New York Post will not stop their sexploitation of Anna Chapman.  It is so sick and misogynist.  Who cares that she alleged had an eye on some rich guys that are royalty in England.  So do many gold digger and The NY Post won't touch some people here in NYC that target very rich men -- men old enough to be certain women's grandfather's but the "boys" at The NY Post are obsessed with Anna Chapman alleged spy but the target of the editors trying to use her sexuality to sell their papers and it is not working.  I don't think anyone is as interested in her as the guys in charge at The New York Post.

Stay cool.

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